May 26, 2018

Script to update snort-2.8+ rules

pulledpork is a Perl script which helps to update your Snort 2.9+ rules.

-= Features and Capabilities =-

  • Automated downloading, parsing, state modification and rule modification for all of your snort rulesets.
  • Checksum verification for all major rule downloads
  • Automatic generation of updated file
  • Capability to include your local.rules in file
  • Capability to pull rules tarballs from custom urls
  • Complete Shared Object support
  • Complete IP Reputation List support
  • Capability to download multiple disparate rulesets at once
  • Maintains accurate changelog
  • Capability to HUP processes after rules download
  • Aids in tuning of rulesets
  • Verbose output so that you know EXACTLY what is happening
  • Minimal Perl Module dependencies
  • A sweet smokey flavor throughout the pork!

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