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FreeBSD security software list

sqlninja : Sql Server exploit toolkit
clamassassin : A simple virus filter wrapper for ClamAV
pear-Auth_OpenID : PHP OpenID library v2 for PEAR
ADMsmb : Security scanner for Samba
ADMsnmp : SNMP audit scanner
IMHear : An MSN Messenger event/message sniffer
aafid2 : A distributed monitoring and intrusion detection system
acid : Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID) with Snort and MySQL
aescrypt : A command-line AES encryption/decryption suite
aide : A replacement and extension for Tripwire
altivore : A publically disclosed (neither GPL nor open-source) ala Carnivore src
amap : Application mapper
amavis-perl : Mail Virus Scanner (uses external antivirus)
amavisd : The daemonized version of amavis-perl
amavisd-new : Performance-enhanced daemonized version of amavis-perl
antivir-milter : AntiVir Milter mail virusscanner for Sendmail
apg : An automated password generator
arirang : Powerful webserver security scanner
audit : Tools for remote and centralized audit data collection
authforce : HTTP authentication brute forcer
authpf : Authentification shell for pf gateways
autossh : Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
avcheck : A simple antivirus solution for a mail system
bcwipe : BCWipe securely erases data from magnetic and solid-state memory
beecrypt : BeeCrypt is an open source cryptography library
bfbtester : A security tool for testing binaries for overflows
bjorb : Secure TCP relay software with SSL
borzoi : An Elliptic Curve Cryptography Library
botan : A portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
bro : System for detecting Network Intruders in real-time
bubblegum : Watch a file for changes
bugs : Great cryptography library and sample programs
ca-roots : A list of SSL CA root certificates
calife : A lightweight alternative to sudo
ccrypt : A command-line utility for encrypting and decrypting files and streams
cfs : A cryptographic file system implemented as a user-space NFS server
cfv : Utility to both test and create .sfv, .csv and md5sum files
checkpassword : A simple password-checking interface
checkpassword-pam : Implementation of checkpassword authentication program
chkrootkit : A tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
chrootuid : A simple wrapper that combines chroot(8) and su(1) into one program
cksfv : Create or manipulate Simple File Verification (SFV) checksum files
clamav : Command line virus scanner written entirely in C
p5-Cisco-Hash : De- and encrypts Cisco type 7 hashes
clamav-devel : Command line virus scanner written entirely in C
easypg : EasyPG is yet another GnuPG interface for Emacs
fcheck : Intrusion detection and Policy enforcement / auditing software
clamsmtp : An ClamAV anti-virus SMTP Filter
cmd5checkpw : Checkpassword compatible authentication program that uses CRAM-MD5
cops : A system secureness checker
cp2fwb : Checkpoint FW1 to Firewall Builder ruleset converter
crack : The "Sensible" Unix Password Cracker
cracklib : Password-checking library
crank : CRyptANalysis toolKit
cryptlib : A powerful security programming toolkit
cryptopp : A free C++ class library of Cryptographic Primitives
cryptplug : A collection of plug-ins to cryptographic engines
cvm : Credential Validation Modules
cyrus-sasl : RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
cyrus-sasl2 : RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)
dissembler : A tool that polymorphs bytecode to a printable ASCII string
distcache : Distributed OpenSSL session caching tools
cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd : SASL authentication server for cyrus-sasl2
dazuko : A common interface for 3rd party file access control
dcetest : Utility to dump MSRPC endpoint information from Windows systems
ddos_scan : Scans for a limited set of distributed denial of service agents
destroy : A program to securely destroy files on the hard disk
didentd : Modular RFC1423 (identd) server sending encrypted audit tokens
digest :
dirmngr : A client for managing and downloading certificate revocation lists
doorman : A Port Knocking implementation, both daemon and client
donkey : An alternative for S/KEY's key command
doscan : Tool to quickly scan your network for machines listening on a TCP port
dropbear : An SSH 2 server, designed to be usable in small memory environments
drweb : DrWeb antivirus suite
drweb-postfix : Postfix message filter for virus processing through DrWeb daemon
drweb-qmail : Qmail message filter for virus processing through DrWeb daemon
drweb-sendmail : Sendmail message filter for virus processing through DrWeb daemon
dsniff : Various sniffing utilities for penetration testing
f-prot : F-Prot Antivirus for BSD Workstations
f-prot-sig : F-Prot Antivirus Signatures
fakebo : A fake BackOrifice client emulator
fakeident : Tool that replies with a standard answer to incoming identd requests
fakeroot : Simulate the root user behaviour
fcrackzip : Portable, fast and featureful ZIP password cracker
find-zlib : Scans files for statically linked zlib (libz) code
find_ddos : Scans a host filesystem for distributed denial of service programs
finger_mysql : Threaded MySQL scanner
firewalk : A remote firewall auditing tool
flawfinder : Examines source code looking for security weaknesses
fpc-md5 : Free Pascal unit for MD5 hash routines
fpm : Figaro's Password Manager, an app to securely store your passwords
fragroute : A tool for intercepting, modifying and rewriting egress traffic
fragrouter : Tool for testing network IDS implementations
freebsd-update : Fetches and installs binary updates to FreeBSD
fressh : A free rewritten implementation of the SSH communication protocol
fsh : Fast remote command execution
ftimes : A system baselining and evidence collection tool
ftpmap : Identify remote FTP server software by fingerprinting
fuzz : Tool for testing software by bombarding the program with random data
fwanalog : A firewall log summarizer that uses Analog
fwbuilder : Firewall Builder GUI and policy compilers
fwlogwatch : A packet filter and firewall log analyzer
fwtk : A toolkit used for building firewalls based on proxy services
