Jul 20, 2023

GUI control software for the stock K40 laser cutter controller

K40 Whisperer is an alternative to the Laser Draw LaserDRW program that comes with some Chinese laser cutters. It reads SVG and DXF files, interprets the data and sends commands to the K40 controller to move the laser head and control the laser accordingly. K40 Whisperer does not require a USB key dongle to function.


  • Reads SVG files and DXF files.
  • Splits input design based on color formatting red, blue.
  • In SVG files blue and red paths are interpreted as vectors for vector engraving and cutting. Everything else is transferred as a raster image.
  • In DXF files blue paths are interpreted as vector engrave blue. Everything else is interpreted as vector cut red.
  • Performs cuts on features inside of other features before cutting the outside features. If you cut the outside first the part might drop out of the stock material.
  • Converts gray scale images to halftone images to simulating varying levels of gray i.e. engraving pictures. The Halftone option needs to be selected under “Raster”-“Settings” to enable halftoning.

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