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FreeBSD graphics software list

gimp-data-extras : Collection of additional brushes and patterns files for GIMP
4va : Four-Dimensional graphics tumbler for X11
Cgraph : A PostScript plotting library in C
Coin : C++ 3D graphics library based on the Open Inventor 2.1 API
EZWGL : The EZ Widget and Graphics Library
GIFgraph : A Perl package to generate PNG charts
Hermes : Fast pixel formats conversion library
IPA : Image Processing Algorithms
ImageMagick : Image processing tools
OpenEXR : A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format
SciPlot : A full-featured Xt widget to display 2D data in a graph
aalib : An ascii art library
acidwarp : SVGAlib demo which displays trippy mathematical images in cycling colors
ale : Anti-Lamenessing Engine
allegrogl : OpenGL inteface for Allegro library
animabob : Interactive 3D volume renderer
aoi : An open source Java written 3D modelling and rendering studio
aqsis : A photorealistic rendering system
autotrace : Convert bitmap to vector graphics
aview : Graphics viewer for viewing netpbm format on console or X using aalib
ayam : 3D modeling environment for the RenderMan interface
backfract : Fractal image animated wallpaper program
barcode : A barcode generation library along with a command line frontend
batik : SVG Toolkit
bbrb : A graphical background manager for the Blackbox window manager
blender : 3D modeling/rendering/animation/gaming package
blender-doc : Blender Documentation
blender-devel : 3D modeling/rendering/animation/gaming package
bmeps : Convert bitmap images (PNG/JPEG/NetPBM) to EPS
bugle : A debugging library for OpenGL
cadubi : ASCII drawing utility
cal3d : Skeletal based 3d character animation library written in C++
camediaplay : Digital camera downloading tool for Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa camera
cbview : A viewer/converter for CBR/CBZ comic book archives
chbg : Change Background Picture with time period
cinepaint : An editing tool used for painting and retouching of movies
claraocr : Optical character recognition (OCR) utility
compupic : Digital content manager
corona : A graphics library that supports most image formats
cqcam : Color Quickcam control program
crw : A utility to process Canon camera RAW (.crw) files
cthumb : A themable web picture album generator
dataplot : A free software system for statistical visualization
dc20ctrl : Digital camera control and download tool for Kodak DC20 camera
dc20pack : Digital camera control and download tool for Kodak DC20/25 camera
dc3play : Digital camera downloading tool for Ricoh DC-3
dcraw : Decoder for RAW files from digital cameras
deep_zoom : Generate very highly zoomed fractals
dia : Diagram creation program, similar to Visio Diagram creation program, similar to Visio Diagram creation program, similar to Visio
diacanvas : A general drawing canvas from dia dialog editor
diacanvas2 : A general drawing canvas from dia dialog editor
digikam : Photo album manager for KDE with gphoto2 backend Photo album manager for KDE with gphoto2 backend Photo album manager for KDE with gphoto2 backend
digikamplugins : Collection of plugins for Digikam
divxcalc : DivX Calculator
djvulibre :
dore : The Dynamic Object Rendering Environment
dri : OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for the DRI
dri-devel : DRI OpenGL drivers snapshot
driconf : Configuration program for DRI drivers
drm-kmod : A FreeBSD kernel modules for 3d acceleration with the DRI
duhdraw : An ANSI graphic drawing program
dvipng : DVI to PNG Converter
dynamechs : A Multibody Dynamic Simulation Library
ecg2png : Converts scanned 12-lead electrocardiograms into PNGs
electriceyes : A graphic view base imlib & gtk
enfle : Simple plugin-based graphics viewer
entice : An image viewer written using libraries for Enlightenment 0.17
eog2 : The Eye Of Gnome image viewer
epix : Creates math plots and line figures using easy-to-learn syntax
eps2png : Converts EPS images to PNG
epstool : Create or extract preview bitmaps in EPS files
eterm-bg : Image files for background of Eterm
evas : A hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows
evolvotron : Generative software that evolves images/textures/patterns
exifprobe : Probes JPEG or TIFF images and reports contents and structure Probes JPEG or TIFF images and reports contents and structure Probes JPEG or TIFF images and reports contents and structure
exiftags : Parses a specified JPEG file for a JPEG APP1 section containing Exif data
fbm : Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
feh : An image viewer that utilizes Imlib2
figurine : A drawing program for X11
flashplayer : GPL standalone Flash (TM) player
flasm : Command line assembler/disassembler of flash actionscript bytecode
fli2gif : Automatic Flic to animated GIF convertor
flip : Load a sequence of TIFF files and play them back at a target frame rate
flphoto : A basic image management and display program
fly : Simple drawing language to generate GIFs on the fly
fnlib : Fonts and font libraries necessary for Enlightenment
fractorama : Fractal generation program
frontline : An autotrace GUI FRONTend like streamLINE(TM)
ftgl : An OpenGL FreeType fonts rendering library
fujiplay : Digital camera downloading tool for Fujifilm digital cameras
fyre : Chaos map rendering system with GTK+-2 interface
g2 : An easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library
g3dviewer : A 3D file viewer for GTK+
gauche-gl : OpenGL binding for Gauche
gcolor : GTK-based color picker
gd :
gdal : A translator library for geospatial data formats
gdchart : Easy to use, fast C API for creating charts and graphs
gdk-pixbuf :
gdtclft : A TCL interface to the Thomas Boutell's Gd library
geist : An object-based image creation/layout application
geomview : An interactive viewer for 3- and 4-D geometric objects
geos : GEOS implements all the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL"
gfont : Graphics Font - Create GIF image rendered with TeX-available Font
giblib : A utility library that includes a wrapper for imlib2
gif2png : Converts GIF images to a PNG format
gifmerge : A tool for making a GIF Animation
gifsicle : Manipulates GIF images and animations
giftool : A tool for GIF89a transparent option and interlace mode