gag : A stacheldraht (DOS attack) agent detector
gaim-encryption : Provides transparent RSA encryption as a Gaim plugin
gcipher : A simple encryption tool
gnome-password-generator : GNOME 2 password generator
gnome-ssh-askpass : A graphical ssh askpass utility for Gnome2
gnomekeyring : A program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnupg : The GNU Privacy Guard
gnupg-devel : Prerelease package of GnuPG extensions for GnuPG 2.0
gnupg-idea : IDEA extension module for gnupg (and RSA for demonstration)
gnutls : GNU Transport Layer Security library
gnutls-devel : GNU Transport Layer Security library
gpa : A graphical frontend for the GNU Privacy Guard
gpasman : A password manager that stores password information encrypted
gpgme : A library to make access to GnuPG easier
gringotts : GTK application to securely store sensitive data
gsasl : GNU SASL Library
gsfv : Create or verify Simple File Verification (SFV) checksum files
gss : GNU Generic Security Service Library
gtk-knocker : A simple and easy to use TCP only port scanner (GTK+ version)
gtkportscan : A simple port scanner that prints out open ports
gwee : Tool to exploit command execution vulnerabilities in web scripts
hackbot : A host exploration tool and bannergrabber
hafiye : Multi Platform Customizable TCP/IP Packet Sniffer
hashish : GUI file and string hashing utility
heimdal : A popular BSD-licensed implementation of Kerberos 5
hlfl : High Level Firewall Language
hmap : Web server fingerprinting utility
hostsentry : A Login Anomaly Detector
hping : Network auditing tool
hunch : Scan httpd log files for vulnerability probes, mail admins
hydra : Brute force attack utility working on multiple network services
ident2 : An RFC1413 identification server which also supports random replies
identify : Client side ident protocol daemon wrapper
ifd-devkit : IFD Handler Developer's Kit for MUSCLE PC/SC Lite
ifd-gempc410 : PC/SC Lite driver for the GemPC 410 serial smart card reader
ifd-gpr400 : PC/SC Lite driver for Gemplus GPR400 PCMCIA Smart Card Readers
ifd-slb_rf60 : PC/SC Lite driver for the Reflex 62 serial smart card reader
ike-scan : VPN scanner and identifier
integrit : A file integrity verification program
ipfmeta : ipfmeta - use objects in IPfilter files
ipfw2dshield : A DShield client for ipfw logs
isakmpd : OpenBSD IKE daemon
its4 : Tool to scan C/C++ source for potential vulnerabilities
john : Featureful Unix password cracker
keychain : A user-friendly front-end to ssh-agent(1)
keynote : A Trust-Management System
keyprint : Print S/Key keys on a piece of paper, twice the size of a credit card
kgpg : A simple KDE frontend for GnuPG
knocker : A simple and easy to use TCP only port scanner (Console version)
krb4 : KTH Kerberos 4
krb5 : An authentication system developed at MIT, successor to Kerberos IV
kripp : Lightweight network password sniffer
kssh : KDE frontend to ssh
l0pht-watch : A program to report on what goes on in /tmp
l0phtcrack : Cracks SAMBA or Windows NT passwords
l5 : File Integrity Assessment Tool
labrea : Security tarpit defense tool
lcrzo : Lcrzo is a network library (used by Lcrzoex, network testing toolbox)
lcrzoex : Lcrzoex contains over 300 functionnalities using network library lcrzo
lep : Lesser Encryption Project
libassuan : IPC library used by GnuPG and gpgme
libbf : The Blowfish block cipher Library
libecc : C++ Elliptic Curve Library
libfwbuilder : Firewall Builder API
libgcrypt : General purpose crypto library based on code used in GnuPG
libgnomesu : Library and frontend for running commands as root
libgpg-error : Common error values for all GnuPG components
libgringotts : Library for encapsulating/safekeeping data in encrypted/compressed form
libidea : IDEA block cipher library
libident : A small library to interface the ident protocol server (rfc1413)
libksba : KSBA is an X.509 Library
libmcrypt : Multi-cipher cryptographic library (used in PHP)
libntlm : A library that implement Microsoft's NTLM authentication
libparanoia : Safe (in the mean of stack smashing) reincarnation of strcpy et al
libprelude : Framework library for Prelude NIDS
libsectok : ISO 7816 Smartcard API Library
libtasn1 : ASN.1 structure parser library
libtomcrypt : Comprehensive, modular and portable cryptographic toolkit
libwhisker : Perl module to create HTTP test scripts
liedentd : An ident server which refuses to divulge security information
linux-pam-docs : Linux-PAM offline documentation
lockdown : Hardening script for FreeBSD
logcheck : Auditing tool for system logs on Unix boxes
lsh : A secure (encrypted) remote shell compatible with ssh 2.0
maia : A web-based management system based on amavisd-new and SpamAssassin
nsm-console : A framework for performing analysis on packat capture files
lxnb : NetBus client
mac-robber : A tool for listing Modify, Access, Create timestamps from files
makepasswd : Random password generator
manipulate_data : Search/extract/write raw data
mcrypt : Replacement for crypt(1)
md5crk : Distributed project to generate MD5 collisions (i386 binary)
md5deep : Program to compute various message digests recursively
mdcrack : Bruteforce password MD5 hashes
mhash : An easy-to-use library for strong hashes such as MD5 and SHA1
mindterm-binary : "A full vt220 compatible Java SSH-1 client (not only for websites)"
mussh : A tool for easily running the same commands on multiple hosts
nbaudit : NetBIOS Auditing Tool / Security Kit
nessus : A security scanner: looks for vulnerabilities in a given network
nessus-devel : A security scanner: looks for vulnerabilities in a given network
nessus-libnasl : Nessus Attack Scripting Language
nessus-libnasl-devel : Nessus Attack Scripting Language
nessus-libraries : Libraries for Nessus, the security scanner
nessus-libraries-devel : Libraries for Nessus, the security scanner
nessus-plugins : Plugins for Nessus, the security scanner
nessus-plugins-devel : Plugins for Nessus, the security scanner
nettle : A low-level cryptographic library
nikto : Web and CGI vulnerability scanner with SSL support
nmap :
nofgpg : No One Fears GPG
nss : Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications
ocaml-cryptokit : A variety of cryptographic primitives for Objective Caml
