May 26, 2018

ZX Spectrum (48K/128K/+3) Emulator for X11

XZX is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair for machines running UNIX and the X Window system.

XZX emulates either a Spectrum 48K, 128K or +3, Interface I with up to 8 microdrives, Multiface 128 if you have the ROM image and Kempston joystick. XZX loads from .SNA, .Z80, .SLT, .DAT, .TAP, .TZX, .VOC, .MDR and .DSK files and saves to .SNA, .Z80, .SLT, .TAP, .MDR, .DSK and .SCR files.

XZX will work with color 8,16,24,32bpp and monochrome displays, where contrasting colours are displayed with the darker colour in black and the lighter colour in white, which works reasonably well. Halftoning is used if the scaling factor is increased.

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