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worldofpadman : World of Padman (WoP) is an open source FPS game
ptools : Accessory programs for pMARS (Core War simulator)
py-anki : Spaced-repetition memory training library
py-mnemosyne : Flash-card tool which optimises your learning process
py-pychess : A GTK chess client written in Python
qmars : Quicker Mars is heavily optimized to be as fast as possible
species : Corewars evolver - generates warriors using genetic algorithms
spring : TA Spring is a project aiming to create a new RTS
stormbaancoureur : Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
teewars : Platform game featuring buggers equipped with weapons
tycho : Program to gather data (statistics) on Core War warriors
cre : Corewars Redcode Evolver
nimuh : Puzzle game destined to improve the knowledge of Andalusia
opencity : Free 3D city simulator
optimax : A Core War optimizer written in Perl
apricots : Fly a little plane around and shoot things and drop bombs
blackshadeselite : Psychic Bodyguard FPS - protect the VIP
anki : Flashcard trainer with spaced repetition
0verkill : 0verkill is a bloody 2D action deathmatch-like game in ASCII-ART
3dc : 3-Dimensional Chess for X Window System
3dpong : X Window 3D Pong game for 1 or 2 players with a ball and paddles
44bsd-hunt : Rogue-like multiplayer game
4stattack : Connect four stones in a straight line
54321 : 54321 is five games in four-, three-, or two-dimensions for one player
BillardGL : An OpenGL billiard simulator
CaribbeanStud : Caribbean Stud gambling game for X Window System
HeroesOfMightAndMagic : BSD Installation of the Linux game "Heroes of Might and Magic III"
KnightCap : Chess program with 3D interface for X Window System
abridge : Bridge game Bridge game Bridge game
abuse : The classic 2D action game Abuse
abuse_sdl : An SDL port of the Abuse game engine
acm : A flight simulator for X11
actx : Window sitter for X11
adgali : An open source game library useful for 2D game development
adom : An rogue-like advanced rpg with color support (binary port)
adonthell : A free role playing game
affenspiel : Little puzzle game with monkey for X Window System
afternoonstalker : A clone of the 1981 Night Stalker video game
alephone : The open source version of Bungie's Marathon game
alephone-data : Released Marathon data files for the Aleph One port
amphetamine : A 2D - Jump'n'run shooter
amy : A chess program for playing and analyzing games
an : Fast anagram generator
angband : Rogue-like game with color, X11 support
antipolix : Simple multiplayer game for X Window System
aop : A curses based arcade game with only 64 lines of code
asc : A turn based, multiplayer strategic game with very nice graphics
atitd : The Linux "A Tale in the Desert" (ATITD) client
atlantikdesigner : Editor for Atlantik
atomix : A yet another little mind game
atr3d : 3D asteroids-like multiplayer game
awele : An african board game
baduki : The game of Go
barrage : Destroy as many targets as possible
bass : Beneath a Steel Sky: a post-apocalyptic futuristic graphical adventure
battalion : Monsters, explosions, destruction game for X Window System
battleball : 3D single/multiplayer military soccer game for X Window System
biorythm : Simple biorythm calculation program
blackjack : One of the better implementations of blackjack, based on QT
block : Small text based maze game
blockade : An X version of the `blockade' Macintosh game
blue : A Blue Moon card solitaire
bogged : Word game for X Window System
bomb : Interactive display hack for SVGAlib or X
bomberclone : Reimplementation of Atomic Bomber Man
bomberinstinct : A nice Bomberman-like multiplayer game
bombermaze : A multiplayer game, strategy place bombs to kill enemies and obstacles
braincurses : A clone of the Mastermind game
briquolo : Breakout clone with an OpenGL 3D representation
bs : Battleships solitaire game with a color interface
bsdtris : BSD version of Text-based tetris game
bsp : Node builder for Doom
bugsquish : Bug-squishing, fly-swatting action
bugsx : Breed bugs using genetic algorithims
burgerspace : A BurgerTime clone
bygfoot : Football (soccer) management game
bzflag : A multiplayer 3D tank battle game
cake : Quake3 map viewer
cardpics : Free cards for your free card games!
cgoban : Internet Go Server client and game editor
cgoban2 : Internet Go Server client and game editor
childsplay : Educative games for children
chromium : An arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
circuslinux : "Circus Linux!" is a clone of the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari"
civ2demo : The free demo of Civilization: Call to Power
clanbomber : A bomberman-like multiplayer game
columns : Nice little implementation of columns game for X Window System
connect4 : A curses version of the classic game
conquest : A multi-player curses space warfare game similar to Netrek
corewars : A simulation game where the goal is to crash each other's programs
cosmo : Clone of Cosmo Gang the Puzzle (Namco)
cowsay : Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
crack-attack : OpenGL game based on Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack
crafty : A chess programm for playing and analyzing games
crafty-open-large : The large opening book for crafty
crafty-open-medium : The medium opening book (about 1.9 MByte) for crafty
crafty-tablebase-no-pawn : These are the tablebases for crafty, minus the pawn tbs
crafty-open-small : The small opening book (about 600 KByte) for crafty
crimson : Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
criticalmass : An SDL/OpenGL space shoot\'em up game
crossfire-client : Multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game made for X11
crossfire-server : Server for multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game
crossword : Crossword Generator
cryptoslam : A curses-based tool for creating and solving the cryptograms
csmash : A 3D tabletennis game
cube : An OpenGL 3D First Person Shooter game
cursive : Create ASCII character cursive handwriting
d2x : Unix port of Descent 2 Game
deal : A calculator for card-draw probabilities
defendguin : Another shoot-the-Bill game
digger-vgl : FreeBSD graphics console (VGL) version of the famous Digger game
dmjava : Dungeon Master Java is a remake of the classic Dungeon Master by FTL
dodgindiamond2 : An old school shoot'em up game
dontspace : A solitaire game for X11 modeled after Free Space
doom : DOOM: the game and the sound server
doomlegacy : DooM Legacy: popular DooM clone!
dopewars : A UNIX rewrite of a game originally based on "Drug Wars"
drm : Very simple tetris-style game
dsnake : Deluxe Snake - snake clone with frogs and mushrooms
duke3d : Icculus Duke Nukem 3D port for various Operating Systems
dungeon : Text adventure game of ZORK
dungeoncrawl : An old school roguelike game
easysok : A sokoban game for KDE3
eboard : GTK+ chess board interface (mainly for FICS and chessd)
editss : An editor for XPilot shipshapes
egoboo : A 3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack
eif : Empire text client
eights : Text based card game, the objective is to get rid of all your cards
emacs-chess : Play chess with emacs
empire : Solitaire empire game "VMS Empire"
enigma : Enigma is a reimplementation of Oxyd, a puzzle game
euchre : Very popular card game with variable skill levels
evilfinder : Numerologically determine the evilness of things
exult : Ultima VII engine
falconseye : NetHack derivative
farblazer : An action/arcade game originally based of StarBlazer on the Apple ][
fargoal : Remake of classic roguelike game "Sword of Fargoal"
fgkicker : A launcher frontend for FlightGear
fkiss : Freely enjoy childlike KISS, French-KISS!
flightgear :
freebooters : Freebooters is a free clone of the classic Pirates!