oidentd : Ident server that supports user-defined ident strings
oinkmaster : Help you update your snort rules after each update
op : Allow others to run commands as root (like sudo but different)
opencdk : Open Crypto Development Kit
opensc : Libraries and utilities to access smart cards Libraries and utilities to access smart cards Libraries and utilities to access smart cards
opensc-esteid : ISO 7816 Smartcard API Library (OpenSSH Compatible)
openssh : OpenBSD's secure shell client and server (remote login program)
openssh-askpass : Graphical password applet for entering SSH passphrase
openssh-portable : The portable version of OpenBSD's OpenSSH The portable version of OpenBSD's OpenSSH The portable version of OpenBSD's OpenSSH
openssl : SSL and crypto library
openvpn : Secure IP/Ethernet tunnel daemon
osiris : The Shmoo client/server host integrity checker
outguess : Steganographic tool
p5-Authen-Captcha : Perl module to verify the human element in transactions
p5-Authen-Krb5 : Perl extension for Kerberos 5
p5-Authen-PAM : A Perl interface to the PAM library
p5-Authen-Radius : A perl5 module to provide simple Radius client facilities
p5-Authen-SASL : Perl5 module for SASL authentication
p5-Authen-Smb : Perl extension to authenticate against an SMB server
p5-Authen-TacacsPlus : A perl module that provides authentication using a tacacs+ server
p5-Authen-Ticket : Perl module providing the framework for implementing a ticketing system
p5-Crypt-Anubis : Crypt::CBC-compliant block cipher
p5-Crypt-Blowfish : Perl5 interface to the Blowfish encryption alogorithm
p5-Crypt-Blowfish_PP : Blowfish encryption algorithm implemented purely in Perl
p5-Crypt-CAST5_PP : CAST5 block cipher in pure Perl
p5-Crypt-CBC : Perl5 interface to Cipher Block Chaining with DES and IDEA
p5-Crypt-CBCeasy : Easy things make really easy with Crypt::CBC
p5-Crypt-CipherSaber : Perl module providing an OO interface to CipherSaber encryption
p5-Crypt-Cracklib : Perl interface to Alec Muffet's cracklib library
p5-Crypt-Cryptix : Perl5 interface to the Cryptix Crypto Library (Blowfish, DES and IDEA)
p5-Crypt-DES : Perl5 interface to DES block cipher
p5-Crypt-DES_EDE3 : Perl5 interface to a implementing 3-DES EDE encryption and decryption
p5-Crypt-DH : Perl5 interface to a Diffie-Hellman key exchange system
p5-Crypt-DSA : DSA signature and key generation
p5-Crypt-ECB : Perl module implementing the ECB encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-GeneratePassword : Generate secure random pronounceable passwords
p5-Crypt-HCE_SHA : Perl5 interface to one way hash chaining block cipher
p5-Crypt-IDEA : Perl5 interface to IDEA block cipher
p5-Crypt-OFB : Encrypt Data using OFB Mode
p5-Crypt-OTP : Perl implementation of the One Time Pad (hence, OTP) encryption method
p5-Crypt-OpenPGP : Pure-Perl OpenPGP-compatible PGP implementation
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum : OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA : Perl5 module to DSA signature verification using OpenSSL
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA : Perl5 module to RSA encode and decode strings using OpenSSL
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random : Perl5 interface to the OpenSSL pseudo-random number generator
p5-Crypt-PGPSimple : Crypt::PGPSimple provides a simple object-oriented interface to PGP
p5-Crypt-PassGen : Crypt::PassGen - Generate a random password that looks like a real word
p5-Crypt-PasswdMD5 : Perl module that provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() function
p5-Crypt-Primes : Provable Prime Number Generator suitable for Cryptographic Applications
p5-Crypt-RC4 : Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-RC5 : Perl implementation of the RC5 encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-RC6 : Perl implementation of the RC6 encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-RIPEMD160 : RIPEMD-160 message digest algorithm
p5-Crypt-RSA : RSA public-key cryptosystem
p5-Crypt-RandPasswd : An implementation of the Automated Password Generator standard
p5-Crypt-Random : Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator
p5-Crypt-Rijndael : Perl module that implements the Rijndael cipher
p5-Crypt-SSLeay : Perl5 interface to allow p5-libwww LWP to make https connections
p5-Crypt-Serpent : Perl implementation of the Serpent encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-SmbHash : Perl module implementing lanman and nt md4 hash functions
p5-Crypt-Solitaire : Solitaire encryption
p5-Crypt-TripleDES : Perl module implementing the Triple-DES cipher
p5-Crypt-Twofish : Perl module implementing the Twofish cipher
p5-Crypt-Twofish2 : Perl implementation of the Twofish encryption algorithm
p5-Crypt-UnixCrypt : Perl module implementing crypt(3) function
p5-Crypt-xDBM_File : Perl module encrypt almost any kind of dbm file
p5-Digest : Modules that calculate message digests
p5-Digest-BubbleBabble : Perl5 interface to a fingerprint in "bubble babble" format
p5-Digest-HMAC : Perl5 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-MD2 : Perl5 interface to the MD2 message digest algorithm
p5-Digest-MD4 : Perl5 interface to the MD4 message digest algorithm
p5-Digest-MD5 : Perl5 interface to the MD5 algorithm
p5-Digest-MD5-M4p : Perl interface to a variant of the MD5 algorithm
p5-Digest-Nilsimsa : Perl version of Nilsimsa code
p5-Digest-SHA1 : Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm
p5-Digest-SHA2 : Perl interface to the SHA-2 algorithms
p5-File-Scan : Perl5 anti-virus file scanning package
p5-GnuPG-Interface : Perl module for interfacing with GnuPG
p5-Snort-Rule : Perl5 extension for dynamically building snort rules
p5-IO-Socket-SSL : Perl5 interface to SSL sockets
p5-MD5 : wrapper to the Digest::MD5 module
p5-Net-OpenID-JanRain : OpenID JanRain and Consumer with JanRain API
p5-Module-Signature : Module signature file manipulation
p5-Net-SSLeay : Perl5 interface to SSL
p5-Nmap-Scanner : Perform and manipulate nmap scans using perl
p5-OpenCA-CRL : CRL Management module
p5-OpenCA-CRR : Perl extention to handle CRR objects
p5-OpenCA-PKCS7 : Perl extension for basic handling PKCS#7 Signatures
p5-OpenCA-REQ : Perl extension to easily manage Cert REQUESTs
