May 26, 2018

Feature rich persistent database generator

DataDraw is an ultra-fast persistent database for high performance programs written in C. It’s so fast that many programs keep all their data in a DataDraw database, even while being manipulated in inner loops of compute intensive applications. Unlike slow SQL databases, DataDraw databases are compiled, and directly link into your C programs. DataDraw databases are resident in memory, making data manipulation even faster than if they were stored in native C data structures really. Further, they can automatically support infinite undo/redo, greatly simplifying many applications.

DataDraw databases can be persistent. Modifications to persistent data are written to disk as they are made, which of course dramatically slows write times. However, DataDraw databases can also be volatile. Volatile databases exist only in memory, and only for the duration that your program needs it. Volatile databases can be directly manipulated faster than C structures, since data is better organized in memory to optimize cache performance. DataDraw supports modular design. An application can have one or more common persistent databases, and multiple volatile databases to support various tools’ data structures. Classes in a tool’s database can extend classes in the common database. DataDraw is also 64-bit optimized, allowing programs to run much faster and in less memory than standard C programs using 64-bit pointers. This is because DataDraw databases support over 4 billion objects of a given class with 32-bit object references.

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