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FreeWnn-lib : A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean client libraries) A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean client libraries) A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean client libraries)
FreeWnn-server : A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean server) A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean server) A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Korean server)
a2ps : Simple a2ps wrapper for Korean text printing
acroread5-korfont : Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5.0 (for Korean)
aleefonts-ttf : A-Lee's Hangul truetype fonts #'
ami : Well-known Korean X11 Input Method
baekmukfonts-bdf : Free Hangul fonts for X11(baekmuk)
baekmukfonts-ttf : Baekmuk family Korean TrueType Fonts
bitchx : An alternative ircII color client support patched for korean
elm : ELM Mail User Agent, patched for Korean E-Mail
engdic : An English dictionary utility for Korean
eterm : X11 terminal emulator based on rxvt/xterm that supports korean
gau : Gtk-based Hangul terminal emulator (for modem/tcp)
gdick : English-Korean Dictionary Client for GNOME2
gtkcomm : Serial controlling software, with gtk+ widget
h2ps : Formats an ascii file for printing on a postscript printer with Korean char
han : A hangul console
hanIM : Mizi Research's Korean X11 Input Method
hanemacs : Korean version of GNU editing macros
hanmiscutils : Collection of various Hangul-related sources
hanterm : An xterm hacked for managing Korean languages
hanterm-xf86 : X11R6-based xterm hacked for managing Korean languages
hanyangfonts : Hanyang Hangul fonts for X11
hcode : Hangul code conversion utility
helvis : A clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor, supporting Hangul
hlatex : LaTeX package to use Hangul(UTF-8/UHC/KSX1001)
hlatex-psfonts-uhc-extra : Extra Korean PostScript font collection for HLaTeX(UHC encoding)
hlatex-psfonts-wansung : PS font collection of HLaTeX-wansung
hlatex-wansung : HLaTeX extension to use Wansung(KSX1001) fonts
hlatexfonts-ocf : HLaTeX(OCF format) fonts collection
hlatexp : Hangul (Korean) LaTeX2e system
hlatexp-pkfonts1200 : Korean pk fonts collection of hLaTeXp(1200dpi)
hlatexp-pkfonts300 :
hlatexp-pkfonts600 : Korean pk fonts collection of hLaTeXp(600dpi)
hmconv : Hangul code conversion utility for E-mail
hpscat : Hangul Text Printing Utility
imhangul : GTK+-2.0 hangul input module
johabfonts : Hangul fonts for X11(johab) used in many hangul-related programs
kaistfonts : X11 KAIST font(ksc5601.1987-0 encoding) collection
kde3-i18n : Korean messages and documentation for KDE3
linux_locale : Glibc 2.0 Korean locale for linux compatibility
linuxdoc-sgml : Korean patch version of Linuxdoc-SGML
man-doc : Korean online manual pages
mizifont : Mizi Research's Korean X11 Font(ksc5601.1987-[01] encoding)
mod_url : Apache module for manipulating euc-kr encoded URL
mozilla-klp : Mozilla Korean Language Pack (KLP)
mplayer-fonts : Korean font pack for the mplayer OSD, SUB and SMI
msdosfs : Mount a Microsoft FAT Korean file system
mule-freewnn : A multilingual emacs, with FreeWnn support built in (Only the executables)
munhwafonts-cid : Munhwa CID fonts collection(Basic set)
nabi : Hangul X Input Method for Everywhere
netscape48-communicator : Netscape web-surfboard with Korean resources
nh2ps : Formats an Korean text file for printing on a postscript printer
nhpf : Hangul Printing Filter for Netscape with embedded font
nhppf : Hangul printing filter for Netscape 3.0 and above
pgp.language : Korean language module for PGP
pinetreefonts : Hangul fonts for X11(pinetree, KSC5601-1987-0 encoding)
scim-tables : SCIM table based Korean input methods
texinfo : Korean enabled Texinfo formatter
unfonts-ttf : GPL'd Korean TrueType Fonts by UN Koaunghi
uniksc : Converts data between Korean KSC-5601 and Unicode 3.0 UTF-16
iiimf-le-hangul : IIIMF Hangul input method engine
acroread :
scim-hangul : SCIM IMEngine module for Korean(Hangul) input
xpdf : Korean xpdf font support
ghostscript-gnu-korfont : Korean font support for GNU Ghostscript
libhangul : A library for hangul processing
qt4-codecs-kr : Qt EUC-KR codec plugin
stardict2-dict-kr : Korean and foreign language Dictionaries for StarDict

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