p5-PGP : Perl5 module to work with PGP messages
p5-PGP-Sign : Create detached PGP signatures for data
p5-SHA : Perl5 interface to the SHA1 algorithm
p5-Safe-Hole : Make a hole to the original main compartment in the Safe compartment
p5-Tie-EncryptedHash : Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields
pad : A command-line utility to encrypt files
pam-mysql : A pam module for authenticating with MySQL
pam-pgsql : A pam module for authenticating with PostgreSQL
pam_alreadyloggedin : PAM module based on whether a user is already logged in
pam_krb5 : A Pluggable Authentication Module for Kerberos 5
pam_ldap : A pam module for authenticating with LDAP
pam_pgina : Daemon for allowing a pGina plugin to authenticate against Unix PAM
pam_pop3 : This module authenticates a user against a POP3 server
pam_pwdfile : A pam module for authenticating with flat passwd files
pam_smb : NetBIOS domain logon PAM module
pear-Auth : PEAR class for creating an authentication system
pear-Auth_SASL : PEAR abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
pear-Crypt_CBC : PEAR class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module
pear-Text_Password : PEAR random password creator
pf : OpenBSD pf as a kldmodule
pgp : PGP International version - Public-Key encryption for the masses
pgp6 : Public-Key encryption for the masses
pgpdump : PGP packet visualizer
pgpgpg : Wrapper for GnuPG to simulate PGP 2.6.x
pgpin : PGP International version - improved for use in IN-CA
pidentd : An RFC1413 identification server
pinentry :
pks : PGP Public Key Server
pktsuckers : Log contents of unwanted UDP packets and TCP connections
poc : Program for managing passwords on smartcards
portaudit : Checks installed ports against a list of security vulnerabilities
portaudit-db : Creates a portaudit database from a current ports tree
portscanner : A simple and easy to use TCP port scanner
portsentry : Port scan detection and active defense
ppgen : Secure passphrase generator
prelude-lml : Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System Log Monitoring Lackey
prelude-manager : Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System central logging point
prelude-nids : Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System sensor
proxycheck : Check for open proxy servers
proxytunnel : Connects stdin and stdout to an origin server through an HTTPS proxy
pscan : Security C code scanner for misuse of format strings
putty : Secure shell and telnet client
pwman : Console password management application based on gpg(me)
pxytest : Test remote system for unsecured mail proxies
py-cryptkit : A Cryptographic Toolkit for Python
py-fchksum : Python module to find the checksum of files
py-gnupg : Python module for GnuPG interface
py-m2crypto : Crypto and SSL toolkit for Python
py-mcrypt : A comprehensive Python interface to the mcrypt library
py-mhash : Python mhash module
py-openssl : Python interface to the OpenSSL library
py-posix1e : Python module for manipulating POSIX.1e ACLs
py-pow : Python OpenSSL Wrappers
py-pycrypto : The Python Cryptography Toolkit
py-rijndael : A pure python implementation of the Rijndael encryption algorithm
py-twofish : Twofish cryptographic module for Python
py-xmlsec : A set of Python bindings for XML Security Library
qca-tls : SSL/TLS plugin for Qt
qident : Query a remote IDENT (RFC 1413) server
qtfw : A GUI frontend for ipfw utility in FreeBSD
quintuple-agent : Quintuple Agent is a program that stores secrets for you
racoon : KAME racoon IKE daemon
radiusniff : Sniffer for RADIUS traffic
rain : Rain is a packeting tool used for testing system stability
rats : Source code auditing tool
rc5pipe : RC5 en-/decryption via UNIX pipes
rdigest : Recursive message digest wrapper utility Recursive message digest wrapper utility Recursive message digest wrapper utility
rid : Configurable remote distributed denial of service tool detector
rkhunter : Rootkit detection tool
rng_82802 : RNG driver for the Intel 82802
ruby-acl : Ruby module to provide Access Control List checks
ruby-aes : A Ruby extension library which implements AES (Rijndael) encryption
ruby-blowfish : A Ruby interface to the Blowfish cipher
ruby-cast_256 : A Ruby extension library which implements CAST-256 encryption
ruby-gpgme : A Ruby interface to GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME)
ruby-hmac : A Ruby library which implements the HMAC algorithm
ruby-mcrypt : A Ruby interface to the mcrypt library
ruby-pam : Ruby extension to use PAM library
ruby-password : A Ruby library to create, verify and manipulate passwords
ruby-tcpwrap : TCP wrappers library for Ruby
saferpay : A command line tool for online payment
safesh : Authentication manager for OpenSSH (making secure auth easier)
saint : Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool
samba-vscan : On-access virus scanning with Samba
samhain : The Samhain Intrusion Detection System
scanlogd : TCP port scan detection tool
scanssh : Scans networks for open proxies, SSH, Web and SMTP servers
seahorse : GNOME application for managing encryption keys (PGP, SSH)
secpanel : GUI for managing and running ssh and related utilities
sectok : ISO 7816 Smartcard Utility
sfs : Self-Certifying File System: A secure global network file system
sha : Simple file hash program utilizing SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
shishi : A free implementation of the Kerberos 5 network security system
sig2dot : GPG/PGP Keyring Graph Generator
skip : Stateless IP layer security and encryption from Sun Microsystems
slurpie : A passwd file cracker (supports distributed nodes)
slush : A telnet-like application which uses a secure SSL channel
smtpmap : An SMTP software identifier
smtpscan : A remote SMTP server version detector
smurflog : A program to assist logging of smurf attacks
sniff : Program to sniff logins and passwords
snort : Lightweight network intrusion detection system
snort-rep : A Snort reporting tool that can produce text or HTML from logs
snortreport : Add-on module for snort to generate real-time web reports
snortsnarf : Generate HTML report summaries from snort incident alerts
srm : Secure rm, a utility which destroys file contents before unlinking