giftrans : A tool for GIF89a transparent option and interlace mode
gimageview : Yet another GTK+ based image viewer
gimp : The "meta-port" for The Gimp The "meta-port" for The Gimp The "meta-port" for The Gimp
gimp-manual-html : The user manual for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
gimp-pmosaic : Photo/Image Mosaic plugin for gimp
gimp1 : The GNU Image Manipulation Program
giram : A POV-Ray oriented modeller
gkrellkam : GKrellM plugin that display thumbnails of periodically updated images
gkrellkam2 : GKrellM plugin that display thumbnails of periodically updated images
gle : A GL Tubing and Extrusion Library
glean : Suite of OpenGL conformance tests
glew : The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glfw : A portable framework for OpenGL development
glide3 : Library to support 3dfx Voodoo3/4/5/Banshee with the DRI
gliv : An image viewer that uses Gdk-Pixbuf and OpenGL
gltk : An OpenGL/Tk interface
gltt : TrueType fonts rendering using OpenGL
gmt : The Generic Mapping Tools data processing and display software package
gnofract4d : Weird GNOME fractal generator
gnomecanvas : A graphics library for GNOME A graphics library for GNOME A graphics library for GNOME
gnomeiconedit : A small GNOME Icon Editor
gocr : An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program
gozer : Commandline text rendering utility - creates images from text
gpaint : A small-scale painting program for GNOME
gpdf : GNOME version of xpdf
gphoto2 : A command-line frontend to libgphoto2
gplot : Graphic utilities for the processing of CGM metafiles
gpsmanshp : Shapelib support for gpsman
gqview : Another gtk2-based graphic file viewer
gracula : A Graphic Counter Language compiler/interpreter
graphopt : Graph Layout Optimizer
graphviz : Graph Visualization Software from AT&T and Bell Labs
gridpix : Present large images efficiently over the Internet
gsculpt : An Opensource 3D modelling application
gthumb2 : An image viewer and browser for the GNOME 2 environment
gtkam : Download and view files from various digital cameras
gtkdps : Gtk bindings for the Display GhostScript System
gtkfig : Figure-drawing tool
gtkgraph : Graphing calculator using GTK+
gtksee : Image viewer
gts : GNU Triangulated Surface Library
guilib : A very simple GUI framework for use with SDL
gview : Image viewer for X Window System with interface similar to ACDSee
gwenview : An image viewer and browser for the KDE environment
hobbes-icons-xpm : Collection of over 3000 icons in XPM3 format
hpoj : "HP OfficeJet Linux driver; printing, scanning, and photo-card access"
hppsmtools : Tool for HP PhotoSmart C5340A & Konica Q-EZ digital cameras
hs-HOpenGL : Binding for OpenGL and GLUT for the lazy functional language Haskell
hs-hgl : Graphics library for Hugs98, an implementation of Haskell 98
hsetroot : Utility to compose wallpapers for X
icoconvert : A small utility to convert Windows icon files into .xpm and .png files
icod : Utility to convert Windows icon files to xpm format
icontact : Combines multiples images to create a single customisable image
imageindex : A digital photo gallery tool
imagesort : A flexible X utility for managing many image files
imageviewer : GNUstep Image Viewer
imc : Image Compiler
imgseek : A photo manager and viewer with content-based search
imlib : A graphic library for enlightenment package
imlib2 : The next generation graphic library for enlightenment package
imlib2_loaders : Extra image loader plugins for Imlib 2
inkscape : A program seeks to become a full featured open source SVG editor
inventor : This is SGI's Open Inventor (TM)
ipe : Extensible drawing editor
irit : Solid modeling system
isreal : An image classification utility
ivtools : Drawing editors derived from idraw
jasper : An implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 standard
jbigkit : Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pages, faxes
jgraph : A program that generates postscript graphs
jgv : A graphic viewer with various image types
jhead : Exif Jpeg camera setting parser, rotator and much more
jpatch : A spline based 3D modeling tool A spline based 3D modeling tool A spline based 3D modeling tool
jpeg : IJG's jpeg compression utilities
jpeg2ps-letter : Converter for JPEG compressed images to PostScript Level 2
jpeginfo : Generate listing and MD5, check jpegs for error, delete broken ones
jpegoptim : Utility to optimize jpeg files
jpegpixi : Useful to correct images from digtal camera with CCD defects
jpgraph : Draw both "quick and dirty" graphs with a minimum of code
jpgtn : Creates thumbnails of JPEG images
jslice : Graphics tool to split up a JPEG image and provide HTML for the slices
juno-2 : A powerful and extensible constraint-based drawing editor
k3d : 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system
kalbum : Create albums from a collection of images
kallery : An image gallery generator for KDE
kbarcode : A barcode and label printing application for KDE
kdc2tiff : Converts Kodak .kdc to TIFF or JPEG formats
kdegraphics3 : Graphics utilities for the KDE3 integrated X11 desktop
kimagemapeditor : KDE-based editor for HTML image maps
kimdaba : Image database for KDE
kisomandel : A fractal rendering program with nice 3d-display in realtime
kix-kmod : A graphical screensaver kernel module
kludge3d : A simple 3d editor
kolourpaint : Paint program for KDE
landscape : A program for generating and rendering fractal landscapes
lcms : Light Color Management System -- a color management library
leafpak : Graphic file cutter for LEAF/AQUAPLUS PAK format archives
lfview : Graphic viewer for Leaf products
lib3ds : A library for handling 3DS (3D Studio) files
libGLU : OpenGL utility library
libafterimage : Generic imaging library originally designed for AfterStep
libart : Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libart_lgpl2 : Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libaux : A Nano Window Toolkit and Auxiliary Library for OpenGL
libcaca : Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels
libdjvu++ : AT&T's DjVu: The Technology for Scanned Documents on the Web
libemf : Enhanced Metafile Library
libexif : Library to read digital camera file meta-data
libexif-gtk : GTK+ widgets to display/edit EXIF tags
libflash : GPL Flash (TM) Library
libfpx : Library routines for working with Flashpix images