flying : Pool/snooker/billiards/carrom/etc game
foobillard : A free OpenGL-billard game
fotaq : Flight of the Amazon Queen: a classic graphical adventure
frabs : The fRaBs (Free Abuse) data files for the Abuse game engine
freebsd-games : FreeBSD-modified "Standard" BSD games
freecell-solver : A program that automatically solves games of Freecell
freeciv : Free turn-based multiplayer strategy
freeciv-gtk : A civilisation clone for X11 using GNOME; multiplayer
freeciv-gtk2 : A civilisation clone for X11 using GNOME2; multiplayer
freedoko : Play the card game Doppelkopf
freedroid : Freedroid is a clone of the classic game "Paradroid"
freesci : A portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space Quest series
freesweep : Minesweeper-style game for text-mode terminals
frotz : Infocom games interpreter
frozenbubble : Throw colourful bubbles to build groups and destroy the groups
fsgs : Free network game server with ladders, player rankings, more
fuhquake : An excellent QuakeWorld client
galaxis : Clone of the nifty little Macintosh game
garith : Arithmetic quiz program for X Window System
gbottler : SSTP Bottle client
gcompris2 : Gnome2 educational games and activities for kids ages 2 to 10
gemdropx : An interesting one-player puzzle game for X
ggz-client-libs : The GGZ Gaming Zone - Core Client Libraries
ggz-txt-client : The GGZ Gaming Zone - Console (Text) Frontend
gl-117 : An OpenGL & SDL action flight simulator
glasteroids : 3D Asteroids game for X Window System
glbsp : BSP node builder for OpenGL ports of the DOOM game engine
glchess : A 3D OpenGL based chess game
gleyes : GLUT version of Xeyes
glife : Conway's Game of Life for GNOME
glmaze : Multiplayer OpenGL Maze Game
glob2 : Globulation 2 - a free and innovative strategy game
gltron : A 3D worm game for two players for X Window System
gma : Go-moku game which learns playing the game from studying its opponent
gnarr : A program for generating battle cries
gniffel : A clone of the famous Yatzi game, also known as Kniffel, for GNOME
gnmm : A "nine mens' morris" implementation for the GNOME Desktop Environment
gno3dtet : GNOME version of the classic 3D-ified T*tris
gnocatan : An Internet playable version of the Settlers of Catan for GNOME/GTK
gnome-music-quiz : A game similar to the television show 'Name That Tune'
gnomeattacks : GNOME 2 game featuring a bizarre flying GNOME logo
gnomebreakout : GNOME version of the classic breakout game
gnomechess : A GUI chess front-end to crafy, for the GNOME Desktop Environment
gnomegames2 : The game applications package for the Gnome 2 Desktop Environment
gnomekiss : GNOME version of Kisekae Set System
gnomememoryblocks : Memory Blocks game for GNOME
gnomermind : A puzzle game for Gnome, loosely based on the classic MasterMind game
gnomoku : A Gomoku game for GNOME Desktop
gnubg : GNU Backgammon
gnuchess : "Classic" Gnu Chess
gnugo : The game of Go
gnurobots : GNU diversion wherein Scheme-coded robots explore a world
gnushogi : GNU version of Shogi
golddig : Getting the Gold and Avoiding Death : GNUstep Gomoku game
gracer : A 3D motor sport simulator
grande : A Zanac type game
greed : A text puzzle game with the aim of clearing the game field
gretools : GNOME vocabulary builder
grhino : GRhino Othello/Reversi Program
groundhog : Groundhog, a simple logic game
gru : Gru makes your eyes happy
grubinvaders : A multi boot compliant game for i386
gshisen : Shisen-sho puzzle game for GNUstep
gtetrinet : A version of the popular TetriNET multiplayer tetris clone
gtkabale : A lazy version of solitaire game
gtkballs : Lines-like simple logic game for X Window System
gtktetcolor : A game for GNOME that resembles well-known tetris and columns
gturing : A simple turing machine simulator for GNOME 2
gtypist : Interactive typing tutor
gweled : GNOME version of the game called "Bejeweled" or "Diamond Mine"
halflifeserver :
hattrickorganizer : A management tool for written in Java
heretic : Unix source-port of the famous Heretic game by id Software
heroes : A game of yore similar to the "Tron" and "Nibbles"
hex : Clone of "Puzzle Bobble" for X11 that uses GTK/Imlib
hlserver-action : Action Half-Life mod full server package for Linux
hlserver-admin : Popular Half-Life mod server administration tool for Linux
hlserver-cs : Half-Life mod Counter-Strike full server package for Linux
hlserver-dod : Half-Life mod Day of Defeat full server package for Linux
hlserver-esf : Half-Life mod Earth Special Forces (DBZ) full server package for Linux
hlserver-existence : Half-Life mod Existence (Matrix alike) full server package for Linux
hlserver-fa : Half-Life mod Firearms full server package for Linux
hlserver-flf :
hohlin : Remake of the classic spectrum game Head over Heels
hlserver-glbwar : Half-Life mod Global Warfare full server package for Linux
hlserver-heroes : Half-Life mod Heroes full server package for Linux
hlserver-ns : Half-Life mod Natural Selection full server package for Linux
hlserver-opera : Half-Life mod The Opera full server package for Linux
hlserver-opfor : Half-Life mod Opposing Forces full server package for Linux
hlserver-psychostats : Popular player statistics generator for Half-Life (cs/dod)
hlserver-pvk : Half-Life mod Pirates, Vikings & Knights full server package for Linux
hlserver-si : Half-Life mod Science and Industry full server package for Linux
hlserver-snow : Half-Life mod Snow War full server package for Linux
hlserver-svencoop : Half-Life mod Sven Co-Op full server package for Linux
hlserver-trainhunters : Half-Life mod Train Hunters full server package for Linux
hlserver-ts : Half-Life mod The Specialists full server package for Linux
hlserver-tsc : Half-Life mod Counter-Strike with TSC modifications
hlserver-vs : Half-Life mod Vampire Slayer full server package for Linux
hlserver-wasteland : Half-Life mod Wasteland full server package for Linux
hlserver-wizwars : Half-Life mod Wizard Wars full server package for Linux
hlstats : A real-time stats parser for Half Life & its mods
icbm3d : "Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D" - 3D game of defense
icebreaker : A game similar to Jezzball or Barrack
ifm : Interactive Fiction mapper and walkthrough generator
imaze : A multi-player network action game for TCP/IP with 3D graphics
inform : Compiler for producing text adventure games
ishido : Tile placement game
jetpack : Arcade action game for X11
jfk : A multiplayer 2D shoot'em up game
jools : Addictive jewel-swapping puzzle game
jtans : A (not so) ancient puzzle
jumpnbump : A fun multiplayer game with cute fluffy bunnies and bloody explosions
jzip : A text-mode Infocom game interpreter
kanatest : A simple hiragana/katakana drill tool
kbilliards : Funny billiards simulator game for KDE
kcheckers : Qt version of the classic boardgame checkers
kdegames3 : Games for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kfreerings : A small puzzle game
klondike : A solitaire game for X11
knights : A KDE chess interface (gnuchess/crafty)
kobodeluxe : An SDL port of the scrolling game XKobo
mkgichessclub : A chess playing server with a pure web interface
kpacman : Pacman Clone for KDE
kpicframer : KDE card game
kpictorial : Little logical game for KDE
krosswordplayer : KDE crossword puzzle game
kslide : KDE puzzle game
ktritoc : A Tic-tac-toe like boardgame
kwappen : KDE board game
kxl : A visual, sound library for games
ladder : The old "ladder" game
lbreakout : A nice clone of classical Breakout game
lbreakout2 : The polished successor to LBreakout The polished successor to LBreakout The polished successor to LBreakout
ldmud : A modern version of the LPMud game driver
lexter : A real-time word puzzle for text terminals
lgeneral : A turn-based strategy engine inspired by Panzer General
lgeneral-data : A turn-based strategy engine inspired by Panzer General
libggz : The GGZ Gaming Zone - Base Library
libmaitretarot : Core library of MaitreTarot, a Tarot card game
libmt_client : Client-side library of MaitreTarot, a Tarot card game
libshhcards : Library for displaying game cards on X Window System
lincity : Rich city simulation game for X
linux-enemyterritory : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Linux version)
linux-nwnclient : Neverwinter Nights Linux (x86) Client
linux-nwserver : Neverwinter Nights Linux (x86) Dedicated Server
linux-q3ademo : Linux 3d shooter from id Software / Loki Software (demo version)
linux-steam : Half Life dedicated server running on steam
lm-solve : A Computerized Solver for Logic Mazes
ltris : An another tetris clone but a good one with bunch of cool features
macopix : Window sitter for X11
madbomber : A clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 console game "Kaboom!"