srp : Secure Remote Password protocol library, TELNET, and FTP
ssh : Secure shell client and server (remote login program)
ssh-gui : A front-end for ssh which can open multiple xterms
ssh-multiadd : Tool to add multiple ssh keys to the authentication agent
ssh2 : Secure shell client and server for V.2 SSH protocol
ssh_askpass_gtk2 : A tiny GTK2 ssh askpass replacement
sslproxy : Proxies non-SSL request over an SSL connection
sslsniffer : SSLv3/TLS and SSLv2 sniffer
sslwrap : Another SSL Wrapper application, which uses SSLEay/OpenSSL
sst : A simple SSL tunneling tool (uses netcat)
starttls : Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on ${EMACS_PORT_NAME}
stegdetect : Automated tool for detecting steganographic content in JPEGs
steghide : "Steganography tool to hide data in binary files"
strobe : Fast scatter/gather TCP port scanner
stunnel : SSL encryption wrapper for standard network daemons
subweb : SubWeb is a (reverse) proxy to inspect HTTP flows on the fly
sudo : Allow others to run commands as root
sudoscript : Audited shells in Perl with sudo(8) and script(1)
super : Allow others to run commands as root
symbion-sslproxy : An SSL proxy for securing unsecure connections
tclsasl : A Tcl interface to the Cyrus SASLv2 library
swatch : The Simple WATCHer and filter
tea-total : Extremely small 128 bit private key based encryption/decryption system
termlog : Monitor or log multiple system terminals synchronously
tinc : A Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
tinyca : Simple graphical interface to manage a small Certification Authority
tor : An anonymizing overlay network for TCP
trinokiller : Remotely kill trino nodes
tripwire : File system security and verification program
uberkey : A keylogger for x86 systems
tripwire-131 : File system security and verification program
tripwire12 : File system security and verification program
uvscan-dat : AntiVirus DAT file for uvscan
vida : Vida is a multi-datapipe handler
vlock : Locks a terminal
vlog : A curses based real-time logfile viewer esp. useful for ipflog
vncrypt : Cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD
vpnc : Client for Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator
vpnd : VPN daemon offering transparent blowfish encryption between networks
vscan : Evaluation version of a DOS/Windows/Linux file virus scanner
vulnerability-test-port : Standard vulnerability test for port auditing systems
vuxml : Vulnerability and eXposure Markup Language DTD
vxquery : VuXML Query Tool
xca : Graphical certification authority
xinetd : Replacement for inetd with better control and logging
xmlsec : XML Security Library
xmlsec1 : XML Security Library
xspy : A utility for monitoring keystrokes on remote X servers
yafic : Yet Another File Integrity Checker, similar to Tripwire
zebedee : Encrypted, secure compressed TCP tunnel
zombiezapper : Send a terminate command to Trinoo/TFN/Stacheldracht DDoS agents
pft : Printer Job Language library and tool
revelation : Password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop
opieprint : Output postscript with 100 OPIE passwords credit card sized
clusterssh : Controls multiple hosts simultaneously via xterms and ssh
cyrus-sasl2-ldapdb : SASL LDAPDB auxprop plugin
gnomekeyringmanager : GNOME keyring manager
hpn-ssh : High Performance Enabled SSH/SCP
p5-Email-Obfuscate : Obfuscates email addresses
p5-Filter-CBC : Source filter for Cipher Block Chaining
p5-Filter-Crypto : Create runnable Perl files encrypted with OpenSSL libcrypto
p5-POE-Component-SSLify : Integrate SSL into POE
pear-Auth_HTTP : PEAR HTTP authentication
pear-Crypt_RC4 : PEAR encryption class for RC4 encryption
pear-File_Passwd : PEAR class to manipulate many kinds of password files
pear-LiveUser : PEAR user authentication and permission management framework
pwauth : A Unix Web Authenticator
sks : Synchronizing Key Server, a fast OpenPGP keyserver
spike-proxy : Tool for looking for vulnerabilities in web applications
sudosh : A sudo shell
aimsniff : AOL Instant Messanger Sniffing and Reading Tool
amavis-stats : A simple AMaViS statistics generator based on rrdtool
barnyard :
base : Basic Analysis and Security Engine - analyzing Snort alerts
bdc : BitDefender Console Antivirus for FreeBSD
bruteforceblocker : Checks for SSH bruteforce and blocks given IPs
calife-devel : A lightweight alternative to sudo
courier-authlib :
distcache-devel : Distributed OpenSSL session caching tools - development version
dmitry : Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool
gaim-otr : Allows deniable private conversations using GAIM
gnu-crypto : Java cryptographic primitives and tools
gpgme03 : A library to make access to GnuPG easier
gtkpasman : A GTK+ passwords manager for system and network administrators
hostapd : Authenticator (server) for WPA/802.1x protocols
idea : A command line idea encryption and decryption utility
ipfilter2dshield : Official DShield client for ipfilter firewall logs
libotr : The portable OTR Messaging Library and toolkit
libssh2 : A library implementing the SSH2 protocol
metasploit : Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing
openscep : Open source scep server
p5-Business-PayPal-EWP : Perl extension to talk to paypal
p5-CSP : A Perl tool for managing Certificate Authorities
p5-Digest-SHA256 : Perl5 interface to the SHA256 algorithm
p5-SAVI-Perl : Perl5 module interface to Sophos AntiVirus
pam_mkhomedir : Create HOME with a PAM module on demand
pamtester : A command line pam authentication tester
pear-Auth_PrefManager : PEAR preferences management class
pear-Crypt_Blowfish : PEAR class for blowfish encryption
pear-Crypt_CHAP : PEAR class for generating CHAP packets
pear-Crypt_HMAC : PEAR class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant hashes
pear-Crypt_RSA : PEAR class allows you to use two-key strong cryptography
pear-File_HtAccess : PEAR class to manipulate .htaccess files
pear-File_SMBPasswd : PEAR class for managing SAMBA style password files
pear-LiveUser_Admin : PEAR user authentication and permission management framework
pecl-ssh2 : A PECL extension to the libssh2 library
pfw : A web frontend for the pf firewall
php4-cryptopp : A crypto++ php wrapper
