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p5-Math-Complex : Complex numbers and associated mathematical functions
GiNaC : A C++ library for symbolic mathematical calculations
PDL : Perl Data Language
R : A language for statistical computing and graphics
abs : A free spreadsheet with graphical user interface
add : Full-screen editing calculator
algae : A programming language for numerical analysis
apc : An xforms based Auto Payment Calculator
asymptote : A powerful script-based vector graphics language
arpack : Argand Library: large eigenvalue subroutines (serial version)
arpack++ : ARPACK++ is an object-oriented version of the ARPACK package
asir2000 : The system Risa/Asir is a general computer algebra system
atlas : Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS)
chryzodus : A chryzode (http// explorer
atlas-devel : Development version of math/atlas
bamg : Bidimensional Anisotrope Mesh Generator
biggles : Create publication-quality 2D scientific plots
blacs : The BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms)
blas : Basic Linear Algebra, level 1, 2, and 3
blitz++ : A C++ class library for scientific computing
calc : Arbitrary precision calculator
calcoo : RPN and algebraic scientific calculator
calctool : A multi-GUI (terminal, X, XView) calculator program
ccmath : A mathematics library with many different functions
clarence : Programmer's calculator
cln : Class Library for Numbers
concorde : Combinatorial Optimization package
coq : Theorem prover based on lambda-C
cxsc : C++ class library for eXtended Scientific Computing
dcdflib : Library of C Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
diehard : Marsaglia's Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness
djbfft : An extremely fast library for floating-point convolution
drgeo : A GTK interactive geometry sofware
eispack : Eigenvalue system package
emc2 : A graphic editor of two dimensional geometry and mesh
entropy : Calculate data entropy to benchmark compression algorithms
eukleides : A Euclidean geometry drawing language
eval : A full featured floating point expression evaluator
fbm : Flexible Bayesian Modeling and Markov Chain Sampling
femlab : Interactive program for solving partial differential equations in 2D
fftpack : Biharmonic equation in rectangular geometry and polar coordinates
fftw :
fftw3 :
freefem : A language for the Finite Element Method
freefem++ : An implementation of a language dedicated to the finite element method An implementation of a language dedicated to the finite element method An implementation of a language dedicated to the finite element method
fudgit : Multi-purpose data-processing and fitting program
fung-calc : Advanced graphic calculator
fxt : FFT code and related stuff
galculator : GTK2-based scientific calculator
gambit : A library of tools for doing computation in game theory
gap : GAP is a system for computational discrete algebra
gcalctool : A GNOME 2 calculator tool based on the old calctool for OpenWindows
gdcalc : Gnome-based scientific calculator
geg : Visualise multiple 2D-functions of one variable
gexpr : A shell calculator
glgraph : An OpenGL based function grapher
glove : Data acquisition, manipulation, and analysis program for X
glpk : A GNU Linear Programming Kit
gnumeric : The GNOME 2 spreadsheet
gnumeric2 : The GNOME 2 spreadsheet
gnuplot : A command-driven interactive function plotting program
gnuplot+ : A command-driven interactive function plotting program
grace : A powerful plotting tool (successor of xmgr)
gracetmpl : Provide an easy way to use existing grace-files as a template
graphthing : A tool that allows you to create, manipulate and study graphs
gri : An extensible plotting language for producing scientific graphs
grpn : GTK+-based reverse polish notation (RPN) calculator
gsl : The GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs
guppi : A plotting program for GNOME
hexcalc : A multi-radix calculator for x11
it++ : Mathematical, signal processing and communication library
itl : Iterative Template Library (based on MTL)
jacal : Symbolic mathematics program written in Scheme
jags : Just Another Gibbs Sampler
jama : Java-like Matrix C++ Templates
javanns : Fully featured neural network simulator
kaskade : Adaptive linear scalar elliptic and parabolic problem solver
koctave : KDEGUI for octave
kseg : A simulator of euclidean geometry
lambda : A lambda calculus interpreter
lapack : A library of Fortran 77 subroutines for linear algebra
lensnns : Light Efficient Neural Network Simulator