libgdgeda : Special version of the gd graphic lib for use by gEDA programs
libggi : A flexible drawing library
libglut : OpenGL utility toolkit
libgnomecanvas : A graphics library for GNOME
libgnomecanvasmm : C++ wrapper for libgnomecanvas library
libgnomecanvasmm26 : C++ wrapper for libgnomecanvas library
libgphoto2 : A universal digital camera picture control tool
libgrass5 : Library of functions from the GRASS GIS application for use by non-GRASS programs
libimg : A library of image format handlers for Tk4.1 and later
liblug : A multi-format graphics manipulation library
libmng : Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
libmorph : A library for loading (and saving) 3d modeller object files
libqglviewer : A C++ library helps development of 3D applications
librsvg : Library for parsing and rendering SVG vector-graphic files
librsvg2 : Library for parsing and rendering SVG vector-graphic files
libtheora : Theora video codec for the Ogg multimedia streaming system
libungif : Tools and library routines for working with GIF images
libv3d : V3D IO Library
libwmf : Tools and library for converting Microsoft WMF (windows metafile)
libwpcg : A basic 2D/3D computer graphics library which uses OpenGL
linplasma : Sinus plasma, an SVGAlib demo
linux-ac3d : Easy to use and powerful 3D graphics modeller (trial version)
linux-bmrt : A collection of rendering programs that use the RenderMan interface
linux-gdk-pixbuf : Linux version of the graphic library for GTK+
linux-imlib : RPM of imlib
linux-jpeg : RPM of the JPEG lib
linux-libmng : RPM of libmng
linux-png : RPM of the PNG lib
linux-png10 : RPM of the PNG lib (old 1.0 version)
linux-tiff : TIFF library, Linux/i386 binary
linux-ungif : RPM of the ungif lib
linux_dri : Binary Linux DRI libraries for 3D hardware acceleration of linux apps
linux_glide : Linux library implementing the GLIDE interface to 3dfx video cards
linux_glx : Libraries to make use of glx-aware Linux apps
linux_mesa3 : A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL, used from Linux programs
lodju :
lphoto : A complete desktop solution for digital photo management
mapserver : System for developing web-based GIS applications
maverik : A publicly available virtual reality (VR) system
megapov : Unofficial extensions of POV-Ray
mesa-demos : OpenGL demos distributed with Mesa
mesagl : A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
meshviewer : Mesh Viewer
metapixel : A photomosaic generator
mgp-gallery : A collection of various templates for magicpoint
ming : LGPL'ed Flash 4/5 movie output library with many languages support
mingplot : A tool to generate a flash-based chart
morpheus : A mesh (3D model) viewer for GNOME desktop
mrsidviewer : MrSID Viewer displays images compressed into the MrSID format
multivideo : An image sequence viewer
netpbm : A toolkit for conversion of images between different formats
nip : Graphical user interface for VIPS
nurbs++ : A C++ library for representing curves or surfaces
ocaml-images : Objective Caml image processing library
ocaml-lablgl : OpenGL interface for Objective Caml
ocrad : OCR program implemented as filter
oglext : A library for easier access to OpenGL extensions
opendis : Access Flashpoint Digita-based cameras, download images and more
opendx : IBM's Open Visualization Data Explorer
opendx-samples : Example files for IBM's OpenDX
opengl-man : Section 3 manpages for OpenGL: gl, glx, glu, gle, glut
openproducer : A cross-platform C++/OpenGL library focused on camera control
openrm : Development environment used to build 2D/3D/stereo graphics
ophoto : USB support for Kodak DC240 and DC280 cameras under FreeBSD
optipng : An optimizer for PNG files
orca : Tool for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto a Web server
osg : C++ OpenGL scene graph library for real-time rendering
osgedit : An open editor for an open scenegraph
p5-Chart-PNGgraph : A Perl module for generating presentation graphics (i.e., charts)
p5-GD : A perl5 interface to Gd Graphics Library version2
p5-GD-Barcode : GD::Barcode - Create barcode image with GD
p5-GD-Graph : Graph plotting module for perl5
p5-GD-Graph3d : Creates 3D charts with GD::Graph and GD
p5-GD-TextUtil : Text utilities for use with GD drawing package
p5-GraphViz : GraphViz - Perl interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
p5-GraphViz-Data-Structure : Visualise data structures
p5-Graphics-ColorNames : A perl class that defines RGB values for common color names
p5-Image-Grab : Perl extension for Grabbing images off the Internet
p5-Image-Imlib2 : Perl interface to the Imlib2 image library
p5-Image-Info : Perl module for getting image information
p5-Image-Size : Perl5 module to determine the size of images in several common formats
p5-Imager : A Perl module for manipulating gray, color and rgba format images
p5-Imlib2 : Perl bindings for Imlib2
p5-OpenGL : Perl module to display 3D data using OpenGL, GLU, GLUT, and GLX
p5-SWF-Builder : Create SWF movie
p5-SWF-File : Manipulating Flash movie (SWF) files
p5-VCG : Interface to the VCG graphing tool
p5-chart : A perl5 interface to build chart graphics
p5-ming : Perl5 module for Ming which allows you to create Flash 4/5 movies
paintlib : C++ library for processing images
panorama : GNU framework for 3D graphics production
passepartout : DTP application for X
pecl-imagick : Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick library
peps : Converts EPS images to anti-aliased bitmaps
pgperl : A perl5 extension which makes available the pgplot library
pgplot : A C/FORTRAN library for drawing graphs on a variety of display devices
pho : A lightweight image viewer A lightweight image viewer A lightweight image viewer
photopc : A utility to manage an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera
phplot : A PHP class for creating scientific and business charts
separate : A CMYK plugin for The GIMP
picturebook : SONY VAIO camera capture utility
piddle : Graphical Drawing library for Python
pixelize : Use many scaled down images to try to duplicate another image
pixie : A photorealistic renderer with Pixar's RenderMan-like interface
pixieplus : A free, fast, and feature packed image browser and viewer for KDE
pixmap : A pixmap editor based on XPM library
plasma-kmod : A plasma-effect screensaver kernel module