poly1305aes : The poly1305 message authentication reference implementation using AES
ppars : Proactive Probing Abuse Reporting System
py-clamav : A python binding to libclamav written in C
py-twistedConch : An SSH and SFTP protocol implementation with clients and servers
racoon2 : Racoon2 IPsec daemon
sancp : A network connection profiler
scanhill : Microsoft Messenger Protocol Sniffer Microsoft Messenger Protocol Sniffer Microsoft Messenger Protocol Sniffer
sasp : A tool that permits to use a gateway whatever IP we have
secure_delete : Secure data deletion toolkit
snort_inline : An inline IPS system based on snort using ipfw
snortsms : A remote management and monitoring interface for Snort based IDS
sscep : Simple scep client
tinysu : A featureless replacement for su and sudo
unicornscan : Next-generation of udpscan plus a high-speed TCP scanner
wipe : File and block device wiping utility
wpa_supplicant : Supplicant (client) for WPA/802.1x protocols
amavisd-milter : Milter for amavisd-new
bcrypt : A cross-plattform blowfish encryption utility
bsdsfv : A flexible SFV checksum utility
courierpassd : User authentication and password changing daemon utility
denyhosts : Script to thwart ssh attacks
ipguard : Tool designed to protect LAN IP adress space by ARP spoofing
ipsec-tools : KAME racoon IKE daemon, ipsec-tools version
jce_policy14 : JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files
libpreludedb : Framework library for access to Prelude NIDS database
md4coll : Fast MD4 collision generator Fast MD4 collision generator Fast MD4 collision generator
md5coll : Fast MD5 collision generator Fast MD5 collision generator Fast MD5 collision generator
ncrypt : Advanced AES file encryption tool
newpki-client : C++ PKI client from newpki project C++ PKI client from newpki project C++ PKI client from newpki project
newpki-lib : C++ PKI libraries from newpki project C++ PKI libraries from newpki project C++ PKI libraries from newpki project
newpki-server : C++ PKI server from newpki project C++ PKI server from newpki project C++ PKI server from newpki project
openct : A middleware framework for smart card terminals A middleware framework for smart card terminals A middleware framework for smart card terminals
openfwtk : Application proxy toolkit which inherits the ideology of TIS fwtk
p5-Authen-CyrusSASL : Perl5 module for accessing the SASL authentication daemon
p5-Authen-Htpasswd : Authen::Htpasswd - interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files
p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus : XS SASL Authentication
p5-Crypt-NULL : Perl implementation of the NULL encryption algorithm
p5-Data-Password : A Perl extension for assessing password quality
p5-Digest-SHA : Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
p5-GD-SecurityImage : Perl5 module for creating CAPTCHA security images
p5-Net-Daemon-SSL : Perl5 extension for portable daemons
p5-Net-OpenID-Server : Reference implementation of OpenID server
pamsfs : A PAM module to mount SFS home directories
pkcrack : A utility for breaking pkzip encryption
pure-sfv : Utility to test and create .sfv files
py-crack : Python bindings to cracklib
signing-party : Various OpenPGP related tools
squidclam : Bridge betwean ClamAV antivirus software and Squid caching proxy
sud : Execute processes with special privileges in a nosuid environment
tlswrap : An FTP proxy that wraps data and control with TLS/SSL
tthsum : A command-line utility for generating and checking TTH message digests
webfwlog : A web-based firewall log analyzer
yersinia : Layer 2 vulnerability scanner (switches, spanning tree, 802.1q ...)
pear-Crypt_DiffieHellman : PEAR class implementing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol for PHP5
pear-Crypt_GPG : GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
shimmer : Perl implementation that hides a valuable port on your server
aespipe : An AES encrypting or decrypting pipe An AES encrypting or decrypting pipe An AES encrypting or decrypting pipe
afterglow : A collection of graph-generating scripts
aolserver-nsencrypt : OpenSSL data encryption module for AOLserver
aolserver-nsmcrypt : AOLserver interface to mcrypt library
aolserver-nsmhash : AOLserver interface to mhash library
aolserver-nsopenssl : OpenSSL socket encryption module for AOLserver
aolserver-nssha1 : AOLserver module to perform SHA1 hashes
apache-xml-security-c : Apache XML security libraries C version
bioapi : BioAPI library implementation
bioapitool : BioAPI management utility
blocksshd : Protects computers from SSH brute force attacks
bruteblock : Software for blocking bruteforce attacks with ipfw
bsmtrace : BSM based intrusion detection system
bsp_upektfmess : UPEK TouchChip TFM/ESS Fingerprint BSP
ca_root_nss : The root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
chaosreader : A tool to extract data from tcpdump logs
chntpw : Utility to set the password and edit registry on Microsoft NT system
chroot_safe : A tool to chroot softwares easily
clamcour : ClamAV courier filter
clamtk : GTK front-end for Clam Antivirus
courierpasswd : User authentication and password changing utility
courieruserinfo : User account information retrieval utility
cryptstring : Crypto Strings for PHP
cutlass : Encrypted peer-to-peer voice, text, and file transmission protocol
dns-proxy-tor : Resolves DNS requests through Tor
drupal4-ldap_integration : LDAP user authentication for the Drupal CMS LDAP user authentication for the Drupal CMS LDAP user authentication for the Drupal CMS
engine_pkcs11 : An implementation of a PKCS\#11 engine for OpenSSL
execwrap : Super-user exec wrapper
expiretable : Utility to remove entries from the pf(4) table based on their age
f-protd : F-Prot Antivirus for BSD Mail Server
fiked : A fake IKE PSK+XAUTH daemon based on VPNC
fl0p : Passive L7 flow fingerprinting tool
fswatch : File system checksum checker File system checksum checker File system checksum checker
fwipe : A djb-style file wiping utility
gnome-gpg : Simple commandline wrapper around gpg for gnome-keyring
gnome-keyring : A program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnome-keyring-manager : GNOME keyring manager
