May 26, 2018

Portable, easy to use and efficient C++ crypto library

Botan is a crypto library written in C++. It provides a variety of cryptographic algorithms, including common ones such as AES, MD5, SHA, HMAC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and ECDSA, as well as many others that are more obscure or specialized. It also offers X.509v3 certificates and CRLs, and PKCS #10 certificate requests. A message processing system that uses a filter/pipeline metaphor allows for many common cryptographic tasks to be completed with just a few lines of code. Assembly optimizations for common CPUs, including x86, x86-64, and PowerPC, offers further speedups for critical tasks such as SHA-1 hashing and multiple precision integer operations.

Botan is licensed under the same permissive terms as FreeBSD itself.

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