Jul 20, 2023


Interface graphique de Code_Aster, en Tcl/Tk.

Tcl/Tk interface to run Code_Aster prepare and start calculations using run_aster.

See the port french/aster.

FreeBSD is renowned for its robustness and versatility. One of the key reasons behind its sustained popularity is the ports system that simplifies the package management system. FreeBSD ports offer an immense collection of programs that you can effortlessly install and use. In this article, we are going to discuss the astk serveur port, which falls under the CAD Computer-Aided Design category. We are providing a comprehensive guide about its usage and benefits, and how it can enhance your FreeBSD experience.

What is astk serveur?

Astk-serveur is a server for Code_Aster, a software package for finite element analysis and numerical simulation in structural mechanics. The software facilitates the study of seismic, thermal, and mechanical behavior of structures.

How to install astk serveur?

If you wish to use astk serveur, firstly, you need to install its port on FreeBSD. You can achieve this by using their terminal and following commands

cd /usr/ports/cad/astk-serveur/ && make install clean


pkg install fr/astk-serveur

These commands will install required base files and dependencies.

Using astk serveur

After successful installation, you can launch the astk serveur via the command astk-serveur. The server accepts parameters to manage the resources.

Below we discuss a few common parameters

  • -P specify the TCP port default port is 5001.
  • -debug print debugging information.
  • -n [nbproc] set the maximum number of simultaneous Code_Aster runs default is 1.

Advantages of astk serveur

While there are many simulation programs, astk serveur offers high flexibility and robustness. The server delivers high performance and easily manages resources. It also offers APIs for integration with other tools, which is a significant benefit for those looking to build an integrative analysis environment or a customized solution.

Astk Client

It’s advised to use astk serveur with its client astk-client which can be installed as follows

cd /usr/ports/cad/astk-client/ && make install clean


pkg install fr/astk-client

The client enables the user to manage Code_Aster computations create a study, manage the files of a study, submit a study to Code_Aster and supervise its execution.

Comparison with other FreeBSD Ports

Astk-serveur has a unique and dedicated function. It fits into niches, not occupied by other FreeBSD ports. However, within the CAD domain, other interesting ports are brlcad and netgen. Both are high-performance systems for constructive solid geometry CSG models and offer similar analysis and design abilities.


While using any server solution, security remains paramount. FreeBSD ports facilitate that through a range of IT security solutions such as [nmap]https// Consider using this port to manage and ensure your IT security needs.

The astk-serveur is a unique solution within the FreeBSD environment for finite element analysis and numerical simulation. Its dedicated application within the CAD domain makes it a highly specialized and valuable asset for those working in this area. Supplemented by the FreeBSD port system, users can effortlessly install and implement this tool within their existing environment and meet their diverse CAD requirements.

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