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Welcome to FreeBSD Software

Welcome to FreeBSD software

The FreeBSD Ports Archive (us), shamelessly stolen from the FreeBSD port tree (and the "man ports" command), offers a simple way for users and administrators to see the port tree in a new fashion way !
So by using freebsd ports you will be able to search all the freebsd software that is listed in the freebsd ports archive. You will find everything you need in order to be the best freebsd user or freebsd administrator.

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Last FreeBSD software update

transset-df (x11-wm software) Make your windows transparent
tinywm (x11-wm software) Ridiculously tiny window manager
swm (x11-wm software) Window manager for low-memory systems, with title bars and shading
skippy-xd (x11-wm software) A full-screen X11 task-switcher like Apple's Expose
skippy (x11-wm software) A full-screen X11 task-switcher like Apple's Expose
selectwm (x11-wm software) A GTK application to let you select a window manager when starting X
sawfish (x11-wm software) Lisp configurable window manager
sapphire (x11-wm software) Small window manager
ratpoison (x11-wm software) Simple window manager with no fat library dependencies
ratmenu (x11-wm software) A simple menu patterened for use with ratpoison
qvwm (x11-wm software) Windows 95/98/NT like window manager for X11
qlwm (x11-wm software) Qt-based window manager
pwm (x11-wm software) A lightweight window manager with emphasis on usability
plwm (x11-wm software) A window manager construction kit
piewm (x11-wm software) A tvtwm with pie (circular) menus
phluid (x11-wm software) A window manager that emphasizes efficiency, speed, and beauty
pekwm (x11-wm software) A windowmanager based on aewm++
peksystray (x11-wm software) A system tray dockapp similar to the GNOME notification area applet
pawm (x11-wm software) The Puto Amo Window Manager
pager (x11-wm software) A pager for sawfish without GNOME
oroborus (x11-wm software) A small and simple GNOME-compatible window manager
orion (x11-wm software) An X11 window manager written in Scheme
openbox (x11-wm software) A standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager
olvwm (x11-wm software) OpenLook Virtual Window manager
obmenu (x11-wm software) Menu manager for Openbox supporting both static and pipe menus
obconf (x11-wm software) Preferences manager for the Openbox window manager
novawm (x11-wm software) A window manager for X, developed with speed, size, and style in mind
nickleby (x11-wm software) Simple window manager
mlvwm (x11-wm software) Macintosh like window manager for X11
metacity (x11-wm software) A window manager for the adult in you

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