May 26, 2018

Motif FTP client

                LLNL XFTP Version 2.1, October 19, 1995

**************************  ABOUT LLNL XFTP  *************************

LLNL XFTP, an OSF/Motif-based FTP client, enables you to graphically
transfer files and perform various directory manipulation commands,
both locally and remotely.  Two especially notable features are the
    ability to 1 perform "third-party" i.e., remote-to-remote file
transfers, and 2 transfer or delete entire directory substructures.
LLNL XFTP has many features, is configurable, and has an intuitive
user interface.

LLNL XFTP is a precursor to LLNL XDIR, a much more sophisticated
graphical FTP client.  LLNL XDIR features drag-and-drop file transfer,
powerful directory browsing, and multihost searching.  Unless you
would prefer LLNL XFTP's compact interface over LLNL XDIR's multiwindow
approach, we recommend that you use LLNL XDIR.