Jul 20, 2023

Easily and reliably transfer ZFS filesystems

Zxfer is a fork of zfs-replicate. It allows the easy and reliable backup, restore or transfer of ZFS filesystems, either locally or remotely.

Some of the features zxfer has

  • Written in sh with only one dependency, rsync. Rsync mode is not used in a typical restore, hence in that situation all you need is the zxfer script, your backup and an install CD/DVD.
  • Reliability is first priority - the only methods of transfer allowed are those that checksum/hash the transferred data.
  • Transfer to or from a remote host via ssh.
  • Recursive and incremental transfer of filesystems via snapshots.
  • Transfer properties and sources of those properties e.g. local or inherited.
  • Override properties in the transfer, e.g. for archival purposes it is useful to override “copies” and “compression”.
  • Create all filesystems on the destination as necessary.
  • A comprehensive man page with examples.
  • Can be set to beep on error or when done, useful for long transfers.
  • Features an rsync mode for when two different snapshotting regimes are on source and destination, and zfs send/receive won’t work.


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