May 26, 2018

Simple SSL tunneling tool (uses netcat)

Sst can be used to connect to SSL-encrypted network ser- vices or it can be used as an SSL front-end to network servers. Sst can be used interactively, or in an inetd setting, or it can be embedded inside other programs eg. Amanda.

One of the main goals of sst is to be as basic as possible so in most non-embedded cases sst uses netcat to setup the networking I/O. Sst uses a socketpair2 pipe to stay in contact with its netcat child process. In this way sst only has to concern itself with file descriptors.

In the embedded mode sst expects the parent program to set up the networking I/O and to provide the appropriate file descriptors. In embedded client mode ā€œ-cā€, clear data is read from or written to stdin fildes 0 and SSL- encrypted data is read from or written to stdout fildes

  1. In embedded server mode ā€œ-sā€, SSL-encrypted data is read from or written to stdin and clear data read from or written to stdout.

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