May 26, 2018

Minuscule client library for the Github API

Ghub is a library that provides basic support for using the Github REST v3 and GraphQL v4 APIs from Emacs packages. It abstracts access to API resources using only a handful of functions that are not resource-specific.

Ghub handles the creation, storage and use of access tokens using a setup wizard to make it easier for users to get started and to reduce the support burden imposed on package maintainers. It also comes with a comprehensive manual to address the cases when things don’t just work as expected or in case you don’t want to use the wizard.

Ghub is intentionally limited to only provide these two essential features - basic request functions and guided setup - to avoid being too opinionated, which would hinder wide adoption. It is assumed that wide adoption would make life easier for users and maintainers alike, because then all packages that talk to the Github API could be configured the same way.

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