May 26, 2018

Allow others to run commands as root

Super is a setuid-root program that offers

o  restricted setuid-root access to executables, adjustable
on a per-program and per-user basis;

o  a relatively secure environment for scripts, so that well-written
scripts can be run as root or some other uid/gid, without
unduly compromising security.

The design philosophy behind super is two-fold

a some users can be trusted when executing certain commands;
b there are some commands, such as a script to mount CDROM's,
which you'd like to be safely executable even by users who
are NOT trusted.  Although setuid-root scripts are insecure,
a good setuid-root wrapper around a sensible non-setuid script
can be hard to break, and super provides that wrapper so that
even a non-trusted user can use the scripts.

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