lapack++ : Linear Algebra PACKage in C++, a wrapper for LAPACK
libRmath : The standalone math library from R
libgmp4 : A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
libmath++ : C++ Library for Symbolic and Numeric Calculus Applications
libneural : C++ implementation of the classic 3-layer perceptron in library form
libranlib : Library of Routines for Random Number Generation
linalg : C++ Linear Algebra and Optimization classlib
linpack : Linear Algebra package
linux-dislin : A scientific data plotting package
linux-relview : An interactive tool for manipulation of relations
lp_solve : Linear Programming Solver
matrix : C++ library to manipulate matrices and vectors
maxima : Symbolic mathematics program
mbasecalc : Simple calculator program inspired by basecalc
metis : A package for unstructured graph partitioning
metis-edf : Meshes partionning tool used by Code_Aster Meshes partionning tool used by Code_Aster Meshes partionning tool used by Code_Aster
mpexpr : Multiple precision math for Tcl
mprime : distributed Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
mtl : The Matrix Template Library
mtrxmath : A small tool for matrix mathemetics
mupad : A sophisticated computer algebra system
naturalmath : Script to turn intuitively written math into latex
nauty : Brendan McKay's graph isomorphism tester
ndiff : Compare putatively similar files, ignoring small numeric differences
netcdf : Library for machine-independent, array-oriented data access
newmat : A C++ matrix library
ngraph : A XY plotting tool for students, scientists and engineers
nsc2ke : A Navier-Stokes solver
ntl : Victor Shoup's Number Theory Library
ocaml-ocamlgraph : Graph manipulation library for OCaml
octave : High-level interactive language for numerical computations
octave-forge : Many additional features to math/octave
oleo : The GNU spreadsheet for X11 and terminals
p5-AI-DecisionTree : Perl module for Automatically Learning Decision Trees
p5-AI-NeuralNet-BackProp : Perl module implementing a back-propagation feed-forward neural network
p5-AI-NeuralNet-Mesh : A perl module implementing an optimized, accurate neural network mesh
p5-AI-Perceptron : Perl module for introducing to internal operations of neural networks
p5-Bit-ShiftReg : Perl module implementing various bit shifting operations
p5-Bit-Vector : Library of advanced math functions that includes a Perl OO module
p5-Bit-Vector-Minimal : "Object-oriented wrapper around Perl's vec()"
p5-Chart-Math-Axis : Implements an algorithm to find good values for chart axis
p5-Date-Handler : Perl module for calculating time differences
p5-Geo-Distance : Calculate Distances and Closest Locations
p5-Graph : Graph, the Perl module for graph operations
p5-Math-Base85 : Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924
p5-Math-BaseCalc : Convert numbers between various bases
p5-Math-Bezier : Perl module to solve Bezier curves
p5-Math-BigInt : Math::BigInt - Arbitrary size integer math package
p5-Math-BigIntFast : Perl module wrapper for Bit::Vector to provide big integer math
p5-Math-Calc-Units : Human-readable unit-aware calculator
p5-Math-Currency : Perl module for exact currency math with formatting and rounding
p5-Math-Expr : Perl module for parsing mathematical expressions into a tree structure
p5-Math-FFT : Perl module providing an interface to Fast Fourier Transform routines
p5-Math-FixedPrecision : Perl module that provides decimal math without floating point errors
p5-Math-GMP : Perl module that provides an interface to the GMP library
p5-Math-GSL : A perl interface to GNU Scientific Library
p5-Math-Interpolate : Perl routines for data sets interpolation and interval search
p5-Math-LinearCombination : Sum of variables with a numerical coefficient
p5-Math-Logic : Perl module providing pure 2, 3 or multi-value logic
p5-Math-Pari : PARI - numerical/scientific/number-theoretic calculations
p5-Math-Random : Random number generators
p5-Math-Random-MT : The Mersenne Twister PRNG
p5-Math-Round : Perl extension for rounding numbers
p5-Math-SimpleVariable : Simple representation of mathematical variables
p5-Math-TrulyRandom : Perl interface to a truly random number generator function
p5-MatrixReal : A perl module implementing a Matrix of Reals
p5-NetCDF : Perl5 module to read and write netCDF files
p5-Number-Compare : Numeric comparisons
p5-Roman : Perl module to convert between Arabic and Roman numerals
p5-Set-IntSpan : Manages sets of integers
p5-Set-Window : Perl module to manage an interval on the integer line
p5-Statistics-ChiSquare : How random is your data?