gnupg1 : The GNU Privacy Guard
gorilla : Password Gorilla is cross-platform Password Manager
gpass : A password manager for GNOME2
hamachi : Fast, secure, simple VPN software with NAT-traversal Fast, secure, simple VPN software with NAT-traversal Fast, secure, simple VPN software with NAT-traversal
horde-jeta : Horde wrapper around various Java SSH applets
httprint : Web server fingerprinting tool
iaikpkcs11wrapper : A PKCS\#11 Java wrapper
ike : Shrew Soft IKE daemon and client tools
ipfcount : Summarise ipf logs by counting and sorting the fields
ipfwcount : Summarise ipfw logs by counting and sorting the fields
isnprober : PenTest tool for TCP Initial Sequence Numbers research
kedpm : A simple application for managing personal data
keepassx : Cross Platform Password Manager
klamav : A KDE 3 front-end to Clam Anti-Virus
knock : A flexible port-knocking server and client
kopete-otr : Allows deniable private conversations using Kopete
kovpn : A simple GUI for OpenVPN clients
lasso : Free Liberty Alliance Implementation
libp11 : A small layer on top of PKCS\#11 API
matrixssl : Small alternative SSL implementation
medusa : A speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer
mosref : A secure remote execution framework using a compact Scheme-influenced VM
mypasswordsafe : Easy-to-use password manager compatible with Password Safe
nmap-i18n-man : Translated manual pages for nmap
ocaml-cryptgps : Symmetric cryptographic algorithms package for OCaml
ocaml-ssl : OpenSSL bindings for OCaml
openbsm : Open Source Basic Security Module (BSM) Audit Implementation Open Source Basic Security Module (BSM) Audit Implementation Open Source Basic Security Module (BSM) Audit Implementation
opensaml : Open source implentation of SAML Open source implentation of SAML Open source implentation of SAML
openvpn-admin : GUI frontend to openvpn
openvpn-auth-ldap : LDAP authentication plugin for OpenVPN
openvpn-devel : Secure IP/Ethernet tunnel daemon Secure IP/Ethernet tunnel daemon Secure IP/Ethernet tunnel daemon
ossec-hids-server :
phpdeadlock : Web-based user authentication/password protection system
osslsigncode : OpenSSL-based signcode utility
p5-Authen-Bitcard : Bitcard authentication verification
p5-Authen-Libwrap : Authen::Libwrap - access to TCP Wrappers library
p5-Authen-NTLM : Perl extension to authenticate against an NTLM server
p5-Authen-PAAS : Perl Authentication & Authorization Service
p5-Authen-PluggableCaptcha : A pluggable Captcha framework for Perl
p5-Authen-Simple : Simple authentication framework
p5-Authen-Simple-DBI : Simple DBI authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-DBM : Simple DBM authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-HTTP : Simple HTTP authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-LDAP : Simple LDAP authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-Net : Simple authentication via FTP, POP3, or SMTP
p5-Authen-Simple-PAM : Simple PAM authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-Passwd : Simple Passwd authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-RADIUS : Simple RADIUS authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-SMB : Simple SMB authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-SSH : Simple SSH authentication
p5-Authen-TypeKey : TypeKey authentication verification
p5-Crypt-AppleTwoFish : Perl extension for Apple iTMS internal key descrambling algorithm
p5-Crypt-CFB : Perl extension for encrypting data in Cipher Feedback Mode
p5-Crypt-Caesar : Perl extension for decrypting rot-N strings
p5-Crypt-Camellia_PP : Perl extension for Camellia Encryption Algorithm in pure Perl
p5-Crypt-Chimera : Perl extension for Chimera key exchange protocol
p5-Crypt-Ctr : Perl extension for encrypting data in Counter Mode
p5-Crypt-DES_PP : Perl extension for DES encryption in pure Perl
p5-Crypt-Dining : The Dining Cryptographers' Protocol
p5-Crypt-Enigma : Perl extension for the Enigma cipher
p5-Crypt-GCrypt : Perl interface to the GNU Cryptographic library
p5-Crypt-GOST : Perl extension for GOST Encryption Algorithm
p5-Crypt-GOST_PP : Perl extension for GOST Encryption Algorithm in pure Perl
p5-Crypt-GPG : Perl extension for GnuPG
p5-Crypt-HCE_MD5 : Perl extension implementing one way hash chaining encryption using MD5
p5-Crypt-Imail : Perl extension to encrypt and decrypt Imail passwords
p5-Crypt-Khazad : Perl extension for Khazad block cipher
p5-Crypt-License : Perl extension to examine a license
p5-Crypt-Lite : Perl extension for a symmetric data encryption and decryption
p5-Crypt-Loki97 : Perl extension for Loki97 block cipher
p5-Crypt-MySQL : Perl extension to compare MySQL passwords without libmysqlclient
p5-Crypt-OICQ : Cryptographic algorithm used by OICQ protocol
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509 : Perl extension for OpenSSL X509 API
p5-Crypt-Rabbit : Perl extension for Rabbit stream cipher
p5-Crypt-Rijndael_PP : Perl implementation of Rijndael
p5-Crypt-SKey : Perl S/Key calculator
p5-Crypt-Salt : Perl extension to generate a salt to be fed into crypt
p5-Crypt-SaltedHash : Perl extension to work with salted hashes
p5-Crypt-Shark : Perl extension for Shark block cipher
p5-Crypt-TEA : Perl extension to Tiny Encryption Algorithm
p5-Crypt-X509 : Perl extension to parse X.509 certificates
p5-Data-Entropy : Entropy (randomness) management
p5-Digest-Adler32 : Perl extension for Adler32 hash algorithm
p5-Digest-CRC : Perl extension for calculating CRC cheksums
p5-Digest-Crc32 : Perl extension for calculating 32-bit CRC cheksums
p5-Digest-DJB : Perl extension for D.J Bernstein's hash algorithm
p5-Digest-DMAC : Perl5 interface to DMAC Double Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-EMAC : Perl5 interface to EMAC Double Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-Elf : Perl extension for ElfHash hash algorithm
p5-Digest-FNV : Perl extension for Fowler/Noll/Vo hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Hashcash : Perl extension for Hashcash hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Haval256 : Perl extension for Haval256 hash algorithm
p5-Digest-JHash : Perl extension for JHash hash algorithm
p5-Digest-MD5-File : Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls
