May 26, 2018

Tools to access CP/M disks and disk images

This port allows to access CP/M file systems similar to the well-known mtools package, which accesses MSDOS file systems. It contains the followin set of tools

  • cpmls - list sorted directory with output similar to ls, DIR, P2DOS DIR and CP/M3 DIR[FULL]
  • cpmcp - copy files from and to CP/M file systems
  • cpmrm - erase files from CP/M file systems
  • cpmchmod - change file permissions
  • cpmchattr - change file attributes
  • mkfs.cpm - make a CP/M file system
  • fsck.cpm - check and repair a CP/M file system only simple errors can be repaired so far. Some images of broken file systems are provided.
  • fsed.cpm - view CP/M file system
  • manual pages for everything including the CP/M file system format

All CP/M file system features are supported. Password protection is ignored, but a pseudo file [passwd] contains them decrypted.

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