p5-Statistics-Contingency : Calculate precision, recall, F1, accuracy, etc
p5-Statistics-Descriptive : Perl module that supplies statistical methods for perl5
p5-Statistics-Distributions : Perl module that calculates critical values of common statistical distributions
p5-Statistics-LTU : Perl implementation of Linear Threshold Units
p5-Statistics-OLS : Perl module to perform ordinary least squares and other bivariate statistics
p5-Statistics-Table-F : Perl module for computing the statistical F-ratio
pari : Mathematics library and advanced calculator package
pari-devel : Mathmatics library and advanced calculator package
parmetis : A package for parallel (mpi) unstructured graph partitioning
physcalc : Extremely flexible calculator that behaves much like units(1)
ploticus :
plplot : A scientific plotting package
pspp : Program for statistical analysis of sampled data
py-fpconst : Utilities for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values
py-gato : A Python-based toolbox to visualise algorithms on graphs
py-gnuplot : Python interface to gnuplot plotting program
py-gsl : Python interface to GNU Scientific Library
py-mpz : Python bindings to the GNU Multiple Precision library
py-numarray : Numeric array manipulation extension module for Python
py-numeric : The Numeric Extension to Python
py-numeric17 : The Numeric Extension to Python
py-probstat : Probability And Statistics Utils for Python
py-scientific : Collection of Python modules for scientific computing
qhull : Qhull computes convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations and halfspaces
qscanplot : A program to extract data from scanned plots, graphs and figures
rascal : The Advanced Scientific CALculator
rcalc : Symbolic calculator for GNOME
rpc : A full-screen RPN calculator program
rpy : Python interface to the R Programming Language
ruby-algebra : A Ruby library for mathematical (algebraic) computations
ruby-bitset : A bit set library for Ruby
ruby-bitvector : Efficient Ruby bit vector extension
ruby-fftw3 : A Ruby interface to the FFTW ver.3
ruby-gmp : Ruby bindings to GNU Multiprecision Library
ruby-gnuplot : A pipe-based interface to the gnuplot package for Ruby
ruby-gsl : A Ruby extension library for GSL (GNU Scientific Library)
ruby-math3d : A Ruby library for mathematics for 3D graphics
ruby-narray : Numerical N-dimensional array library for Ruby
ruby-narray_miss : Additional class with processing of missing value to NArray
ruby-netcdf : A Ruby interface to the NetCDF scientific IO library
ruby-numru_misc : Collection of misc functions and classes to facilitate programming
ruby-numru_units : A class to handle units of physical quantities for Ruby
sc : A curses-based spreadsheet program
scalapack : The ScaLAPACK Scalable LAPACK library
scigraphica : A scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics
scilab : A free Matlab clone by INRIA & ENPC
sdpa : SDPA(SemiDefinite Programming Algorithm) Very efficent SDP Solver
vtk5 : The Visualization Toolkit
sdpara : SDPARA paralell version of SDPA (math/sdpa)
slsc : A enhanced slang-based version of the sc spreadsheet program
snns : Fully featured neural network simulator
solitaire : The reference implementation of the Solitaire encryption algorithm
spar : A modular math parser
spooles : SParse Object Oriented Linear Equations Solver
ss : A curses-based SpreadSheet program
superlu : A library of routines for performing sparse factorization A library of routines for performing sparse factorization A library of routines for performing sparse factorization
superlu_mt : Routines for performing multithreaded sparse factorization Routines for performing multithreaded sparse factorization Routines for performing multithreaded sparse factorization
surf : Visualize some real algebraic geometry
taucs : C library of sparse linear solvers
thx_1138 : Electronic Paper for Calculations and Graphs
topaz : A command driven graph plotting system for scientists and engineers
tvmet : Tiny Vector and Matrix template library
umatrix : Simple matrix package
umfpack : Unsymmetric-pattern MultiFrontal Package
units : Unit conversion and calculation
unixstat : A statistics package designed for use with the Unix shell
vecfem : Program to solve non-linear boundary value problems
vtk :
wingz : A Commercial Spreadsheet
wingz3 : A Commercial Spreadsheet
wmcalc : Simple dockable calculator
xgfe : An X11 front-end for Gnuplot
xgobi : Graphical data visualisation tool
xgraph : A program that helps you plot graphs
xldlas : An XForms-based statistics package
xlispstat : A statistics/X11 based lisp interpreter
xplot : X11 plotting package
xspread : A spreadsheet program for X and terminals
xwpl : The X Wavelet Packet Laboratory
yacas : Yet Another Computer Algebra System
orpie : A fullscreen RPN calculator for the console
py-matplotlib : A plotting library uses a syntax familiar to matlab users
convertall : Another unit converter
lapack95 : LAPACK95, Fortran90/95 wrapper for LAPACK
qalculate : A multi-purpose desktop calculator (Gnome frontend)
qgfe : Gnuplot Front End
qwtplot3d : A 3D plotting widget for scientific data and mathematical expressions
aamath : Aamath is a tool for rendering mathematical expressions to ascii art
algotutor : An interactive tutorial for algorithms and data structures
