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admesh : Program for processing STL triangulated solid meshes
alliance : A complete set of CAD tools and libraries for VLSI design
astk-serveur :
atlc : A tool to calculate the impedance of transmission lines
calculix : A Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program
cascade : A simple tool to analyze noise and distortion of a RF system
chipmunk : An electronic CAD system
chipvault : A project organizer for VHDL and Verilog RTL hardware designs
cider : A mixed-level circuit and device simulator (includes SPICE3)
dinotrace : A graphical signal trace waveform viewer
electric : A sophisticated electrical CAD system
fandango : A python scripted 3D CAD application
geda : The "meta-port" for gEDA
geda-symbols : The gEDA's symbols
geda-symcheck : The gEDA's symbol checking utility
geda-utils : The gEDA's utilities
gerbv : A Free Gerber Viewer
gmsh : An automatic 3D finite element mesh generator
gnetlist : gEDA electronic schematic capture tools, netlister
gnucap : The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
gschem : gEDA electronic schematic capture tools
gtkwave : Electronic Waveform Viewer
gwave : Waveform viewer for analogue electronic simulation tools
irsim : An event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS circuis
iverilog : A Verilog simulation and synthesis tool
leocad : A CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys
libgeda : The gEDA's tools base utility library
linux-eagle :
magic : An interactive editor for VLSI layouts
mars : Maryland Routing Simulator
netgen : An automatic 3D tetrahedral mesh generator
ngspice_rework : A circuit simulator derived from spice3f5
oregano : Schematic capture and simulation of electrical circuits
pcb : X11 interactive printed circuit board layout system
pdnmesh : A finite element program
pythoncad : An open-source CAD package built designed around Python
qcad : Professional CAD system
qcad-partslib : Professional CAD system
qfsm : A graphical tool for designing finite state machines
qmls : Quine-McCluskey Logic Simplifier
sceptre : SCEPTRE is a general purpose circuit analysis program
slffea : San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis
spice : A general-purpose circuit simulation program A general-purpose circuit simulation program (non-X11 version)
tkgate : A Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator
tochnog : A free explicit/implicit Finite Element Program
transcalc : A analysis and synthesis tool for RF and microwave transmission lines
varkon : A free CAD system and applications development tool
vipec : Analyze high frequency, linear electrical networks
xcircuit : An X11 drawing program [especially for circuit schematics]
ziarc : ZiaRC is a Resistor Calculator
dxf2fig : DXF to FIG converter
brlcad : CSG modelling system from the US Ballistic Research Laboratory
impact : Dynamic Finite Element Program Suite
linux-gid : A graphical pre- and post-processor for numerical simulation programs
qucs : Graphical circuit design and simulation tool
z88 : A compact Finite Element Analysis System
adms : A model generator for SPICE simulators
electric-ng : A sophisticated VLSI design system
feappv : Finite Element Analysis Program "personal version"
findhier : Hierarchy Viewer for magic/CIF/GDSII/PCSTR/GED/TeX
freecad : A general purpose 3D CAD modeller
freehdl : A free VHDL simulator
gdsreader : GDS2 stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
gdt : GDS2/GDT format translator
geda-docs : The gEDA's documentation
geda-examples : The gEDA's examples
geda-gattrib : The gEDA's attribute editor
geda-gschem : The gEDA's electronic schematic capture tool
geda-netlist : The gEDA's netlister
gplcver : A Verilog HDL simulator
gspiceui : GUI frontend for gnucap/ng-spice circuit simulators
jspice3 : An adaptation of the Berkeley Spice3f4 with superconductivity
kicad : Schematic and PCB editing software
klayout : A Qt-based GDS2 Viewer
opencascade : Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling & numerical simulation
opencascade-tutorial : OpenCascade sample tutorial
p5-GDS2 : GDS2 - GDS2 stream module
scotch : A package for graph and mesh partitioning and sparse matrix ordering
scv : SystemC Verification library
systemc : A modeling platform for system-level C++ models
tclspice : Improved version on SPICE3 suite with TCL scripting features

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