Jul 20, 2023

Unix Benchmark Utility for CPU(s) and memory

The Unix Benchmark Utility “ubench” is an attempt to introduce a single measure of perfomance among computer systems running various flavors of Unix operation system.

The current development release tests only CPUs and memory. In the future releases there will be tests added for disk and TCP/IP. Ubench is taking advantage of multiple CPUs on an SMP system and the results will reflect that.

o Ubench is executing rather senseless mathematical integer and floating-point calculations for 3 mins concurrently using several processes, and the result Ubench CPU benchmark.

o Ubench will spawn about 2 concurrent processes for each CPU available on the system. This ensures all available raw CPU horsepower is used.

o Ubench is executing rather senseless memory allocation and memory to memory copying operations for another 3 mins concurrently using several processes, and the result Ubench MEM benchmark.

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