bihar : Biharmonic equation in rectangular geometry and polar coordinates
blocksolve95 : Sofware for the efficient solution of large, sparse linear systems
e : A tiny expression evaluator
fityk : Free peak fitting software
freemat : An environment for rapid engineering and scientific processing
geonext : Interactive (dynamic) elementary Geometry Software
jakarta-commons-math : Java library of self-contained mathematics and statistics components
ldouble : Long double math precision functions
libqalculate : A a multi-purpose desktop calculator (backend library)
mathomatic : Highly portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System)
miracl : Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library
p5-Math-Bezier-Convert : Convert cubic and quadratic bezier each other
p5-Math-BigRat : Arbitrary big rational numbers
p5-Math-Combinatorics : Perform combinations and permutations on lists
p5-Math-Derivative : Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation
p5-Math-Spline : Cubic Spline Interpolation of data
p5-Math-VecStat : Basic statistics on vectors
p5-Statistics-Lite : The lightweight and functional object-oriented statistics
pear-Structures_Graph : PEAR graph datastructure manipulation library
pecl-big_int : Functions for calculations with arbitrary length integers and bitsets
petsc : Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computation Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computation Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computation
pgcalc : A powerful scientific skinnable calculator A powerful scientific skinnable calculator A powerful scientific skinnable calculator
polymake : A framework for experimental discrete geometry
qtiplot : An Origin clone for data analysis and scientific plotting An Origin clone for data analysis and scientific plotting An Origin clone for data analysis and scientific plotting
reed-solomon : A Reed-Solomon CODEC library
ses : Simple Emacs Spreadsheet
simd-viterbi : A fast Viterbi CODEC library
triangle : A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
wfmath : Worldforge math library
xppaut : Graphical tool for solving differential equations, etc
dislin : A scientific data plotting package
emacs-calc : Arbitrary-precision calculator for Emacs
geogebra-i18n : A dynamic software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus
isabelle : A generic proof assistant
javaview : A 3D viewer and a mathematical visualization software
laspack : Package for solving large sparse systems of linear equations
libtommath : Comprehensive, modular and portable mathematical routines
mpfr : A library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
p5-Algorithm-Combinatorics : Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
p5-Math-ConvexHull : Calculate convex hulls using Graham's scan (n*log(n))
p5-Math-Vec : Object-Oriented Vector Math Methods in Perl
proofgeneral : A generic interface for proof assistants
tablix : Free software for solving timetabling problems
tomsfastmath : Portable fixed precision math library for fast exponentiations
wxMaxima : A wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system maxima
abakus : Michael Pyne's Abakus Calculator
aribas : Interpreter for big integer/multi-precision floating point arithmetic
cgal : A computational geometry library
chaco : Software for Partitioning Graphs
clp : Linear Programming Solver
cvc3 : An automatic theorem prover for the SMT problem
digitizer : Engauge Digitizer - Digitizing software to convert graphs into numbers
edenmath : Scientific calcualtor for GNUstep
elmer-mathlibs : Math libraries build with F90 for used in ELMER FEM
elmer-umfpack : UMFPACK library used by ELMER FEM package
fann : A free open source neural network library
gmp-ecm : Elliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization
gotoblas : The fastest implementation of the Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines
gretl : Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library
jsmath : A Javascript tool for including mathematics in web pages
jsmath-fonts : A raster fonts pack for jsmath
jsmath-fonts-sprite : A sprite fonts pack for jsMath
jts : JTS Topology Suite
k3dsurf : Visualize and manipulate Mathematical surfaces or curves
kash3 : A computer algebra system for computing in algebraic number fields
labplot : LabPlot : Data analysis and visualisation
libjbigi : i2p JNI to GNU MP Bignum library (libgmp)
liborigin : Tools for importing OriginLab .OPJ files
linux-SHA-1_collision_search_graz : Distributed client searching for weakness in SHA-1 hash
ltl : A C++ class SSE library for scientific computing
matharray : Class library for mathematical manipulation of matrices
matrices : Matrix calculator (with both GUI & console-interface)
moo : Calculator that accepts C-like syntax as input
msieve : Fast factorization of big integers using MPQS and GNFS
mumps : MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver
muparser : Mathematical expressions parser library written in C++
numdiff : Compare putatively similar files, ignoring small numeric differences
nyh-hoc : High Order Calculator
octave-devel : Developer's version of math/octave
p5-AI-Genetic : A pure Perl genetic algorithm implementation