maelstrom : Asteroids-style game for X Window System
magiccube4d : MagicCube4D is a four-dimensional analog of Rubik's cube
mahjong : A networked Mah Jong program, together with a computer player
maitretarot : Server side of MaitreTarot, a Tarot card game
mangband : Multiplayer rogue-like game with color, X11 support
marathon-evil : Marathon-Evil scenario for use with AlephOne
marbles : A challenging puzzle game similar to Atomix
merlin : A pointless puzzle game for Tcl/Tk
mindfocus : Lovely characters stay on top of active window
mindguard : Helpful utility for detecting and jamming harmful mind-control rays
mirrormagic : An arcade style game with stereo sound for X Window System
miscom : Atari "Missile Command" clone
monkeybubble : GTK2 Puzzle Bobble clone with monkeys
monopd : Server for Atlantik and gtkAtlantic Games
monster-masher : Gnomemm puzzle game where you have to clean the caves of monsters
moon-buggy : Drive a buggy across the moons surface
moonlander : Land a spacecraft on the moon
moria : A dungeon exploration game
mt_dolphin_ia : A basic AI for MaitreTarot, a Tarot card game
mt_gtk_client : GTK+ client for MaitreTarot, a Tarot card game
mvdsv :
netpanzer-data : Data files for the netpanzer game
mythserver : MythII Metaserver Open Source
nInvaders : The nIvaders game is a Space Invaders clone for ncurses
nadar : A network tank battle game
nethack32 : A dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
nethack33 :
nethack34 :
netpanzer : Real time, isometric view, tank multiplayer strategy game
netpanzerdata : Data files for the netpanzer game
netrek-BRMH-bin : A 16-player network space battle/conquest game with a Star Trek theme
netrek-COW3-bin : A 16-player network space battle/conquest game with a Star Trek theme
netris : A network head to head version of T*tris
netspades : Very popular card game for 1-4 players over a network
nettoe : A tic-tac-toe game playable over the network
neverball : Tilt the floor to guide a ball through an obstacle course
newvox : Voxel-style landscape rendering fly-by
nibbles : Nibbles is a simple ncurses-based console game
nighthawk : An X11 shoot-'em up which requires some lateral thinking
nil : A multiplayer game like Quake in 2D or Worms done right A multiplayer game like Quake in 2D or Worms done right A multiplayer game like Quake in 2D or Worms done right
ninix-aya : Ninix-aya is a compatible with desktop mascot program "Ukagaka"
njam : Fast paced multiplayer pac-man clone
nonsense : A nonsense text generator
nwndata : Neverwinter Nights Data Files
nwnusers : A tool for monitoring Neverwinter Nights Server with mrtg
oilwar : Evil army wants to steal your oil
omega : A complex rogue-style game of dungeon exploration
oneko : A cat chasing a mouse all over the screen
oneko-sakura : A cat, Sakura or Tomoyo chasing a mouse all over the screen
oonsoo : A solitaire card game for X
openglad : SDL port of an old DOS game called Gladiator
openmortal : A parody of the once popular coin-up fighting game, Mortal Kombat
orbital_eunuchs_sniper : An overhead shooting game
p5-Games-Bingo : A bingo game Perl implementation
p5-Games-Bingo-Bot : A simple class holding IRC related methods for bingo
p5-Games-Bingo-Print : Games::Bingo::Print - PDF Generation Class
pathological : Pathological is an enriched clone of the game "Logical"
pcgen : A Java-based RPG character generator and maintenance program
pengpong : A cross-platform pong game written in SDL
penguin-command : A clone of the classic game Missile Command
pentix : This is a game of pentix for terminals
phalanx : Xboard-compatible chess playing program
phpua-bf : A Battlefield 1942 plugin for phpUA
phpua-cod : A Call of Duty plugin for phpUA
phpua-engine : Game server monitor & admin tool
phpua-hl : A Half-Life plugin for phpUA
phpua-q3 : A Quake 3 plugin for phpUA
phpua-ut : An Unreal Tournament plugin for phpUA
phpua-ut2003 : An Unreal Tournament 2003 plugin for phpUA
pinball : Emilia Pinball is a free pinball game
pipenightdreams : A puzzle game similar to PipeMania
pmars : A portable corewar system with ICWS'94 extensions
polypuzzle : Tessellation puzzle game
powermanga : An arcade 2D shoot-em-up
powerpak : SDL-based Game Software Development Kit
pp : Prometeus Project - real time strategy game for X Window System
prboom : A multiplayer-capable and modified version of ID's classic DOOM game
ptkei : A Python/Tk graphical client for Wolfpack Empire servers
py-sgflib : Smart Game Format Parser Library for Python
py-sgfsummary : SGF Summarizer
py-ski : Skiing simulation with curses interface in python
pyching : Consult a I Ching, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom
pydance : Dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades
pykawari : A real kawari8 module for ninix-aya
pysol : Solitaire game, written in Python
pysol-cardsets : Collection of free cardsets adapted for use with PySol
pysol-music : Collection of background music for use with PySol
pythoong : A snake-like game written for Gnome desktop
q3-paks : Quake 3 for Linux .pk3 files
q3server : Quake III Arena Dedicated Server for Linux
q3server-excessive : Quake III Arena Excessive Mod for Linux
q3server-freezetag : Quake III Arena Mod: Freeze Tag for Linux
q3server-osp : Quake III Arena Mod: OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF for Linux
q3server-ra3 :
q3server-ut : Quake III Arena Mod: Urban Terror for Linux
q3server-wfa : Quake III Arena Mod: Weapons Factory Arena for Linux
qcc : The QuakeC compiler, for building custom games of Quake
qonk : Small space build and conquer strategy game
quake-data : Quake data files
qgo : A Go board and SGF editor written with the Qt library
qix : The classic arcade game
qkmj : QKMJ - QK Ma2Jong4 client
qstat : A command line program to query game servers on the net
quake2forge : First Person Shooter with many addons available
quake2lnx : version of the original Quake II
quake2max : An OpenGL only Quake II engine modification
quakeforge : Cleaned up copy of the GPLd Quake 1 source code
quakeserver : A server to host Quake network games under FreeBSD
quit : A bicycle with trailers like "sl"
qwdtools : Converts QuakeWorld demos from QWD format to MVD format Converts QuakeWorld demos from QWD format to MVD format Converts QuakeWorld demos from QWD format to MVD format
race : OpenGL Racing Game
rfksay : Generates a kitten finding robot with a text bubble
robocode : A game for learning Java[tm] programming language
robotfindskitten : Yet another zen simulation
rockdodger : Addictive rock-dodging greeblie-killing platform game
rocksndiamonds : Colorful Boulderdash'n'Emerald Mine'n'Sokoban'n'Stuff
rottdc : Apogee's Rise Of The Triad source port Apogee's Rise Of The Triad source port Apogee's Rise Of The Triad source port
rt2-demo : The free demo of Railroad Tycoon II
rtb : Robot programming game for UNIX
rtcw : Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux
rtcw-paks : Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux .pk3 files
