Jul 20, 2023

ZFS based replication and failover solution

Zrep is an enterprise-grade, single-program solution for handling asynchronous, continuous replication of a zfs filesystem, to another filesystem. That filesystem can be on another machine, or on the same machine.

It also handles ‘failover’, as simply as “zrep failover datapool/yourfs”. This will conveniently handle all the details of

  • Making ‘yourfs’ be a data destination, rather than a source
  • Making ‘yourfs’ be read-only
  • Making the destination fs be “live”, and ready to transfer data to yourfs

Checkout these related ports:
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  • Zsd - Destroys ZFS snapshots
  • Zrepl - ZFS dataset replication tool
  • Zpool-iostat-viz - ZFS pool I/O latency statistics
  • Zoxide - Fast cd alternative that learns your habits
  • Zogftw - Creates redundant backups on encrypted ZFS pools
  • Znapzend - ZFS-centric backup tool
  • Zisofs-tools - User utilities for zisofs
  • Zidrav - File corruption detection and repair program
  • Zfstools - OpenSolaris-compatible auto snapshotting for ZFS
  • Zfsnap2 - Portable performant script to make rolling ZFS snapshots easy
  • Zfsnap - Simple sh script to make zfs rolling snaphosts with cron
  • Zfs-stats - Display human-readable ZFS statistics