May 26, 2018

AtariST emulator

Release notes for version 0.6.7-epsilon

This version is the “almost-there” version of STonX 0.6.7 which is going to be the last “release” version before the major changes in the current development versions are released.

Some information about the problems with different TOS versions and STonX

1 Can’t run programs from the Unix filesystem interface 2 not thoroughly tested or tested by someone else 3 untested 4 set TOS_1 to 1 in options.h before compiling 5 A and B can’t be used because they’re implicitly considered Floppy disk drives and always accessed using the FDC

TOS 1.00 1245 TOS 1.02 1245 TOS 1.04 24 TOS 1.06 3 TOS 1.62 3 TOS 2.05 tested, should be OK TOS 2.06 tested, should be OK