Jul 20, 2023

Assembler for the Z80 microprocessor

z80asm is an assembler for the Z80 microprcessor. The assembler aims to be portable and complete. Of course it assembles all official mnemonics, but it also aims to assemble the unofficial mnemonics.

The assembler features the output of listing files which show the source with the assembled codes and address next to it.

It also allows outputting of label files, in a format which can be included by other assembler source files.

Other noteworthy features are complete calculation capabilities, conditional assembling of parts of the code, and inclusion of other source files.

The assembler was written with the MSX computer in mind as the target platform, but it can be used for any system with a Z80 in it. The original idea was to make header files with labels of MSX specific addresses BIOS, BDOS, system variables, but nothing like this has been done yet.

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