Jul 20, 2023

Enhanced color version of standard calendar utility

CAL is a nicely-enhanced version of the Unix `cal’ command. Features

  • Hilights today’s date when displaying a monthly calendar.
  • Displays an optional user-definable list of `special day’ descriptions like appointments to the right of the monthly calendar display. Cal can be set optionally to ignore appointments older than the current day. Next month’s appointments are shown if there is room to do so. Multiple appointment data files may also be specified on the commandline.
  • You can specify your own appointment and color definition files on the commandline, or use the defaults.
  • Date descriptions can display “years since” a given year, useful for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Completely configurable colors – eight separate color attributes.
  • No ANSI driver needed for colors, and the output may be redirected anywhere, just like the Unix version. However, ANSI color control may be enabled e.g. for Unix with a #define in the source code.
  • Commandline-compatible with Unix `cal’ command, but with several enhanced switch settings.

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