May 26, 2018

Emulator for DEC PDP-10

This is a port of Kenneth L. Harrenstien’s KLH10 DEC PDP-10 mainframe emulator.

This port currently only builds klh10 in the ksits configuration for running MIT Incompatible Timesharing System ITS. Future release will configure KLH10 for additional systems.

Warning to make use of KLH10 over a LAN the network driver subprocesses currently only dpimp is built and installed automatically must run as root in order use the tun4 network interface and to insert proxy ARP table entries. If you do not want dpimp to be setuid root you must run the emulator from the root account to use networking. KLH10 may be run without networking and only provide console access to a single user without using any root privileges. We do not know if KLH10’s network driver subprocesses have been audited for buffer overflows, etc only that they accept incoming TCP connections and require root privileges. You take your chances running this in the default configuration. Consider using a firewall to limit access to klh-10. See the pub-its/adm directory for firewall documentation.

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