May 26, 2018

Fast authenticated encryption CLI tool

Hpenc is a fast encryption command line tool with the following features

  • Authenticated encryption - your data cannot be forged or corrupted without detection.
  • Parallel processing - hpenc uses block IO and you can process multiple blocks simultaneously, which is extremely useful if you have multi-core environment.
  • Strong ciphers - hpenc uses the state-of-art aes-gcm and chacha20 ciphers
  • Easy interface
  • Hardware acceleration - hpenc can utilize all its advanced cryptography functions defined for AES-NI and PCLMULQDQ instructions that must be supported by openssl. For those with old or embedded CPU such as ARM, hpenc provides portable and fast chacha20 cipher.
  • Simple key management
  • Secure random numbers generator - hpenc can work as pseudo-random numbers generator. In a set of standard tests diehard on the generated sequences hpenc generates secure sequences of pseudo-random numbers on a very high speed gigabytes per second.

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