May 26, 2018

Perl5 module to work with PGP messages

This is an alpha release of a PGP module for Perl5.This module will allow for an easy interface to both Phil Zimmermann’sPGP v2.6.2 program and the international version of PGP v2.6.2i. will allow you to sign, encrypt w/signature, decrypt and perform key management. The only requirement being that you alreadyhave PGP installed on your system to utilize this module.There are sure to be many changes in the structure of this module overthe next couple of months–at least until a standard interface is acheived.

If you find this module useful and wish to see future developments of it, the contribute to Phil Zimmermann’s legal defense fund. Ifyou don’t know anything about the government’s attempt to wrongfully prosecute Phil, then go to Yahoo and search for “Zimmermann.” After reading for a little while, you will be wondering how the governmentis getting away with it’s criminal act.

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