Jul 20, 2023

Stick Things together with The Goo

“The Goo” helps you stick “Things” together in your working environment.

Things include Perl modules, Perl scripts, log files, javascripts, configuration files, database tables, templates etc.

The Goo records a “Trail” as you jump quickly from Thing to Thing in a simple, text-based console. It remembers how you associate Things in your environment.

Accelerate your work by quickly traversing the Trail of associations between Things.


Checkout these related ports:
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  • Znotes - Simple notes managment application based on Qt
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  • Ydotool - Generic command-line automation tool (no X!)
  • Xwrits - Reminds you to take wrist breaks
  • Xrolo - Electronic Rolodex
  • Xpostitplus - PostIt (R) messages onto your X11 screen
  • Xpostit - PostIt (R) messages onto your X11 screen
  • Xpad3 - Virtual note-pad system for your X11 desktop
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  • Xneur - Auto keyboard switcher
  • Xmdiary - Personal and group calendar utility
  • Xfce4-xkb-plugin - Keyboard layout switching plugin for the Xfce panel
  • Xfce4-volumed-pulse - Volume management daemon for Xfce using PulseAudio