plotmtv : A multipurpose X11 plotting program
plotutils : A plotting library and toolkit
png : Library for manipulating PNG images
poppler :
png2html : Takes a PNG image and transforms it into HTML
png2ico : Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files
pngcheck : Checks the integrity of PNG images
pngcrush : An optimizer for PNG files
pngquant : Converts 32-bit RGBA PNGs into 8-bit RGBA-palette PNGs
pngrewrite : A PNG palette optimizer
pngwriter : A C++ library for creating PNG images
pornview : PornView is an image viewer/manager
potrace : Transforms bitmaps into vector graphics
potracegui : GUI for potrace, a program for tracing bitmap images
povray : Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
povray31 : Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
ppmcaption : A utility which adds text to images
proj : Cartographic Projections library
pstoedit : Convert PostScript to other vector graphic formats
pstoepsi : Wiliam Chia-Wei Cheng's yet another PS to EPSI converter
pvmpov : Distributed rendering package for Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
py-PyX : A Python package for the creation of encapsulated PostScript figures
py-cgkit : Python Computer Graphics Kit
py-chart : Create high quality Encapsulated Postscript, PDF, or PNG charts
py-exif : Python library to extract EXIF metadata from JPEG and TIFF image files
py-gd : Python interface to the GD library
py-gdchart : Python interface to GDChart
py-graphviz : Python interface to GraphViz agraph
py-imaging : The Python Imaging Library
py-imaging-handbook : The Python Imaging Library Handbook
py-magick : Python bindings for ImageMagick
py-ming : Python module for Ming which allows you to create Flash 4/5 movies
py-opengl : An OpenGL (and related library) interface for Python
py-paint : Simple and flexible painting adaptor to libart for Python
q-graph : Q-Graph -- graph library and editor for the Q language
qcamview : Logitech Quickcam Express USB Utilities for NetBSD/FreeBSD
qcread : Supports both color and B&W parallel-port Connectix QuickCam for PC
qglviewer : Use OpenGL to play around with three dimensional scenes
qiv : Small, fast GDK/Imlib image viewer
qslim : SlimKit Surface Modeling Tools
qtutils : QuickTime Utilities
quat : A Three-dimensional fractal creator (command line only)
quat-gui : A Three-dimensional fractal creator (X11 GUI)
quesa : High level 3D graphics library compatible with Apple's QuickDraw(TM)
quickpics : A really handy tool for large image collections and digital cameras
qvplay : Digital camera downloading tool for Casio QV series
ray++ : A collection of C++ classes needed for ray tracing
rayshade : An extensible system for creating ray-traced images
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA : A Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
reallyslick : OpenGL screensaver collection
renderpark : System for physically based photo-realistic image synthesis
robot : Graph plotting and data analysis program using OpenLook
ruby-evas : Ruby bindings for Evas library
ruby-gd : Ruby extension library to use Thomas Boutell's gd library
ruby-gdchart : A Ruby extension to use the GDCHART library
ruby-gdk_imlib : Ruby binding for Gdk-imlib
ruby-gdk_pixbuf : Ruby binding for Gdkpixbuf
ruby-gdk_pixbuf2 : Ruby binding for GdkPixbuf2
ruby-gnomecanvas2 : Ruby binding for GnomeCanvas2
ruby-graph : Graph-related Ruby classes
ruby-image_size : A Ruby library to measure the size of a given image file
ruby-imlib2 : Imlib2 bindings for Ruby
ruby-libart : Ruby binding for libart
ruby-libart2 : Ruby binding for Libart2
ruby-libexif : A Ruby extension library for libexif
ruby-libpng : A libpng wrapper class for Ruby
ruby-ming : Yet another Ming module for Ruby
ruby-opengl : OpenGL/GLU/GLUT interface modules for Ruby
ruby-pgplot : A Ruby interface to PGPLOT graphics library
ruby-rmagick : A Ruby binding for ImageMagick
ruby-svg : A Ruby library for generating SVG files
ruby-tgif : A Ruby extension library to draw Tgif graphics
rubyphoto : A program for creating web image galleries
s10sh : USB/serial userspace driver for the Canon PowerShot digital cameras
s3switch : Enable TV-out on S3 graphics cards
sam2p : Converts raster (bitmap) image formats into PS or PDF files
sane-backends : API for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc
sane-frontends : Tools for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc
sced : SCene EDitor for povray/renderman/genray/etc
scr2png : Converts the output of "vidcontrol -p" to PNG
scrot : A screen capture utility that utilizes Imlib2
scwm-icons : An icon collection for the scwm window manager
sdl_gfx : SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions
sdl_image : A simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces
sdl_ttf : A library to use TrueType fonts to render text in SDL applications
seejpeg : A console graphics viewer using the svga console graphics library
show : A fast, flexible, extensible and bloat-free image viewer for X11
showimg : A picture viewer designed to run under KDE 3.x
simage : Library with image format loaders and front-ends
skencil : An interactive drawing program
smoke : Vector graphics OpenGL renderer
sng : Compiler/decompiler for Scriptable Network Graphics
sodipodi : A small vector based drawing program with GNOME libraries
springgraph : Render graph described in a .dot file
stamp : Adds a graphical, configurable timestamp to a grayscale image
svg2swf : Convert an SVG file into a Macromedia Flash (swf) file
svgalib : A low level console graphics library
swfdec : Flash Rendering Library
swftools : SWF manipulation and generation utilities
synaesthesia : Graphically represents sound in real time
tcm : The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling, create diagrams/tables/trees
teddy : Graphics Library for 3D Scenes
tgif : An Xlib-based two-dimensional drawing tool and hyper-object browser
tgif-nls : A two-dimensional drawing tool with NLS message catalogs support
threeDS : A Python module and viewer for loading and displaying models in 3DS format
tif22pnm : Converts TIFF- sampled images to PNM image
tiff : Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
tiff2png : Converts TIFF images to PNG format
tifmerge : Library to merge TIFF files into multi-page TIFF files