p5-Digest-MD5-Reverse : Perl extension that looks for MD5 hashes in several databases
p5-Digest-ManberHash : Perl extension for ManberHash hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Pearson : Perl extension for Peter K. Pearson's hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Pearson-PurePerl : Perl extension for Peter K. Pearson's hash algorithm in pure Perl
p5-Digest-Perl-MD4 : Perl extension for MD4 hash algorithm in pure Perl
p5-Digest-Perl-MD5 : Perl extension for MD5 hash algorithm in pure Perl
p5-Digest-SHA-PurePerl : Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 in pure Perl
p5-Digest-SV1 : Perl extension for SV1 hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Tiger : Perl extension for Tiger hash algorithm
p5-Digest-Whirlpool : Perl extension for Whirlpool hash algorithm
p5-File-Scan-ClamAV : Perl extension for the clamav virus scanner
p5-GSSAPI : Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library
p5-HTML-Email-Obfuscate : Obfuscates HTML email addresses that look normal
p5-Net-Server-Mail-ESMTP-AUTH : Plain and login auth methods for Net::Server::Mail::ESMTP
p5-Net-SinFP : Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite Full operating system stack fingerprinting suite
p5-Nmap-Parser : Parse nmap scan data with perl
p5-PerlCryptLib : Perl interface to Peter Guttman cryptlib API
p5-Sudo : Perl extension for running a command line sudo
p5-Text-Password-Pronounceable : A Perl extension for generating pronounceable passwords
p5-Tree-Authz : Role-Based Access Control authorization scheme
p5-Yahoo-BBAuth : Perl interface to the Yahoo! Browser-Based Authentication
p5-openxpki : Perl based trustcenter software for PKI: core for server
p5-openxpki-client : Perl based trustcenter software for PKI: base class for actual clients
p5-openxpki-client-cli : Command line interface for local openxpki daemon
p5-openxpki-client-html-mason : Web interface for local openxpki daemon
p5-openxpki-client-scep : Client for SCEP requests to openxpki server
p5-openxpki-deployment : Perl based enterprise class trustcenter software for PKI
p5-openxpki-i18n : Perl based trustcenter software for PKI: i18n tools
pam_abl : Blacklisting responsible for repeated failed authentication attempts
pam_af : Anti-bruteforce PAM module
pam_authsrv : PAM module for per-user authentication
pam_bsdbioapi : PAM module for BioAPI
pam_p11 : A PAM module using crypto tokens for auth
pam_per_user : PAM module for per-user authentication
pam_pseudo : PAM module for per-user authentication
pam_require : A PAM module for restricting access based on unix group or username
pantera : Web Application Penetration Testing Suite
parano : A Gnome program to deal with hashfiles
pbnj : A suite of tools to monitor changes on a network
pdfcrack : A command line, password recovery tool for PDF-files
pecl-crack : PECL extension to cracklib
pecl-filter : PHP extension for safely dealing with input parameters PHP extension for safely dealing with input parameters PHP extension for safely dealing with input parameters
pecl-gnupg : A pecl wrapper around the gpgme library
pecl-hash : HASH Message Digest Framework for PHP HASH Message Digest Framework for PHP HASH Message Digest Framework for PHP
pecl-tcpwrap : A PECL extension which provides tcpwrappers binding
php-Auth_OpenID : PHP OpenID library
php-suhosin : A PHP extension that implements high-level protections
phpmyid : A single user Identity Provider for the OpenID framework
phpsecinfo : A PHP environment security auditing toool
pidgin-encryption : Encryption Plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger client
pidgin-otr : Allows deniable private conversations using Pidgin
pkcs11-helper : A helper library for multiple PKCS\#11 providers
pssh : Parallel versions of the openssh tools
pvk : Tool to convert a RSA key in PEM format into a PVK file and vice versa
py-bcrypt : Python bcrypt module
py-cerealizer : Secure pickle-like module
py-gnutls : Python wrapper for the GNUTLS library
py-hashlib : Backport of Python 2,5's haslib module
py-openid : Python OpenID version
py-paramiko : A python library for making SSH2 connections
py-tlslite : Python module implenting SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
py-trustedpickle : TrustedPickle is a Python (de)Pickler with a way to verify the data
rainbowcrack : Hash cracker that precomputes plaintext - ciphertext pairs in advance
rarcrack : It's try to guess your encrypted compressed file's password
ruby-crypt : Pure-ruby implementation of popular encryption algorithms
rubygem-net-sftp : Implementation of the SFTP client protocol
rubygem-net-ssh : Non-interactive SSH processing
seccure : SECCURE Elliptic Curve Crypto Utility for Reliable Encryption
sguil-client : Sguil is a network security monitoring program
sguil-sensor : Sguil is a network security monitoring program
sguil-server : Sguil is a network security monitoring program
shibboleth-sp : C++ Shibboleth Service Provider (Internet2) for Apache
shttpscanner : Simple HTTP scanner
silktools : Tools for large-scale network capture analysis
smap : SIP scanner and identifier
snoopy : An execve() wrapper and logger
sshblock : Block abusive SSH login attempts
sshguard :
sshit : Checks for SSH/FTP bruteforce and blocks given IPs
ssss : Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
tor-devel : An anonymizing overlay network for TCP An anonymizing overlay network for TCP An anonymizing overlay network for TCP
trans-proxy-tor : Transparent proxy used to redirect TCP connections into Tor
umit : UMIT is the nmap frontend developed with Python and PyGTK
vinetto : A forensics tool to examine Thumbs.db files
vnccrack : A fast offline password cracker for VNC passwords
w3af : Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
wapiti : Wapiti is a vulnerability scanner for web applications
xyssl : A liteweight SSL and TLS toolkit for C developers
zxid : Open Source IdM for the Masses - SAML SSO
zzuf : Transparent application input fuzzer
xorsearch : Search for a given string in an XOR or ROL encoded binary file
yapet : A curses based password manager

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