May 26, 2018


[This is David Hedley’s original README, FreeBSD port comments below]

                   PC Emulator for Unix and X Windows

As the title suggests, this is a Unix/X windows program which is designed to emulate a standard 8086 based PC.

The emulator runs at about 8-10MHz 80286 speed on a Sun SparcStation 10/40 without the -mviking flag and at about 6MHz 8088 speed on a 33MHz 80486 box running Linux.

I have included a Postscript representation of my project report. It’s a bit out of date now, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to documentation! I’ll do some kind of latex thing for the next release….

The program rather hogs the cpu but unmapping the window iconifying it will put it to sleep.

The author is

David Hedley,