May 26, 2018

Japanese-English dictionaries with access and maintenance utilities

XJDIC V2.3, XJDSERVER V2.3 – Copyright J.W. Breen - 1998

XJDIC is an electronic Japanese-English dictionary program designed to operate in the X11 window environment. In particular, it must run in an “xterm” environment which has Japanese language support such as provided by “kterm” or internationalized xterm, aixterm, etc.

It is based on JDIC and JREADER which were developed to run under MS-DOS on IBM PCs or clones.

XJDIC functions as

a an English to Japanese dictionary eiwa jiten, searching for and displaying entries for key-words entered in English;

b a Japanese to English dictionary waei jiten, searching for and displaying entries for keywords or phrases entered in Japanese kanji, hiragana or katakana;

c a Japanese-English Character dictionary kanei jiten, capable of selecting kanji characters by JIS code, radical, stroke count, Nelson Index number or reading, and displaying compounds containing that kanji.

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