rubix : Another Rubik's cube game with a rather interesting interface
sarien : Sierra AGI games interpreter
scid : A free chess database application
scorched3d-devel : Scorched is a game based loosely on the classic DOS game
scummvm : Graphical Adventure Game Virtual Machine
scummvm-tools : Tools for use with the SCUMMVM game emulator
sdlroids : An enhanced shoot-the-asteroids game
seabattle : A curses based battleship type game
seahaven : The classic, lightweight version of Seahaven Towers
senken : A city simulation game
senso : Game to challenge short-term memory
sex : Spouts silly mad-lib-style porn-like text
shaaft : An OpenGL 3D falling block game similar to Blockout
six : KDE HEX clone
sl : A steam locomotive runs across the screen if you type "sl" instead of "ls"
slashem-tty : A dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
smacx : Free demo of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
smiley : A "server" to print out a smiley with it's explanation
sokoban : Logical game: problems with packets in cave
sol : Solitaire card game for X Window System
solarwolf : An action/arcade game originally based of SolarFox on the Atari 2600
sopwith : A classic WW1 biplane game
spacearyarya : Space Harrier, the ancient video game like game
spacehulk : Science-fiction board game in the world of Warhammer 40000
speak : Generates random middle-management synergy speak
spellcast : Multiplayer fight with spells turn based game for X Window System
speyes : WindowMaker dockapp/xeyes clone using SouthPark characters
spider : A challenging double decked solitaire game
ssamtse : Serious Sam - The Second Encounter
ssc : An OpenGL arcade space shoot-em-up with interesting physics
starlanes : The classic space-age stock trading game
stratagus : Free cross-platform real-time strategy gaming engine
stvef-paks : Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces dedicated server for Linux .pk3 files
stvef-server : Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces dedicated server for Linux
super_methane_brothers : A port of the Amiga platform game of the same name
supertux : Super Tux is a side-scroller similar to Super Mario Brothers
yace : Yet Another Corewars Evolver
sxsame : A tile-removing puzzle game for the X Window system
tads : TADS compiler/interpreter for interactive fiction
taipan : Taipan was (and is) a classic role-playing game from the 1980s
tank : A 3-D network tank game that uses OpenGL/Mesa
taxipilot : A Spacetaxi clone
teg : A turn-based strategy game for GNOME
tenebrae : Quake 1 source port with advanced graphics
tetrinet : A console tetrinet client
tetrinet-x : An addictive 6 player tetr*s game
textmaze : Generates mazes on a text terminal and lets you traverse them
thevalley : The Valley is a rewrite of an old RPG from the early 1980s
thudboard : The Discworld Boardgame Board
tictactoe3d : This is a simple "3D" tic tac toe game
tileworld : An emulation of the game "Chip's Challenge"
tinymux : A Multi-Player FreeForm adventure Program
tkmoo : Tk-based Makefile client with scripting support
tksol : A version of the card game solitaire
tome : Roguelike dungeon exploration game based on JRR Tolkien's works
toppler : A game where you have to climb the tower and avoid the monsters
torcs : The Open Racing Car Simulator The Open Racing Car Simulator The Open Racing Car Simulator
torrent : Score points without letting the tiles touch the top of the board
ttt : Simple one or two player Tic Tac Toe game
tuxmath : Educational arcade game starring Tux
trigger : A rally car racing game
tornado : A curses-based game of weather destruction
trackballs : SDL-based Marble Madness clone
tractorgen : Generates ASCII tractors
traindirector : Train controller simulation
trojka : A game of skill
trophy : A single player racing game
tt : Tetris for Terminals
ttraffic : TTraffic - A Tcl/Tk version of Rush Hour
tux-aqfh : An OpenGL adventure game
tuxkart : An OpenGL action kart racing game
tuxpuck : Shufflepuck Cafe Clone
tuxracer : A 3d penguin racing game using OpenGL
tuxracer_golf : A golf course theme for Tux Racer
tuxtype : An educational typing tutor starring Tux the Linux Penguin
tvp : Play the cardgame President (or Ass) against 3 AIs
twitch : An overhead 2-d shooter, reminiscent of games like Robotron
typespeed : Test your typing speed, and get your fingers\' CPS
uhexen : Yet another port of Hexen, popular game from Raven Software
uox3 : A GPL'd server for Origin Systems' Ultima Online multiplayer game
uqm : A port of the original Star Control 2 for 3DO consoles
urban : A bloody, violent sidescrolling shoot-em-up
urban-sounds : The sounds for use with URBAN
utserver : Unreal Tournament Dedicated Server for Linux
utserver-asu : Abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU) for Unreal Tournament Server (Linux)
utserver-to :
vamos : An automotive simulation framework
vavoom : Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen and Strife source port
wanderer : Rogue like adventure game
vectoroids : A vector-based, pretty, Asteroids clone
virt : Game and keyboard teacher in one. Enjoy it!
wargus : Warcraft 2 mod that allows you to play Warcraft 2 with Stratagus
warzone2100 : Innovative 3D real-time strategy game
wesnoth : A fantasy turn-based strategy game
wmeyes : The world's most useless WindowMaker dock app
wmfortune : A dockapp that outputs fortune messages
wmminichess : Window Maker chess dockapp game
wmpuzzle : A dockable puzzle game for WindowMaker and AfterStep
wmqstat : A dockapp for monitoring of various Internet game servers
wmshuffle : A dockable Shuffle game for WindowMaker and AfterStep
wmtictactoe : A dockable TicTacToe game for WindowMaker and AfterStep
wmtimebomb : A minesweeper for WindowMaker
wolf3d : "Wolfenstein 3D Linux" by Steven Fuller (1992)
wolfpack : Long term multiplayer strategy game
wordplay : Simple program to generate anagrams
wtf : Translates common Internet acronyms
x3eyes : An xeyes-like game except with 3 eyes
xabacus : Abacus for X Window System
xarchon : A chess-like strategy game with battle options
xasteroids : X11 based asteroids style arcade game
xataxx : Strategy game of position and movement for X Window System
xbaby : Babies hide under your windows
xbat : XEVIOUS like shooting game
xbattle : A concurrent multi-player battle strategy game
xbill : Save your computers from the evil clutches of Bill
xbl : A 3D block-dropping game
xblackjack : An X11/Motif blackjack game
xblast : Multi-player real-time strategy game for X11
xblast-beta : Multi-player real-time strategy game for X11 (beta release)
xblood : Makes the root window bloody
xbloody : Knife on X
xboard : X frontend for Crafty, GNUChess, Chess Servers, or e-mail chess
xboing : X11 arcade game
xbomb : Minesweeper with a couple of grid types
xbomber : A game based on "Super Bomberman" for the Super Nintendo
xbubble : Puzzle Bobble clone for Unix/X11 platforms
xchadance : Display a dancing girl "ChaCha."
