May 26, 2018

Yet another signify tool

Asignify tool is heavily inspired by signify used in OpenBSD. However, the main goal of this project is to define high level API for signing files, validating signatures and encrypting using public keys cryptography. Asignify is designed to be portable and self-contained with zero external dependencies. It uses blake2b as the hash function and ed25519 implementation from tweetnacl.

Key features

  • Zero dependencies libc and C compiler are likely required though, so it could be easily used in embedded systems.
  • Modern cryptography primitives ed25519, blake2 and sha512 namely.
  • Ability to encrypt files with the same keys using curve25519 based cryptobox.
  • Protecting secret keys by passwords using PBKDF2-BLAKE2 routine.
  • Asignify can convert ssh ed25519 private keys to the native format and verify signatures using just ssh ed25519 public keys without intermediate conversions.
  • Asignify provides high level API for application developers for signing, verifying, encrypting and keys generation.
  • All keys, signatures and encrypted files contain version information allowing to change cryptographical primitives in the future without loosing of backward compatibility.

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