tintfu : A GraphViz .dot file editor
togl : A Tk OpenGL widget
truevision : The GNOME 3D modeler
tulip : A system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs
urt : Toolkit and library for raster image processing
utah-glx : A hardware OpenGL support for XFree86 X-Servers
vcg : A Visualization Tool for compiler graphs
vertex : A 3D modeller for generating efficient game models
vid : Grab images from USB Cameras using the OV511 and OV511+ chipset
view3ds : A simple realtime 3DS file previewer based on the Lib3ds Library
vips : Free image processing system
visionegg : Visual stimulus creation and control
vp : An image viewer for X
whirlgif : A tool for making GIF animations
white_dune : Graphical VRML97 Editor and animation tool
wings : A polygon mesh modeler written in Erlang
wmgrabimage : Monitor your favorite web image
wmicons : Icons mainly for use in Window Maker
xaos : A real-time fractal browser for X11 and ASCII terminals
xbarcode : Generates bar codes in a variety of formats
xbmbrowser : View complete directories of X bitmaps and X pixmaps
xd3d : A simple scientific visualization tool
xdgagrab : Capture an X server screen with a mouse pointer
xdl : Display DL animations on an X screen
xenomorph : An image filter system based on volterra and morphologic filters
xface.el : X-Face encoder/decoder/viewer for Emacsen
xfig : A drawing program for X11
xfpovray : Graphical interface to POV-Ray
xfractint : The Unix port of fractint
xglurbules : Burning particle system eye candy program thingy for X11
xgrasp : Display GL animations on X screen
xli : Xli, xsetbg, xview, xlito - utilities to display images on X11
xmagv : Viewer for X Window System
xmandel : Window based interface to Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets
xmedcon : A medical image conversion utility and library
xmfract : The dos based 'fractint' with an X/Motif front end
xmms-blursk : A XMMS plugin inspired by "Blur Scope"
xmms-finespectrum : Fine grain Spectrum analyzers for XMMS
xmms-fishmatic : An XMMS non-static OpenGL stereogram visualization plugin
xmms-gdancer : XMMS Visualization plugin, displays dancing figures
xmms-goom : A cool XMMS visualization
xmms-infinity : A XMMS plug-in which generate full-screen interactive light effects
xmms-iris : An adaptation of the "OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer" from XMMS
xmms-jess : A XMMS visualization plugin that uses SDL
xmms-nebulus : A XMMS visualization plugin that uses SDL and OpenGL
xmms-paranormal : An adaptation of the "OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer" from XMMS
xmms-xvs : X Visualization System, a plugin for XMMS
xmorph : A digital image warping program
xmountains : X11 based fractal landscape generator
xmrm : An image morphing/warping program
xnview : An easy graphics viewer / converter
xpaint : A simple paint program
xpcd :
xpdf : Display PDF files, and convert them to other formats
xpm : The X Pixmap library
xpx : A simple pixel editing tool to make datas for KISS
xrml : Extensible scene graph library based on VRML'97
xsane : Gtk-based X11 frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
xtexcad : Simple drawing program enforcing limited slopes and diameters
xv :
xv-m17n : An X11 program that displays images of various formats with multilingualization An X11 program that displays images of various formats with multilingualization An X11 program that displays images of various formats with multilingualization
xwpick : Image pick up utility for X Window System
xzgv : An image viewer with thumbnail-based file selector for X
yafray : A fast XML based raytracer
zgv : Graphics viewer for SVGAlib
zimg : Image-generator that uses ASCII input files to create PNGs/EDFs
zphoto : Zooming photo album generator
agg : A High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
epeg : An IMMENSELY FAST JPEG thumbnailer library API
ida : Small and fast motif-based image viewer and editor
jumpgis : A GUI based application for viewing and processing spatial data
kamera : Digital camera support for KDE
kooka : Raster image scan program for KDE
kuickshow : KDE image viewer
p5-Graph-ReadWrite : Reading and Writing a variety of graph file formats
p5-Tk-JPEG-Lite : Very simplistic image viewer that loads JPEG images
libpcd : A library for reading PhotoCD images
p5-Chart-Graph : Perl extension for a front-end to gnuplot, XRT, and Xmgrace
p5-Imager-Plot : Perl extension for generating fancy graphic plots in color
pear-Image_Color : PEAR::Image_Color manages and handles color data and conversions
demeter : A C++ library to render 3D terrains using OpenGL
barbecue : A Java barcode generator
bmp-rootvis : BMP plugin which renders a spectrum analyzer on the root window
cairo : Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cbrpager : A viewer for cbr (comic book archive) files
cimg : The C++ Template Image Processing Library
comical : A sequential image viewer
curator : Static Image Gallery Generator for web or CD-ROM galleries
danpei : Image Viewer for X Window System with thumbnail preview feature
devil : A full featured cross-platform image library
digikamimageplugins : Collection of image editor plugins for Digikam
edje : Edje is a complex graphical design and layout engine
enblend : A tool for image blending with multiresolution splines
eog : The Eye Of Gnome image viewer
epsilon : A small, display independent, and quick thumbnailing library
esmart : Evas smart objects development libraries
exact-image : Fast image processing library
evince : GNOME 2 multi-format document viewer
exif : Command line utility to read and manipulate EXIF data
exiv2 : Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library and tools
f-spot : Personal photo management to the GNOME desktop
fig2pstricks : Convert xfig to pstricks
gcolor2 : A simple GTK+ 2.0 color selector
gimp-help : GIMP user's manual
gimp-ufraw : GIMP plug-in for raw digital camera image importing
glitz : OpenGL image compositing library
gnustep-slideshow : SlideShow Viewer
gnustep-slideshowkit : SlideShow Framework
goom : Visual effects library
gqview-devel : Another gtk2-based graphic file viewer
grads : The Grid Analysis and Display System
gthumb : An image viewer and browser for the GNOME 2 environment
gtkcairo : Gtk+ bindings to cairo
hugin : A GUI for Panorama Tools, to stitch panoramic images
