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FreeBSD x11-clocks software list

abclock : Clock for X that displays hours and minutes in an analog fashion
alltraxclock : An analog clock plugin for gkrellm2
asclock : Afterstep clock with some language extensions
asclock-gtk : New flavor of asclock (GTK version)
asclock-xlib : New flavor of asclock
astime : Time/Date applet for WindowMaker
bbdate : A tool made for Blackbox that displays the date in a decorated window
bclock : A round, analog X11 clock with bezier curve hands
dclock : A 7-segment digital clock with some optional features
emiclock : Hyper-animated face analog clock for X11
eyeclock : A clock with eyes following the mouse pointer
gdesklets-clock : Various clock displays for Gnome 2.x
gdesklets-countdown : Countdown the remaining time until a configurable date
gdesklets-ebichuclock : A very simple clock with a small Ebichu picture in it
gdesklets-praytime : Display muslim prayer times on your desktop
glclock : OpenGL spinning pocket watch demo and benchmark utility OpenGL spinning pocket watch demo and benchmark utility OpenGL spinning pocket watch demo and benchmark utility
kdetoys3 : Small applications for KDE
mlclock : Clock for mlvwm window manager
mouseclock : Display the current time using the X root cursor
pclock : Simple analog clock program for the Window Maker dock
rclock : Analog clock for X w/appointment reminder and mail notification
sanduhr : An alarm clock for GNOME desktop designed as a sand-glass
swisswatch : A Swiss railway clock emulation, and a fancy default appearance
t3d : Clock using flying balls to display the time
tclock : Transparent analog clock for x11
washerdryer : A dockapp that keeps track of the loads in your washer and dryer
wmbday : Window Maker dock app that will remind you of birthdays
wmbinclock : A binary clock in a windowmaker applet
wmblueclock : Simple dockable clock application
wmcalclock : Another Window Maker calendar/clock dockapp
wmclock : A dockable clock applet for Window Maker
wmclockmon : A digital clock dockapp with a similar look to wmcpuload
wmdate : Date app for the WindowMaker dock
wmfishtime : A time/date applet for WindowMaker with fishes swimming around
wmfuzzy : A fuzzy clock WindowMaker dockapp
wmitime : A clock dockapp that shows the date, time, and internet time
wmtime : Time/Date applet for WindowMaker
wmtimer : Multi-Function timer dockapp for WindowMaker
wmtz : Dockapp that displays the time in different time zones
xalarm : An X based alarm clock
xdaliclock : A rather neat animated clock
xfce4-datetime-plugin : A datetime plugin for xfce
xmms-alarm : Alarm timer plugin for the X Multimedia System
xtimer : A simple digital timer for X11
xtu : Transparent analog clock for X11
astzclock : Afterstep clock with some timezone extensions
bdesktopclock : A simple clock for desktop environment
bmp-alarm : Alarm timer plugin for beep-media-player
buici-clock : Xlib implementation of an attractive, configurable clock
gtubeclock : A nixie tube clock for GNOME
lmclock : A Xerox Lisp machine clock clone
osdclock : Small clock which uses libxosd to render text to the root window
aclock : Analog Clock for GNUstep
cairo-clock : MacSlow's Cairo-Clock
intclock : Multi-timezone clock
tktz : A Tcl/Tk-based timezone viewer
xfce4-timer-out-plugin : A timer out plugin for xfce
xfce4-timer-plugin : A timer plugin for xfce

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