May 26, 2018

Graphical front end for cscope and cscope clones

A graphical front-end to cscope' and its clone cs’ with a number of nice features, including

  • Graphical window interface for general ease of use.
  • Function call hierarchy and function viewer.
  • Recall of previous queries and query results for easy browsing.
  • Ability to switch between databases and query back-ends.
  • Source code highlighting ala Emacs.
  • Querying and building may be performed simultaneously.
  • Build database dialog allows interactively configuring source and include directories.
  • Saves queries and/or query results for later sessions.
  • Query results and file browser separated by adjustable pane.
  • Full text search in viewer windows.
  • Convenient key and button bindings.
  • Ability to invoke any editor directly from browser.
  • Crude but existing help menu.

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