xchain : Chain Reaction, a strategy game for 2-4 players
xcheckers : A checkers game for X11
xchomp : Pac-man-like game under X11
xcogitate : A logic game with board and stones
xconq : A graphical multi-player strategy game and game design system
xcubes : Cube puzzle for X11
xdeblock : Block action game
xdemineur : Another minesweeper game for the X Window System
xdigger : Boulderdash-like KC85 Digger for X Window System
xdino : Dino puzzle game for X11
xeji : An old man watching your mouse cursor
xemeraldia : A game of breaking blocks
xevil : A fast-action, networked, anti-social, kill-everything game
xeyesplus : Horrible eyes looking at your mouse cursor
xfce4-toys : Toys for the XFce 4 panel
xfireworks : Fireworks on X
xflame : A cool animated flame
xfrisk : A multi-player networked Risk game for X11
xgalaga : Galaga resurrected on X
xgammon : A backgammon program for X11
xgolgo : Watches what you are doing and whether you're hostile or not
xgospel : An X11 Go (weiqi, baduk) client for the Internet Go Server
xhexagons : Hexagons puzzle (similar to Fifteen Puzzle) for X Window System
xhime : Resident Himechan for X Window System
xinfocom : An Infocom game interpreter for X11
xinvaders : Shoot-em-up them nasty little bugs
xinvaders3d : 3D Vector-graphics Space Invaders clone for X
xisola : Simple board game for X Window System
xjewel : X11 dropping jewels game
xjig : Jigsaw puzzle game for X11
xjump : A simple X game where one tries to jump up as many levels as possible
xjumpjump : Logical game for X Window System
xjumpx : Improved version of xjump
xkobo : Multi-way scrolling shoot 'em up game for X. Strangely addictive
xkoules : Fast action arcade-style game for X Window
xlaby : Daemonic X Labyrinth played directly with the mouse pointer
xlife : John Horton Conway's Game of Life
xlifegame : A life game for X
xlines : Remove as many balls from board as you can
xmahjongg : The Chinese game of Mahjongg for X11
xmastermind : Mastermind game for X Window System
xmball : Masterball puzzle for X Window System
xmemory : Multi-player memory game
xmille : X window mille bourne game
xmine : The `Athena' port of the xminesweeper game
xminehunter : A Motif minesweeper game
xmines : Minesweeper game for the X Window System
xminesweep : X11 minesweeper game
xmj : Mahjongg
xmlink : Missing Link puzzle for X Window System
xmris : A version of the Mr Do video arcade game for X11
xmulti : A X11 mascot based on gal-game "To Heart"
xneko : The classic cat-and-mouse
xnibbles : A simple X11 snake game, like one seen in MS-DOS qbasic
xoct : Oct puzzle for X Window System
xoids : X Window Asteroids style game with full color pixmaps
xoj : O. J. Simpson Simulator root window demo
xonix : Try to win land without colliding with `flyers' and `eaters'
xosmulti : A little girl cartoon on the top of the active window
xothello : Othello aka Reversi game for X Window
xpacman : An old action game
xpanex : Panex puzzle for X Window System
xpat2 : An X11 solitaire game with 14 variations
xpenguins : Cute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows
xphotohunter : A game looking for the difference between two pictures
xpilot : Xpilot(client) and xpilots(server)
xpilot-ng : An enhanced version of XPilot
xpilotmon : A Tcl/Tk interface to the XPilot meta server(s)
xpipeman : Connect the pipes to stop the leaks
xpired : An action-puzzle maze escape game (SDL)
xpuyopuyo : A puzzle game, somewhat like Tetris
xpuzzletama : Puzzle tama, a tetris like game
xpyraminx : Pyraminx puzzle for X Window System
xqf : A server browser for many popular 3D action games
xquarto : X version of simple but tricky board game
xracer : Awesome WipeOut clone for OpenGL and X11!
xrick : A clone of Rick Dangerous
xripple : X program to make bottom of screen ripple like a pool of water
xrisk : A game for X11, much like the popular board game
xroach : Cockroaches hide under your windows
xroads : Commodore 64 "Crossroads"-like video game for X Window System
xrobots : Fight off villainous robots (X version)
xrot : A falling ball puzzle game for X
xrubik : X-based rubik's cube(tm)
xsc : A vector graphics space shoot'em up game
xscavenger : A Lode Runner clone for X11
xscorch : Multiplayer tank shoot-em-up
xscrabble : X version of the popular board game
xshipwars-client : Hardcore Internet space combat/economy game resembling EV on crack!
xshisen : Shisen-sho puzzle game for X11
xshogi : The Japanese chess-like game for X Window System
xskat : Play the card game Skat
xskewb : Skewb puzzle (similar to Rubik's Cube) for X Window
xsok : A generic Sokoban game for X11
xsokoban : A puzzle of pushing objects to the goals
xsol : Solitaire
xsoldier : Space-based shoot-em up game for X11
xspacewarp : Time Trek - like game for X Window System
xspringies : A mass and spring simulation system
xteddy : A cuddlesome teddy for the X desktop
xtet42 : A one or two player t*tris game
xtic : An X version of a simple but tricky board game
xtriangles : Triangles puzzle
xtris : A multi-player version of a popular game for the X Window system
xtrojka : Game of skill similar to T*tris
xtron : Avoid running into walls, your own tail, and that of your opponent
xtruco : Simple version for X Window of the famous card game Super Truco
xtux : Humorous Arcade game for X
xvier : Throw stones into free columns
xvmahjongg : Mahjongg for XView with multicolored tiles
xvmines : Simple minesweeper game for X Window System
xwelltris : 3D tetris-like game
xword : A crossword puzzle application
xworm : Classic game with apples and hungry worm
xzip : An Infocom game interpreter that runs under X11
yadex : A WAD-file editor, for games like Doom and Hexen
yahtzee : A curses version of the dice game for one or more players
yamsweeper : Yet Another Mine Sweeper
zangband : Zangband (Zelazny Angband) with color, X11 support
znibbles : A multi-player networked nibbles game
zoom : Z-Interpreter for X with full V6 support
ztrack : Simple ncurses based pseudo-3D driving game
gtklife : A GTK+ implementation of Conway's Game of Life
tuxracer-commercial : A 3d penguin racing game using OpenGL
ctetris : Beautiful tetris clone written in C using the ncurses library
deng : An enhanced Doom, Heretic and Hexen source port
kpuzzle : Jigsaw puzzle game for KDE
bastet : An ncurses Tetris clone which is harder than every other Tetris
blobwars : You are the fearless Blob agent, Bob You are the fearless Blob agent, Bob You are the fearless Blob agent, Bob
bubbros : Multiplayer clone of the famous Bubble Bobble game
childsplay_plugins : Educative games for children
daimonin-client : Free open source Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-playing Game (MMORPG)
einstein : Remake of old DOS game Sherlock, which was inspired by Albert Einstein's puzzle.
