May 26, 2018

Modular FTP server configurable online using SITE commands

wzdftpd is a ftp server designed to be modular and entirely configurable online using SITE commands.

wzdftpd offers the following features

  • Simple configuration file, supporting inclusions
  • Online administration, using SITE commands
  • Backends to store users/groups in different structures
  • Modules internal, using shared librairies, or external scripts/applications
  • Users are virtual you do not need to create users in system
  • SSL/TLS support
  • Server is designed to run as a non-privileged user to enforce security
  • Server can detect ip changes dynamic ips and set ip and passive ip accordingly
  • Cross devices operations copy/move though can be slow
  • Logging support compatible with the wu-ftpd standard
  • Designed for high performances coded with C, multithreaded

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