Jul 20, 2023

Calendar application

Ical is an X based calendar program.

  • Calendar items can be created edited and deleted easily.
  • Items can be made to repeat in various ways.
  • Ical will post reminders for upcoming appointments.
  • Ical can print and list item occurrences.
  • An ical calendar can include other calendars.
  • Ical calendars can be shared by different users.

This software was developed by the original author, Sanjay Ghemawat from 1993-1997. His last version was v2.2. As system developments warranted it, other folks published patches and maintenance releases in order to keep Ical working. Versions v2.3.1 and 2.3.2 are such releases. In 2008, renewed interest in Ical led to new features such as timezone support, link support, key bindings and per-calendar colors. This is the v3.0.x series of releases.

#WWW http//www.annexia.org/freeware/ical/ #WWW ftp//ftp.sunet.se/pub/vendor/sco/skunkware/src/shellutil/ #WWW http//clef.lcs.mit.edu/7Esanjay/ical.html #WWW http//www.research.digital.com/SRC/personal/Sanjay_Ghemawat/ical/doc.html

See also http//opal.com/jr/ical/ See also https//launchpad.net/ical-tcl/ See also https//blog.tcl.tk/1861

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