May 26, 2018

Motif FTP client with drag-and-drop file transfer

              LLNL XDIR Version 2.0,  October 23, 1995

LLNL XDIR, an OSF/Motif-based FTP client, provides a graphical user
interface for drag-and-drop file transfer.  LLNL XDIR simultaneously
displays any number of directories for any number of hosts, with each
directory being displayed in its own window.  LLNL XDIR supports
powerful directory browsing capability, including iconic and
hierarchical views.  One of LLNL XDIR's most powerful features is its
ability to search directory structures even across multiple hosts
for entry names that match a specified pattern.

LLNL XDIR is meant to be the successor to LLNL XFTP, another graphical
FTP client.  LLNL XDIR is considerably more sophisticated than LLNL
XFTP, and has all of its functionality.

LLNL XDIR is a component of the Intelligent Archive, which is currently
under development at LLNL.

LLNL XDIR was written by Neale Smith of the Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, which is operated by the University of California.