el : Eternal Lands is a free 3D MMORPG
fgfs-base : FlightGear scenery, textures and aircraft models
frikqcc : Advanced QuakeC compiler/decompiler
gnomegames2-extra-data : Themes and artwork for the gnomegames2 package
gtkatlantic : GtkAtlantic is a game like Monopoly(tm)
highmoon : Duel in the universe
kaid : XLink Kai tunneling server
kgeography : Geography learning tool
koth : Multiplayer tank artillery game similar to Scorched Earth
linux-doom3-demo : DOOM III demo for Linux
linux-enemyterritory-fortress : A class-based teamplay modification for Enemy Territory
linux-enemyterritory-tce : A modern tactical Enemy Territory modification
linux-spheresofchaos-demo : An unusual and spectacular shoot-em-up for the PC
linux-ut2004-demo : Unreal Tournament 2004 demo
linux-virtual-jay-peak : A simulation of snowboarding at the Jay Peak resort in Vermont
marathon2-data : Data files for the alephone port from Marathon 2
meqcc : MrElusive's QuakeC compiler
monsterz : Monsterz - arcade puzzle game
nexuiz : A fast-paced, chaotic, and intense multiplayer first person shooter
noegnud-addons : The addons (tilesets and sound themes) for noeGNUd
noegnud-data : The noeGNUd Data Files
noegnud-littlehack : The noeGNUd UI for the the LittleHack variation of Nethack
noegnud-nethack : The noeGNUd UI for the vanilla Nethack
noegnud-nethack-deet : The noeGNUd UI for Nethack with DeeT's hack font patch
noegnud-slashem : The noeGNUd UI for the SLASH'EM variant of Nethack
openttd : An open source clone of Microprose Transport Tycoon Deluxe
p5-Games-Dice : Perl module to simulate die rolls
pear-Games_Chess : PEAR methods for constructing and validating chess games in PGN
powwow : Client to play MUDs
ppracer : 3D downhill racing game... kind of like TuxRacer Improved 3D downhill racing game... kind of like TuxRacer Improved 3D downhill racing game... kind of like TuxRacer Improved
pvpgn : Free Blizzard emulation software
qccx : A very fast optimizing QuakeC compiler
qnetchess : Qt based chess multiplayer game
qnetwalk : Qt-version of the NetWalk game
scare : ADRIFT-compatible interactive games interpreter
scorched3d : Scorched is a game based loosely on the classic DOS game
tecnoballz : A brick breaker (Arkanoid-like game)
tomatoes : Tomato-smashing, Q-Bert style
tsito : A Chinese chess (Xiangqi) program
wmquake : Id Software\'s Quake I in a 64x64 WM dockapp window
wormux : Wormux game Wormux game Wormux game
xdesktopwaves : Simulation of water waves on the desktop
xgame : A Perl script which enhances gameplay under Linux/Unix
xglk : X Windows Implementation of the Glk API
xrally : XRally is a Linux clone of the classic Rally X arcade game
abe : Abe's Amazing Adventure
airrox : An 3D Air Hockey, which uses SDL & OpenGL
alienblaster : Alien Blaster
alienwave : Shoot'em up game written using ncurses
anagramarama : Anagramarama - a word game for Linux, Windows and BeOS
annelid : Remake of the ubiquitous "Snake" and "Worm" games
apoolGL : Another billiard simulator
armagetron : A multiplayer networked Tron clone in 3D
asciiquarium : aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art
atris : Atris: Alizarin Tetris
atris-sounds : Sounds for Atris: Alizarin Tetris
balazar : 3D adventure and roleplaying game
biloba : A strategy board game for 2 to 4 players
bomns : The best old-school deathmatch game EVER (only for two players)
bos : A real-time strategy game
cavezofphear : Boulder Dash / Digger-like game written using ncurses
concentration : Find all matching pairs of icons as fast as possible
connectfive : Place five pieces in a row on a 3d board
ctris : Colorized, small and flexible Tetris(TM)-clone for the console
dangerdeep : Open source World War II German submarine simulation
darkplaces : Quake engine modification
doom-data : Doom data files (Doom, Doom II, Hexen, Heretic and Strife)
doom-freedoom : Complete Doom-based game IWAD that is Free Software
doom-hacx : A full TC using the Doom II engine
doom-hr : Hell Revealed is a megawad, a 32-level replacement for DooM II
doom-hr2 : Hell Revealed II is a megawad, a 32-level replacement for DooM II
doom-wolfendoom : Wolfenstein 3D levels ported to Doom II
duel : An overhead, OpenGL space shooter
ember : Ember is a WorldForge 3d client using the OGRE 3d library
ensemblist : Assemble given shapes from primitives
excido : A portable fast-paced 3d shooter
exhaust : Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications
exhaust-doc : Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications (docs)
exhaust-ma : Redcode simulator easy to embed into applications
exmars : Memory Array Redcode Simulator, just like exhaust and pMARS
fillets-ng : A wonderful puzzle game
filters : A collection of filters, including B1FF and the Swedish Chef
flightgear-aircrafts : Additional aircrafts for the FlightGear flight simulator
flightgear-atlas : A map viewer for use with the FlightGear flight simulator
fmars : Fast Memory Array Redcode Simulator
freedroidrpg : Modification of the classical Freedroid engine into an RPG
galaxyhack : AI script based strategy game
geki2 : 2D length scroll shooting game
geki3 : 2D horizontal scroll shooting game
ggz-gtk-client : The GGZ Gaming Zone - GTK+ Frontend
ggz-sdl-games : The GGZ Gaming Zone - SDL-based games
gnomesudoku : GNOME Sudoku game
gtkpool : A 2D pool game using the GTK+ toolkit
hangman : Challenge your spelling skills in the old western style
interlogic : Move colored balls through the maze connecting it with each other
ivan : A graphical roguelike game
jfduke3d : Jonathon Fowler's Duke Nukem 3D Port
kamikaze : Multiplayer bomberman-style game for KDE
ksudoku : A Sudoku generator and solver for KDE
lincity-ng : Improved rich city simulation game for X
linux-alienarena : Alien Arena 2006 (Linux version)
linux-americasarmy : America's Army (Linux version)
linux-quake3 : Quake III Arena for Linux
linux-quake3-demo : Quake III Arena Demo Quake III Arena Demo Quake III Arena Demo
linux-quake4 : Quake 4 for Linux
linux-ut2003-demo : Unreal Tournament 2003 demo
linux-warsow : Free multiplayer first person shooter with cartoon design
liquidwar : You control an army of liquid and have to try and eat your opponents
lmarbles : A challenging puzzle game similar to Atomix
lucidlife : A GTK2 implementation of Conway's Game of Life
luola : Multiplayer Cave-flying game
oolite : Trade and combat space simulator, clone of Elite
p5-Games-AlphaBeta : Game-tree search with object oriented interface
pachi : A platforms game similar to Manic Miner
pioneers : An Internet playable version of the Settlers of Catan for GNOME/GTK+
pmars-sdl : Port of pMARS using the Simple Directmedia Library
q15 : A Qt-based game fifteen
quake-dpmod : Quake 1 modification (for DarkPlaces)
quake-reaper : Quake 1 bots
quake-source : Quake and QuakeWorld source
quake2-data : Quake II data files
quake2-source : Quake II game source
quake3 : Quake III Arena -- first person shooter (native build)
quake3-data : Quake III Arena data files Quake III Arena data files Quake III Arena data files
quake3-excessive : Quake III Arena Mod: Excessive
quake3-freezetag : Quake III Arena Mod: Freeze Tag
quake3-osp : Quake III Arena Mod: OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF
quake3-ra3 : Quake III Arena Mod: Rocket Arena 3
quake3-ut : Quake III Arena Mod: Urban Terror
quake3-wfa : Quake III Arena Mod: Weapons Factory Arena
ruby-exmars : Ruby interface to the exMARS Memory Array Redcode Simulator
scourge : S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a rogue-like game
scramble : From 6 letters you are to create as many words as you can
sdb : Futuristic overhead shooter
slune : 3D game. includes racing, car-crashing, and lots of action
spicetrade : Colourful 14th century Arab spice trading game
starfighter : Chris Bainfield is fighting for the freedom of the galaxy Chris Bainfield is fighting for the freedom of the galaxy Chris Bainfield is fighting for the freedom of the galaxy
