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dnswall : A daemon that filters out private IP addresses in DNS responses
openresolv : A resolvconf compatible framework for managing resolv.conf
p5-Net-DNSBL-Statistics : Gather DNSBL Statistics
adns : Easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities
ares : An asynchronous DNS resolver library
bind8 : The Berkeley Internet Name Domain, an implementation of DNS
bind84 : The Berkeley Internet Name Domain, an implementation of DNS
bind9 : Completely new version of the BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC
bind9-dlz : The Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, with DLZ extensions
bind9-sdb-mysql : BIND DNS 9 server which supports a MySQL backend
crossip : Java DNS update client for the ThatIP protocol Java DNS update client for the ThatIP protocol Java DNS update client for the ThatIP protocol
ddclient : Update dynamic DNS entries
ddup : A client for UNIX (Now support NIC v2.0)
dhid : DHIS client for updating dynamic DNS entries in dhisd DNS tables
djbdns-tools : Resolver tools from djbdns package
dhisd : DHIS server for dynamic updates on the server using specific engines
djbdns :
dlint : Lint for DNS zones (Domain Name Server zone verification utility)
dnrd : A proxy DNS daemon
dns_balance : A dynamic load-balancing DNS server
dnsflood : DNS flood detector
dnsmasq : Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dnsproxy : A proxy for DNS queries
dnssecwalker : DNSSEC Walker
dnstop : Captures and analyzes DNS traffic (or analyzes libpcap dump)
dnstracer : Trace a chain of DNS servers to the source
dnsutl : Programs to make using DNS easier
dnswalk : DNS debugger - requests a zone transfer and analyzes the result
domtools : Set of utilities for extracting information from DNS records
ez-ipupdate : Update your host name on any dynamic DNS service
firedns : A C library for handling asynchronous DNS queries
fpdns : FPDNS - Fingerprinting DNS servers
geta : Geta(GET Address) - Simple IPv4/IPv6 address resolving tool
ghtool : A command-line interface to the resolver library
h2n : Translate host table to name server file format
hesiod : A directory service built on DNS and BIND
host : An utility to query DNS servers
idnkit : A library to handle internationalized domain names
ipcheck : A fully compliant client for UNIX (supports NIC v2.0)
ldapdns : LDAP-backed DNS server
libdjbdns : Public domain DNS client library
maradns : DNS server with focus on security and simplicity
mdnsd : Advertise a service via Rendezvous
mydns : DNS server designed to utilize the MySQL database
noip :'s dynamic DNS update client
nsd : An authoritative only non-recursive name server
nslint : Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
nsping : DNS "ping"
odsclient : ODS Dynamic DNS Client
p5-BIND-Conf_Parser : Perl5 module to parse BIND 8 configuration files
p5-DNS-Config : DNS::Config is set of perl modules for name service configurations
p5-DNS-Zone : DNS::Zone is set of perl modules for name service zone files
p5-DNS-ZoneParse : Parse and manipulate DNS Zone Files
p5-Net-DNS : Perl5 interface to the DNS resolver, and dynamic updates
p5-Net-DNS-SEC : DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS
p5-Net-DNS-ZoneFile : Perl extension to convert a zone file to a collection of RRs
p5-Net-Nslookup : Provides the capabilities of the standard tool nslookup(1)
p5-POE-Component-Client-DNS : POE component for non-blocking/concurrent DNS queries
p5-Tie-DNS : Tie interface to p5-Net-DNS
pdnsd : Caching (permanently, writes to disk on exit) DNS proxy-server
posadis : Domain Name Server (DNS) implementation
powerdns : An advanced DNS server with multiple backends including SQL
py-adns : A Python Interface to adns, the asynchronous DNS library
py-dns : DNS (Domain Name Service) library for Python
rbldnsd : Small and fast DNS daemon especially for DNSBL zones
sheerdns : A light-weight, simple and fast master DNS server
skadns : Asynchronous DNS client software and library
sleuth : A tool for checking DNS zones
staticcharge : A GTK client for the StaticCling dynamic DNS service
totd : DNS proxy that supports IPv6 == IPv4 record translation
updatedd : Dynamic DNS Update Client supporting multiple services
walker : Recover zone file information from servers that use DNSSEC
zonecheck : Perform consistency checks on DNS zones
fastresolve : Programs that process web logs to get DNS and domain ownership info
checkdns : A domain name server analysis and reporting tool
dnsdoctor : Perform consistency checks on DNS zones
dnshijacker : A tool to hijack DNS requests
dnsjava : Implementation of DNS in Java
dnsmax-perl : DNSMax-perl is a perl DNS update client for the REST DNSMax protocol
drill : A dig style dnssec aware dns debugging tool
gresolver : A graphical DNS query tool using GTK+
p5-Net-DNS-ZoneCheck : Validate a DNS zone composed of Net::DNS::RR records
p5-Net-DNS-ZoneFile-Fast : Perl module to parse BIND8/9 zone files
p5-Net-Domain-ExpireDate : Perl module obtain expiration date of domain names
p5-Stanford-DNSserver : A DNS name server framework with a Perl backend
poweradmin : A set of PHP-scripts to manage PowerDNS over the web
py-dnspython : A DNS toolkit for Python
py-twistedNames : A DNS protocol implementation with client and server
rbllookup : Check given IP/Host presence in 106 RBLs
scavenge : Discover/audit forward and reverse DNS records
sqldjbdns : DJB dns server with PostgreSQL backend
zonenotify : A dns notify sender written in C
bind9-sdb-ldap : The well known Bind9, patched for use of an LDAP based backend
dnscheck : DNS zone sanity checker
inadyn : INADYN - Simple DYNAMIC DNS client
libidn : Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
p5-Net-LibIDN : This module provides access to the libidn library
queryperf : DNS Query Performance Testing Tool
tinystats : DJB's tinydns statistics generator
bind94 : The BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and threads
c-ares : An asynchronous DNS resolver library
dnsperf : DNSPerf and ResPerf deliver accurate performance metrics of Domain Name Services
doc : Diagnose unhealthy DNS domains
dualserver : Combined DHCP/DNS server for small LANs
fourcdns : A simple DNS server
ldns : A library for programs conforming to DNS RFCs and drafts
ldnsm : Manages LDAP enteries for the BIND9 SDB LDAP patch
nsd2 : An authoritative only non-recursive name server
nss_mdns : NSS module implementing multicast DNS name resolution
nss_resinit : Resolver re-initialization NSS module
opendd : A small DynDNS client
p5-DNS-EasyDNS : Update your EasyDNS dynamic DNS entries
p5-Data-Validate-Domain : Data::Validate::Domain - domain validation methods
p5-Net-DNS-Codes : Collection of C library DNS codes
p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable : Programmable DNS resolver for off-line testing
p5-Net-DNS-ToolKit : Tools for working with DNS packets
p5-Net-DNSBL-MultiDaemon : Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon - multi DNSBL prioritization
p5-Net-Domain-TLD : Look up and validate TLDs
p5-Net-RBLClient : Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel
p5-POE-Component-Server-DNS : Non-blocking, concurrent DNS server component
pear-File_DNS : PEAR class to read and write RFC1033-style DNS Zonefiles
pear-Net_DNS : Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server
powerdns-recursor : An advanced DNS recursor
rbllookup-ng : Check given IP/Host presence in RBLs
sshfp : Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan
vizone : Updates the serialnumber in one or more zonefiles
bindgraph : A RRDtool frontend for BIND statistics

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