May 26, 2018

Enables access to disks and disk images; also via serial line

LIBDSK is a library for accessing disks and disk image files.

It is intended for use in

  • Allows CPMTOOLS use of emulator .DSK images.
  • Emulator tools - converting between real floppy disks and disk images, as CPCTRANS / PCWTRANS do under DOS.
  • Floppy controller emulation backend
  • Data transfer from/to real CP/M systems via serial line.

LIBDSK has drivers for

Raw files including /dev/fdn, .DSK files CPCEMU, JOYCE and other Sinclair/Amstrad emulators, MYZ80 hard drive image, NanoWasp floppy image, .CFI Compressed Floppy Image, as created by FDCOPY.COM under DOS, Linux floppy drive supports CPC System and Data formats, which the standard “Raw file” driver does not, Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000 floppy drive, DOS floppy drive via the PC BIOS, CopyQM files read-only, TeleDisk files read-only, APRIDISK image files, rcpmfs - makes a Unix/Windows directory appear to be a CP/M disc image.

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