icon-slicer : An utility for generating icon and cursor themes
icoutils : Convert/extract images in Microsoft Windows(R) icon/cursor files
jalbum : Web photo album generator
jpeg-mmx : IJG's jpeg compression utilities with MMX optimization
jpeg2pdf : Converts a directory of JPEG (JPG) files to a PDF file
jumpgis-postgis : JUMP support for reading and writing a PostGIS database
kipi-plugins : KDE Image Plugin Interface plugins
kphotoalbum : Image database for KDE
libggigcp : A libggi extension for advanced color and palette handling
libggimisc : A libggi extension providing support for hard to categorize features
libggiwmh : A libggi extension, wmh stands for Window Manager Hints
libkexif : Library for manipulating EXIF information embedded in images
libkipi : KDE Image Plugin Interface
libpano12 : Panorama Tools to make panorama pictures
libpixman : Pixel region library
libsvg : A parser for SVG content in files or buffers
libsvg-cairo : SVG rendering library
libvisual : Abstraction library that sits between apps and visual plugin
libvisual-plugins : Set of plugins for the libvisual framework
linux-panorama-tools : Software to View, Create, Edit and Remap Panoramic Images
linux-sdl_image : A simple library to load images as SDL interfaces (linux version)
long-exposure-tools : Simulate the effects of long exposures
mxp : Application for computing/exploring Mandelbrot set
nip2 : Graphical user interface for VIPS
p5-Color-Rgb : Simple rgb.txt parsing class
p5-GD-Arrow : Draw arrows using GD
p5-GD-SVG : Seamlessly enable SVG output from scripts written using GD
p5-Image-ExifTool : Perl module for getting EXIF data from image files
p5-Imager-Graph : Perl extension for producing Graphs using the Imager library
p5-SVG-Graph : Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
p5-SVG-Metadata : Perl module to capture metadata info about an SVG file
p5-SpringGraph : Directed graph alternative to GraphViz
pear-Image_Barcode : PEAR class for barcode generation
pear-Image_Graph : An OO PEAR graph rendering package
phpsview : Philips USB Cameras Utilities for NetBSD/FreeBSD
preview : Simple image viewer
py-cairo : Python bindings for Cairo
py-pydot : A Python interface to the Graphviz Dot language
qcomicbook : QT-based comic book archive viewer
ruby-rsvg2 : Ruby binding for librsvg2
sage : OpenGL extension library
snx101util : Image capture programs for Webcam based SN9C101
spcaview : USB Cameras based SPCA5xx Utilities
stl2pov : Converts STL models to POV-Ray meshes
svg2png : Render an SVG image to a PNG image (using cairo)
vigra : VIGRA stands for "Vision with Generic Algorithms"
xfree86-dri : OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for XFree86
xmms-dflowers : Dual Flowers visualization plugin for XMMS
xmms-dscope : Dual Scope visualization plugin for XMMS
xmms-dspectogram : Dual Spectogram visualization plugin for XMMS
xmms-dspectral : Dual Spectralizer visualization plugin for XMMS
xmms-vumeter : Analog VUmeter plugin for XMMS
xmms-waterfall : Yet another XMMS spectrum analyzer
xsvg : X11 SVG viewer
GraphicsMagick : Fast image processing tools based on ImageMagick
bmp2html : A bmp to html converter
cairo-java : Java wrapper for the cairo graphics package
cal3d-devel : Skeletal based 3d character animation library written in C++ (devel)
cegui : A library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs
cenon : A vector graphics tool for GNUstep
crystalentitylayer : CEL is a layer that sits on top of Crystal Space 3D Engine
crystalspace : Free and portable 3D Game Development Kit
digikam-doc : Documentation for Digikam
digikamimageplugins-doc : Documentation for the Digikam Image Plugins
exrtools : Utilities for manipulating with HDR images in OpenEXR format
fig2sxd : Convert .xfig files to the OpenOffice draw format
fracplanet : An interactive generator of planets and terrain
fraqtive : Draws Mandelbrot and Julia fractals
freeimage : An open source graphics library
fv : A viewer of hdr/pfm images
gnome-colorscheme : A color scheme builder for the GNOME desktop
intergif : Efficient animated GIF optimiser
libx3dtk : An LGPL C++ Toolkit for X3D
metacam : A digital camera EXIF meta-information reader
moth : A simple to use 3D mesh editor
ogre3d : A scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++
openclipart : Open Clip Art Library
p5-Cairo : Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library
p5-Graph-Easy : Render graphs as ASCII, HTML, SVG or Graphviz
pear-Image_Canvas : An OO PEAR common interface to image drawing
pecomato : A command-line picture metadata processor
py-editobj : Create and display a Tkinter dialog box for editing any Python object
py-freeimagepy : A FreeImage library python wrapper
py-gdchart2 : Python interface to GDChart2 Python interface to GDChart2 Python interface to GDChart2
py-soya3d : Very high level 3D engine for Python
py-visual : A python module that offers real 3D visual output
pyro : A simple OpenGL-based firework simulator
recoverjpeg : Recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures from a peripheral
ruby-cairo : Ruby binding for Cairo
sswf : A library and script language tool to create Flash movies
svg2pdf : Render an SVG image to a PDF file (using cairo)
telak : A tool to draw pictures on your root window
uDrawGraph : A graph drawing/visualization system
vvv : A tutorial tool for understanding viewing and projection in OpenGL
xfig-devel : A drawing program for X11 (Alpha version)
xmms-dancingparticles : Makes particles dance with very pretty neon colors
xmms-plazma : Plazma is an XMMS visualization plugin Plazma is an XMMS visualization plugin Plazma is an XMMS visualization plugin
xmms-scivi : Scivi is a visualization plugin for XMMS Scivi is a visualization plugin for XMMS Scivi is a visualization plugin for XMMS
hs-HGL-ghc : A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32
libpuzzle : A library to find similar pictures
a2png : Converts plain ASCII text into PNG bitmap images
agave : A color scheme builder for the GNOME desktop
albumshaper : A drag-n-drop hierarchal photo album creation
amanith : C++ CrossPlatform framework designed for 2d & 3d vector graphics
ampasCTL : Color Transformation Language interpreter
animorph : Morphing engine for MakeHuman
aolserver-nsgd : Graphics module for AOLserver