sudsol : A utility to solve Sudoku puzzles
tmw : A free open source 2D MMORPG in development
tuxpaint : Drawing program designed for young children
tuxpaint-fonts : TuxPaint Localized Fonts
tuxpaint-stamps : TuxPaint Stamps
umark : Unreal Tournament 200x series benchmark utility Unreal Tournament 200x series benchmark utility Unreal Tournament 200x series benchmark utility
vdrift : Open source driving simulation
viruskiller : An arcade game that relies on quick reflexes An arcade game that relies on quick reflexes An arcade game that relies on quick reflexes
volleyball : A game similar to GNU Arcade Volleyball
vor : Dodge the rocks until you die
xmoto : Challenging 2D motocross platform game
zephulor : Adventures on Planet Zephulor
8kingdoms : 3D turn-based fantasy strategic game
aestats : An advanced HTML statistics generator for various games
agame : A simple tetris-like game
alephone-scenarios : Free scenarios for the Aleph One engine
alienarena : Alien Arena 2006 (native version)
alienarena-data : Alien Arena 2006 (data)
allacrost : A single player 2D role-playing game
amoebax : Cute and addictive Puyo Puyo like game
antrix : Free stable dedicated-server for World of Warcraft
aqbubble : Game similar to snow bros
assaultcube : Total conversion of the FPS game called Cube
avanor : Rogue-like game with easy ADOM-like user interface
awale : African board game
balazarbrothers : Balazar Brother is a free software 3D puzzle game
banihstypos : Banihstypos is a simple game to teach you typing, FAST
belooted : A popular 32-card trick-taking game played in France
bfm : Battle for Mandicor is free RTS fantasy game using Stratagus
bitefusion : A snake game with 8 levels
blinkensisters : Parallax-style 2D scrolling platform game
blobandconquer : A somewhat violent 3D action game A somewhat violent 3D action game A somewhat violent 3D action game
bloboats : A boat racing game in the spirit of Elasto Mania or X-Moto
blokish : Clone of the strategy board game 'Blokus'
boswars : A real-time strategy game
brutalchess : Nice looking OpenGL chess game
bumprace : Simple arcade racing game
burrtools : A puzzle solver
cchess : Very simple Chinese chess program
ceferino : Game similar to Super Pang
chanta : Free 2D jump and run game
cheech : A multi-platform, networked Chinese Checkers game
cleanq3 : Cleaned up copy of the original Quake III Arena source code
construo : A fun construction toy
crafty-open-enormous : The enormous opening book (about 85-90 MByte) for crafty
crafty-tablebase-pawn : These are the pawn tablebases (3,4,5 man) for crafty
cultivation : Unique game of conflict and cooperation in a gardening community
dangen : Shoot'em up game where accurate shooting matters
dangerdeep-data : The Danger from the Deep data files
demonquake : Another improved Quake engine based on FuhQuake
diameter : Arcade-style game with elements of economy and adventure
djgame2 : bluedj contains many popular online games
duke3d-data : Duke Nukem 3D Data
eduke32 : Duke Nukem 3D Port based on JFDuke and EDuke
egl : Enhaced OpenGL only Quake II engine
el-data : Eternal Lands data and sound files
endgame-singularity : Simulates the life of a true AI
endgame-singularity-music : Music pack for endgame-singularity
evq3 : The Marriage of XreaL and Q3 w/ Improvements
ezquake : Modern QuakeWorld client
fgsd : A scenery designer for the FlightGear flight simulator A scenery designer for the FlightGear flight simulator A scenery designer for the FlightGear flight simulator
fishsupper : Guide a cat across a series of rivers, jumping from log to log
flightgear-mb339-pan : A simulation of the MB-339 PAN aerobatic jet
flobopuyo : Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo
flyhard : Game resembling Thrust, but with lots of shooting and puzzles
formido : 2D kill-em all with 3D rendered graphics
fortunate : Graphical front-end to the command-line BSD fortune
freeciv-sounds : Freeciv standard sound set
freecol : An open source version of Colonization
freeorion : Open-source, platform independent galactic conquest game
freera : Westwood red alert game engine
freesynd : FreeSynd GPLed reimplementation of the classic Bullfrog game Syndicate
freetennis : A tennis simulation
fretsonfire : A game of musical skill and fast fingers
fretsonfire-data : Frets on Fire data files
fteqw : QuakeWorld client with cool features, but still compatible
ftjava : Full Thrust PBEM Client
funnyboat : A side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea
fxsudoku : An implementation of the Sudoku game
galaxymage : Open source tactical and strategic RPG
gcompris : Gnome2 educational games and activities for kids ages 2 to 10 Gnome2 educational games and activities for kids ages 2 to 10 Gnome2 educational games and activities for kids ages 2 to 10
gdado : GTK2 dice roller
ggo : PandaNet's IGS Client, GNU Go Client and SGF Editor
ggz-gtk-games : The GGZ Gaming Zone - GTK+ Games
ggz-kde-client : The GGZ Gaming Zone - KDE Client
gillo : Players are cars throwing a magnetic fuzzy ball into a goal Players are cars throwing a magnetic fuzzy ball into a goal Players are cars throwing a magnetic fuzzy ball into a goal
gish-demo : A platform game with a gelatinous 12-pound ball of tar named Gish (Demo version)
glaxium : An OpenGL based space-ship "shoot-em-up" game
glest : Free 3d real-time customizable strategy game
glest-data : Glest data files
glpuzzle : An OpenGL jigsaw puzzle game
gmastermind : The well-known mastermind game
gmines : Well-known minesweeper game for GNUstep
gnome-games : The game applications package for the GNOME 2 Desktop Environment
gnome-games-extra-data : Themes and artwork for the gnome-games package
gnono : Uno card game
gnudoku : A free program for creating and solving Su Doku puzzles
gnustep-ladder : GNU Go frontend for GNUstep
gnustep-sudoku : Sudoku solver and generator
goonies : Remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The Goonies'
gridlock : A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep
grubik : Virtual 3D Rubiks cube for GNUstep
gtkradiant : Level design program developed by id Software and Loki Software
hex-a-hop : A puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles
hexxagon : A strategy hexagon game
hinversi : Reversi/Othello clone
hllib : Library to work with various Half-Life file formats
hlstatsx : Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics for HL2 and mods
holotz-castle : A platform game with high doses of mystery
ioquake3 : Cleaned-up and enhaced version of Quake 3 Cleaned-up and enhaced version of Quake 3 Cleaned-up and enhaced version of Quake 3
iourbanterror : Quake 3 engine modified for Urban Terror (based on ioquake3) Quake 3 engine modified for Urban Terror (based on ioquake3) Quake 3 engine modified for Urban Terror (based on ioquake3)
jaggedalliance2 : A port of "Jagged Alliance 2" using SDL
jchessboard : Chess game and PGN viewer/editor written in Java
jigsaw : Simulates a jigsaw puzzle and illustrates the use of clipping paths
jin : A graphical client for chess servers
joequake : Improved NQ engine with ZQuake and FuhQuake graphical effects
kardsgt : Card game suite
kevedit : Modern ZZT editor with necessary features
kiki : Kiki the nanobot is a 3-D puzzle game
kimboot : A sick and addictive arcade game
klavaro : Touchtyping trainer
kmastermind : Mastermind game designed for K Desktop Environment
kmquake2 : Enhanced Quake2 OpenGL only engine with Lazarus support
lapispuzzle : Tetris-like game for GNUstep
latrine : Curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr
lianliankan : A scarce recreation game A scarce recreation game A scarce recreation game
libdungeonmaker : A program/library that "grows" dungeons for use in isometric games
libfov : C library for calculating fields of view on low resolution rasters