p5-Algorithm-CurveFit : Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting
p5-CAD-Calc : Generic cad-related geometry calculations
p5-Data-Float : Details of the floating point data type
p5-GIS-Distance : Calculate geographic distances
p5-Math-Algebra-Symbols : Symbolic Algebra in Pure Perl
p5-Math-BigInt-GMP : Math::BigInt::GMP - Use the GMP library for Math::BigInt routines
p5-Math-Cephes : Perl interface to the cephes math library
p5-Math-Geometry : Geometry related functions
p5-Math-Geometry-Planar : A collection of planar geometry functions
p5-Math-Geometry-Planar-GPC : Perl wrapper for Alan Murta's gpc library
p5-Math-Geometry-Planar-Offset : Calculate offset polygons
p5-Math-Intersection-StraightLine : Calculate intersection point for two lines
p5-Math-Matrix : Math::Matrix - multiply and invert matrices
p5-Math-NumberCruncher : Collection of useful math-related functions
p5-Math-Polynomial-Solve : Find the roots of polynomial equations
p5-Math-Random-MT-Auto : Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs
p5-Math-Random-OO : Consistent object-oriented interface for generating random numbers
p5-Math-RandomOrg : Retrieve random numbers and data from
p5-Math-Round-Var : Variations on rounding
p5-Math-Sequence : Perl extension dealing with mathematic sequences
p5-Math-Series : Perl extension dealing with mathematic series
p5-Math-Symbolic : Symbolic calculations
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-CCompiler : Compile Math::Symbolic trees to C
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-Contains : Find subtrees in Math::Symbolic expressions
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-ErrorPropagation : Calculate Gaussian Error Propagation
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-LaTeXDumper : Math::Symbolic LaTeX output
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-Pattern : Pattern matching on Math::Symbolic trees
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-Simplification : User defined simplification routines
p5-Math-Symbolic-Custom-Transformation : Transform Math::Symbolic trees
p5-Math-SymbolicX-BigNum : Big number support for the Math::Symbolic parser
p5-Math-SymbolicX-Complex : Complex number support for the Math::Symbolic parser
p5-Math-SymbolicX-Error : Parser extension for dealing with numeric errors
p5-Math-SymbolicX-Inline : Inlined Math::Symbolic functions
p5-Math-SymbolicX-NoSimplification : Turn off Math::Symbolic simplification
p5-Math-SymbolicX-ParserExtensionFactory : Generate parser extensions
p5-Math-SymbolicX-Statistics-Distributions : Statistical distributions
p5-Math-Units : Unit conversion
p5-Number-WithError : Numbers with error propagation and scientific rounding
p5-Number-WithError-LaTeX : LaTeX output for Number::WithError
p5-Set-IntSpan-Fast : Fast handling of sets containing integer spans
p5-Set-Partition : Enumerate all arrangements of a set in fixed subsets
p5-Statistics-Descriptive-Discrete : Compute descriptive statistics for discrete data sets
p5-Statistics-Forecast : Calculates a future value
p5-Statistics-LineFit : Least squares line fit, weighted or unweighted
p5-Statistics-Regression : Perl module to perform weighted linear regression
p5-Task-Math-Symbolic : Math::Symbolic with lots of plugins
p5-bignum : Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl
pear-Math_Combinatorics : A package that produces combinations and permutations
pecl-bitset : A PECL extension for manipulating bitsets
pecl-stats : A PECL extension which with routines for statistical computation
plman : A Propositional Logic sentence shell/interpreter
py-basemap : Plots data on map projections (with continental and political boundaries)
py-basemap-data : Map data for py-basemap
py-bitvector : A pure-Python memory-efficient packed representation for bit arrays
py-igraph : High performance graph data structures and algorithms
py-numpy : The New Numeric Extension to Python
qd : Double-Double and Quad-Double Arithmetic
qtiplot-doc : The QtiPlot Handbook
qwtplot3d-qt4 : 3D plotting widgets for scientific data and math expressions
rkward : IDE/GUI for the R-project
scilab-toolbox-sivp : Scilab Image and Video Processing Toolbox Scilab Image and Video Processing Toolbox Scilab Image and Video Processing Toolbox
scilab-toolbox-swt : Scilab 1-D and 2-D Wavelet Toolbox Scilab 1-D and 2-D Wavelet Toolbox Scilab 1-D and 2-D Wavelet Toolbox
slgrace : A SLang module to plot graphs with grace
speedcrunch : A desktop calculator for power users A desktop calculator for power users A desktop calculator for power users
stepulator : Scientific calculator implementing RPN notation for GNUstep
suitesparse : SuiteSparse is a set of packages for sparse matrices calculation
tetgen : A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
truthtable : A Truth Tables generator (written in Java)
ump : A graphical, easy to use math program
wcalc : A natural-expression command-line calculator
lybniz : Mathematical function graph plotter
facile : A Functional Constraint Library
eigen : Lightweight library for vector and matrix math
rapid : Robust and Accurate Polygon Interference Detection
p5-Statistics-TTest : Perl module to perform T-test on 2 independent samples

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