autopano-sift : Automatic panorama control point generation tool
autoq3d : A complete QT quick 3d model editor program A complete QT quick 3d model editor program A complete QT quick 3d model editor program
cairo-reference :
cairomm : C++ interface to cairo
camera : GNUstep application for digital still cameras
camerakit : Framework that allows to access digital cameras
comix : A GTK2 comic book viewer for .cbz, .cbr and .cbt files
cosmoplayer : Java classes to support VRML
crystalentitylayer-devel : CEL is a layer that sits on top of Crystal Space 3D Engine
crystalspace-devel : Free and portable 3D Game Development Kit
cuttlefish : Plots diurnal and geographical patterns of supplied data
darknock : A program that can detect edges in images A program that can detect edges in images A program that can detect edges in images
djview4 : Standalone Djvu viewer and plugin based on Qt4 toolkit
edje_viewer : A simple viewer for .edj files
epdfview : A lightweight PDF document viewer
exhibit : An ETK-based image viewer
f90gl : Official Fortran 90 bindings for OpenGL
ffff : A fast mandelbrot fractal generator
fortytwo : Graph management system for GNUstep
fotofix : Simple image viewer
freeglut : An alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library
frei0r : Minimalistic plugin API for video effects
fusefs-gphotofs : Mount PTP camera as a file system
gdal-grass : GDAL drivers for GRASS raster and vector files
geomorph : Height field generator and editor
gephex : Software-based interactive video-effect system
gimmage : Simple image viewer
gimp-app : A GNU Image Manipulation Program A GNU Image Manipulation Program A GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-gap : GIMP Animation Package
gimp-greycstoration : Gimp plugin used for noise reduction
gimp-lqr-plugin : Liquid rescale GIMP plug-in Liquid rescale GIMP plug-in Liquid rescale GIMP plug-in
gimpshop : GIMP fork resembling Adobe Photoshop
gle-graphics : A graphics language that produces images from script files
glexcess : An impressive OpenGL Demo
glpng : Library to easily load PNG files as an OpenGL textures
gnash : GNU Flash movie player
goocanvas : Canvas widget for GTK+
gpicview : A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X
grx : A 2D graphics library
gscan2pdf : Produce PDF from scanned documents
gsnapshot : A gtk+ based screen capture
gx : Lightweight image viewer
ilmbase : ILM Base libraries a.k.a. Half, IlmThread, Imath and Iex
imgv : A unique and feature rich Image Viewer
jave6 : Java ASCII-Art-Generator
jdraw : A pixel oriented graphics editor
jp2a : Converts JPG images to ASCII
jpgraph2 : Draw both "quick and dirty" graphs with a minimum of code
kudu : A 3D skeletal animation tool, powered by GTK+ and OpenGL
l2p : Create PNG images from LaTeX math expressions
lcdtest : LCD monitor test pattern generator
libGL : OpenGL library that renders using GLX or DRI
libGLw : OpenGL widgets library
libart_lgpl : Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libboard : A vector graphics C++ library
libdrm : Userspace interface to kernel Direct Rendering Module services
libgeotiff : Library for reading and writing GeoTIFF information tags
libgfx : OpenGL/FLTK development OpenGL/FLTK development OpenGL/FLTK development
libgltext : Portable font rendering library for C++
libgnomecanvas-reference :
libiptcdata : Library for manipulating IPTC metadata stored in image files
libkdcraw : A C++ interface around a dcraw binary program
libkexiv2 : A wrapper library to manipulate pictures metadata
libopenraw : Library for camera RAW files decoding
libpano13 : Cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and other photo stitchers
libqrencode : A C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol
libvisual04 : Abstraction library that sits between apps and visual plugin
linux-adobesvg : The Adobe SVG browser plugin (Linux version) The Adobe SVG browser plugin (Linux version) The Adobe SVG browser plugin (Linux version)
linux_dri-devel : Binary Linux DRI libraries for 3D hardware acceleration of linux apps
makehuman : Application for parametrical modeling of 3D humanoid characters Application for parametrical modeling of 3D humanoid characters Application for parametrical modeling of 3D humanoid characters
mapyrus : A software for creating plots of points, lines, etc
mhgui : GUI widget library for MakeHuman
mirage : Fast and simple image viewer
mtpaint : Simple painting program
mypaint : Fast painting/scribbling program
npretty : A simple web-gallery generator written in perl
ocre : Simple optical character recognition solution
opencv : Open Source Computer Vision Library from Intel
openexr_ctl : Simplified OpenEXR interface to CTL
openjpeg : An open-source JPEG 2000 codec
p5-Acme-Steganography-Image-Png : Hide data (badly) in Png images
p5-CAD-Drawing : Methods to create, load, and save vector graphics
p5-CAD-Drawing-Template : Replace tags with text and geometry
p5-Chart-Clicker : Powerful, extensible charting
p5-GD-Thumbnail : Thumbnail maker for GD
p5-Geo-Proj4 : Perl cartographic projections wrapper for Proj library
p5-Graph-SocialMap : Easy tool to create social network maps
p5-Graph-Writer-GraphViz : GraphViz Writer for Graph object
p5-GraphViz-Traverse : Build a GraphViz object via callback traversal
p5-Image-Caa : Colored ASCII Art
p5-Image-Compare : Compare two images in a variety of ways
p5-Image-IPTCInfo : Perl extension for extracting IPTC image meta-data
p5-Image-Magick-Iterator : Sequentially read Image::Magick object from a filehandle
p5-Image-Math-Constrain : Scaling math used in image size constraining (such as thumbnails)
p5-Image-MetaData-GQview : Perl extension for GQview image metadata
p5-Image-MetaData-JPEG : Perl extension for showing/modifying JPEG (meta)data]
p5-Image-PBMlib : Helper functions for PBM/PGM/PPM image file formats
p5-Image-Pngslimmer : Slims (dynamically created) PNGs
p5-Imager-QRCode : Generate QR Code with Imager using libqrencode
p5-SVG-DOM2 : SVG extention to the popular XML::DOM2
p5-Visio : Perl extension mainpulating XML based Visio files
pear-Image_3D : PEAR class allows the rendering of 3 dimensional objects
pear-Image_GraphViz : An interface to AT&T's GraphViz tools
pear-Image_Transform : A standard interface to manipulate images using different libraries.
