Jul 20, 2023

Cross-compiler for 6502-based systems

cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65C02 systems, including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and several other tools.

Direct library support that is, startup/initialization code and support libraries for other features are available for…

  • the Commodore C64
  • the GEOS operating system for the Commodore C64
  • the Commodore C128
  • the Commodore C16, C116 and Plus/4
  • the Commodore P500
  • the Commodore 600/700 family of computers
  • the Apple ][
  • the Atari 8bit machines
  • the Oric Atmos
  • the Nintendo Entertainment System NES
  • the Supervision Game Console
  • the Atari Lynx Console

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zziplib - Library to provide transparent read access to zipped files
  • Zydis - Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library
  • Zycore-c - Support library with platform independent types, macros, etc for Zydis
  • Zthread - Platform-independent object-oriented C++ threading library
  • Zookeeper - Coordination Service for Distributed Applications
  • Zls - Zig LSP implementation + Zig Language Server
  • Zfp - High throughput library for compressed floating-point arrays
  • Zeal - Offline documentation browser
  • Zapcc - C++ caching compiler based on clang
  • Zanata-platform - Web-based translation platform
  • Zanata-cli - Zanata Java command line client
  • Z88dk - Complete Z80/Z180 development kit
  • Z80ex - ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator library
  • Z80asm - Assembler for the Z80 microprocessor
  • Z80-asm - Z80 assembly code assembler and disassembler