May 26, 2018

Crypt password utilities

CryptPasswordUtil is a crypt password utilities.

Its crypt$str works like Perl’s crypt, but automatically choose the appropriate crypt type and random salt. Will first choose SSHA512 with 64-bit random salt. If not supported by system, fall back to MD5-CRYPT with 32-bit random salt. If that is not supported, fall back to CRYPT.

Its crypt_type$str returns crypt type, or undef if $str does not look like a crypted password. Currently known types CRYPT traditional DES crypt, MD5-CRYPT including Apache variant, SSHA256 salted SHA256, SSHA512 salted SHA512, and PLAIN-MD5.

See also AuthenPassphrase which recognizes more encodings but currently not SSHA256 and SSHA512.

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