pecl-imlib2 : A PECL extension if imlib2
pecl-qrencode : A PECL extension for generate qrcode
pfstools : Tools for manipulating HDR images and video frames
photoclip : Simple image viewer and editor for GNUstep
php-magickwand : A PHP extension to manipulate images
php4-ffmpeg : The ffmpeg shared extension for php
php5-chartdirector : ChartDirector Chart Component for PHP ${PHP_VER}
php5-ffmpeg :
pixen : Graphics editing software for small-scale pictures for GNUstep
poppler-data : Poppler encoding data
popplerkit : Framework that supports rendering of PDF content
ppminfo : Shows details of a ppm file
price : Image filtering and manipulation using GNUstep
py-amanith : Python wrapper for the amanith 2D vector graphics library
py-glewpy : Advanced OpenGL extensions to Python
py-goocanvas : GooCanvas python bindings
py-pyproj : Pyrex wrapper to provide python interfaces to PROJ.4
py-qt4-svg : Python bindings for the Qt4 toolkit, QtSvg module
qgis : Geographical Information System (GIS) data viewer
qt4-iconengines : Qt SVG icon engine plugin
qt4-imageformats : Qt imageformat plugins for GIF, JPEG, MNG and SVG
qt4-pixeltool : Qt screen magnification utility
qt4-svg : Qt SVG library
qtpfsgui : A graphical user interface that provides a workflow for HDR imaging A graphical user interface that provides a workflow for HDR imaging A graphical user interface that provides a workflow for HDR imaging
raster3d : A set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules A set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules A set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules
rgbpaint : Very basic painting program
ristretto : An image-viewer with xfce-integration
ruby-edje : Ruby bindings for Edje library
ruby-esmart : Ruby bindings for Esmart library
ruby-redact : An edje compiler written in ruby
rubygem-captcha : A simple CAPTCHA written in Ruby
rubygem-gd2 : Ruby binding for Thomas Boutell's gd 2.x graphics library
rubygem-gruff : A beautiful graphing library for Ruby using RMagick
rubygem-railroad : A class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications
rubygem-scruffy : Beautiful Graphs for Ruby
rubygem-turing : Easy to use and customize/extend implementation of captcha
scale2x : Real-time graphics effect able to increase the size of small bitmaps
sharpconstruct : 3D modeller for organic shapes
shim : Show images of various formats Show images of various formats Show images of various formats
svgviewer : SVG Viewer for GNUstep
swfmill : xml2swf and swf2xml processor with import functionalities
synfigstudio : Vector-based 2D animation software package Vector-based 2D animation software package Vector-based 2D animation software package
tesseract : Commercial quality open source OCR engine Commercial quality open source OCR engine Commercial quality open source OCR engine
timeless : FreeBSD/SDL port of Tran's Timeless Demo with Sound
tkpng : PNG support for Tcl/Tk
tonicpoint-viewer : PowerPoint presentations viewer
ufraw : Read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras
unpaper : Post-processing tool for scanned sheets of paper
vrml2pov : Convert VRML files to POVRay source
vindaloo : PDF Reader for GNUstep
visprint : Creates fractal fingerprint images based on any data
wildmagic : The Wild Magic Real-Time 3D Graphics Engine The Wild Magic Real-Time 3D Graphics Engine The Wild Magic Real-Time 3D Graphics Engine
wxsvg : C++ library to create, manipulate, and render SVG files C++ library to create, manipulate, and render SVG files C++ library to create, manipulate, and render SVG files
xaralx :
xmms-msa : A spectrum analyzer with a skin support and some visualization modes
xoris : An X11 pixel color grabber
yap : GNUstep a2ps/gs frontend
linux-cairo : Linux cairo binary
uniconvertor : Universal vector graphics translator
pfscalibration : Photometric calibration of cameras and recovery HDR images from the set of LDR exposures
pfstmo : Tone mapping operators
gimpfx-foundry : A collection of scripts for The Gimp 2.4
liblqr-1 : An easy to use C/C++ seam carving library
libspiro : Library to convert clothoid splines into bezier splines
libvisual04-plugins : Set of plugins for the libvisual framework
sketch : A 3D Scene Description Translator

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