linux-darwinia-demo : Real-time action strategy with programs
linux-defcon : Defcon for Linux
linux-doom3 : Doom III for Linux
linux-enemyterritory-etpro : ET Pro - The Enemy Territory Competition Mod
linux-enemyterritory-etpub : ET Pub - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-enemyterritory-jaymod : Jaymod - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-enemyterritory-omni-bot : Omni-Bot is a bot for Enemy Territory
linux-enemyterritory-shrub : Shrub - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-goodway : A flight planner for the X-Plane flight simulator
linux-nerogame : Neuro envolving robotic operatives the game
linux-quake4-demo : Quake 4 for Linux Demo
linux-savage : The Savage game (linux version)
linux-savage-samuraiwars : An official mod for Savage game (linux version)
linux-uplink-demo : High tech computer crime and industrial espionage on the Internet
linux-ut : Unreal Tournament for Linux
lordsawar : A Warlords II clone
linux-x-plane : A commercial flight simulator
linux-x-plane-net-installer : The X-Plane network installer
lmpc : A tool to manipulate games demo recordings
mangos : Free dedicated-server for World of Warcraft
marsnomercy : A turn-based strategy game setting on Mars
masterserver : Masterserver for IdSoftware games (D3, EF, H2, Q2, Q3, QW)
memonix : Brain teasers, puzzle and memory games for kids in one pack
mkhexgrid : A fully-configurable hex grid generator
mtaserver : Multi Theft Auto: Vice City and GTA3 dedicated server
mudmagic : A GTK+ based MUD client
nazghul : A computer role-playing game engine
nehquake : Quake engine designed for playing Nehahra
nextgo : classic Go game for OPENSTEP/GNUstep
nuclearchess : A chess variant designed to be short and fun for all players
openarena : GPL-licensed total conversion of Quake 3
openastromenace : Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities
openyahtzee : Full-featured classic dice game Yahtzee
outerspace : On-line strategy game
p5-Algorithm-Pair-Best : Perl module to generate tournament pairings
p5-Algorithm-Pair-Swiss : Generate unique pairings for tournaments
p5-Baseball-Sabermetrics : A Baseball Statistics Module
p5-Games-Alak : Simple game-tree implementation of a gomoku-like game
p5-Games-GuessWord : Guess the letters in a word (ie Hangman)
p5-Games-Tournament-RoundRobin : Round-Robin Tournament Schedule Pairings
palomino : Action flight simulator with its own 3D engine
pengupop : Online multiplayer clone of Bust a Move
pets : Funny pets to follow your mouse pointer
pingus : Free Lemmings-like game
pipepanic : A pipe connecting game using libSDL
planeshift : First 3D MMORPG to be free for players
plonx : A small ascii puzzle game
poker-engine : A python library that implements poker rules
poker-eval : A C library to evaluate poker hands
pokerth : A poker game written in C++/QT4
pongix : Free pong-like game
pouetchess : An open-source 3D chess game
primateplunge : Primate Plunge is an arcade game
py-poker-eval : Python adaptor for the poker-eval toolkit
pyawale : African board game
pysycache : Educational software made in python
pysycache-lang : The pysycache lang support
pysycache-themes : The pysycache themes support
pythonchess : Small program for playing chess against the computer
q2p : Ehnaced OpenGL only Quake II engine
q2pro : Quake II engine modification compatible with R1Q2
q3base : Quake III Arena fork using SDL
q3cellshading : Quake III engine with Cell Shading capabilities
quake-extras : Addons for Quake
secretmaryochronicles : Secret Maryo Chronicles two-dimensional platform game
quake2-3zb2 : 3rd-Zigock Bot II for Quake II
quake2-ctf : Quake II CTF (Capture The Flag) modification
quake2-extras : Quake II extras (high quality textures and skins)
quake2-lights : Lights modification for Quake II
quake2-matrix : Matrix modification for Quake II
quake2-psychomod : Psychomod modification for Quake II
quake2-relay : Quake II multi-view demo recording facility
quake2-rogue : Quake II Ground Zero (Rogue) Mission Pack
quake2-xatrix : Quake II: The Reckoning (Xatrix) Mission Pack
quake2-zaero : Quake II Zaero Mission Pack
quake3-rq3 : Quake III Arena Mod: Reaction Quake 3
quantumminigolf : A computer game visualizing quantum mechanics
quaqut : Queries information from Unreal Tournament 2004 game servers
qudos : Enhaced OpenGL only Quake II engine
quetoo : Fast, stable, compatible, and secure Quake II client
r1q2 : Enhaced Quake II client/server focusing on stability
reminiscence : A rewritten engine for Flashback
ri-li : Drive a toy wood train in many levels - snake-like arcade game
sampsvr : Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas multiplayer modification dedicated server Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas multiplayer modification dedicated server Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas multiplayer modification dedicated server
sauerbraten : First person shooter based on Cube
scourge-data : S.C.O.U.R.G.E data files
sdlquake2 : Combination of R1Q2 and R1GL with SDL code from Quake2Forge
sdlsand : Simulation of falling sand and other materials
sfbol : Star Fleet Battles Online
shootingstar : SDL/OpenGL top-down shooter
sjeng : Chess engine supporting chess variations
slige : DOOM level generator
slump : Fork of SLIGE that is optimized for making FreeDoom maps
solarconquest : Space 2D action game with plenty of shooting
stepbill : Get rid of those nasty Wingdows viruses
stroq : Flip tiles to make rows of the same color
sturmbahnfahrer : Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
sudoku : Console based sudoku games
sudoku_solver : A Sudoku Solver in C
tbclock : Binary clock in curses
tetrons : Tetris(TM) clone for X11
timeseal : Account for network lag in FICS chess games
toycars : Physics-based 2D racing game
tremor : Enhaced Quake engine based on JoeQuake
tremulous : Free FPS game featuring two opposing teams, humans and aliens
trimines : Mine sweeper game that uses triangles instead of squares
tuxpaint-config : Graphical tool to change TuxPaint settings
tyrquake : Very conservative branch of the Quake source code
ufoai : A strategy game featuring tactical combat
ufoai-data : UFO alien invasion data files
uhexen2 : Hexen II source port supporting Linux/FreeBSD/Unix/Windows
uhexen2-extras : Hexen II source port extras (demos, mods, etc)
ultimatestunts : Racing game with elaborate stunts
untahris : Play several classic fun, simple arcade games in multiplayer mode
urbanterror-data : Standalone realism based mod originally for Quake III Arena
vavoom-extras : Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen and Strife source port (extras)
vdrift-data : Vdrift driving simulation data files
vultures-claw : An isometric interface to Slash'EM based on Falcon's Eye
vultures-eye : A graphical interface for NetHack 3.4.3 forked from Falcon's Eye
warsow : A fast paced first person shooter game
warsow-data : Warsow data files
whichwayisup : Platformer game with rotational twist
widelands : Realtime strategy game inspired by Settlers II Realtime strategy game inspired by Settlers II Realtime strategy game inspired by Settlers II
windstille : Classic 2D jump-n-shoot game
wop : Free real-time Worms game
wormux-devel : Wormux game Wormux game Wormux game
wrogue : A gothic science fantasy roguelike game A gothic science fantasy roguelike game A gothic science fantasy roguelike game
xlogical : Remake of the classic puzzle game Logical
xye : A puzzle game for X
zatacka : Nibbles-like multiplayer game
sdlCC : An extensible chinese checkers game using SDL
laughingman : A real-time face hijacking program made by the ultimate hacker Aoi
edge : DOOM style engine aimed at the Total Conversion developer
legends : Fast-paced first-person-perspective online multiplayer game
odamex : The Standard in Online Multiplayer Doom

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