May 26, 2018

Emulates classic DEC, HP, GRI, IBM, Altair, SDS, Honeywell, and others

SIMH is a highly portable, multi-system simulator.

SIMH implements simulators for

  • Data General Nova, Eclipse
  • Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1, PDP-4, PDP-7, PDP-8, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-11, PDP-15, VAX
  • GRI Corporation GRI-909
  • IBM 1401, 1620, 1130, System 3
  • Interdata Perkin-Elmer 16b and 32b systems
  • Hewlett-Packard 2116, 2100, 21MX
  • Honeywell H316/H516
  • MITS Altair 8800, with both 8080 and Z80
  • Royal-Mcbee LGP-30, LGP-21
  • Scientific Data Systems SDS 940

These simulators are capable of running the Unix V5, V6 and V7 binaries licenced for non-commercial use by SCO. See documentation for further details.

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