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acfax : Receive faxes using sound card and radio
aldo : Morse code training program
asmodem : Displays the modem status, designed to match AfterStep
bforce : Simple ifcico like Fidonet technology mailer
bforce-kst : Simple ifcico like Fidonet technology mailer
birda : Bohlin's IrDA utilities, ported from NetBSD's pkgsrc
bpl+ : B Plus file transfer protocol
cdr_read : Utility for reading of the call detail records from PBX
comserv : Provide network access to local serial ports and make remote ports appear local
conserver : Manage remote serial consoles via TCP/IP
conserver-com : Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
cutecom : Graphical serial terminal
echolinux : Amateur Radio Echolink client for UNIX
ecu : Extended Call Utility
efax : Fax send/receive program
efax-gtk : GUI front end for the efax fax program
gammu : GNU All Mobile Management Utilities
garmin-utils : Utilities for Garmin GPS receivers
gfax : A Mono based pop-up fax manager
ghfaxviewer : GNOME compliant fax viewer capable of displaying TIFF G3 faxes
gkermit : File transfer utility using the kermit protocol
gmfsk : The Gnome MFSK terminal program
gnokii : Tools to talk to GSM cellular phones
gpredict : Amateur Radio satellite tracking and prediction
grig : Amateur Radio control front-end
gscmxx : A graphical frontend for scmxx
gsmlib : A library to access GSM mobile phones through GSM modems
hamfax : QT application for sending and receiving facsimiles over radio
hamlib : Shared libraries for Amateur Radio Equipment Control Applications
hylafax : Fax software
ixj : Driver for Quicknet Internet PhoneJack and LineJack. Used by OpenH323
java-commapi : Sun's Java Communications API
java-commapi-freebsd : Java Communication API for FreeBSD
kallers : KDE Applet that displays Caller IDs
kermit : Serial and network communications package
klog : A ham radio logging application for KDE
kpsk : A PSK31 digital radio communications application for the KDE
libirman : Library for Evation's Irman infrared reciever
libticables : TI calculator link cables library
linrad : Amateur Radio DSP utility (SDR)
lirc : Linux Infared Remote Control
lrzsz : Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive)
ltmdm : Driver for the Lucent LT Winmodem chipset
mgetty+sendfax : Handle external logins, send and receive faxes
minicom : An MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike"
mlan : API for Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire lan devices
mlan3 : Version 3.00 beta API for Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire lan devices
mserver : Network modem sharing server
mwavem : Loadable module and user excutable to support IBM Mwave ACP modem
nasawash : Amateur Radio keplerian file cleanup program
nokryptia : A tool for fast loading mp3s into Nokia 5510
obexapp : Obex application to transfer objects to mobile equipment
openobex : Open source implementation of the OBEX protocol
p5-Device-Modem : Perl class to interface generic modems (AT-compliant)
p5-Device-SerialPort : A perl5 module for simple serial port control
plp : Transfer data between a Psion Series 5(mx) and Unix
pr : A daemon that connects local terminal device to a terminal server
predict : Satellite tracking program for amateur radio satellites
pstngw : Simple H.323-PSTN (POTS) gateway
py-bulksms : Python client for the HTTP API
py-lirc : Lirc support library for Python
py-serial : Serial port encapsulation library for Python
qico : An FidoNet Technology Network (FTN) compatible mailer for Unix systems
qicosi : Ip/modem fido compatible mailer
qpage : SNPP client/server for sending messages to an alphanumeric pager
qtpcr : Software that controls the ICOM PCR-1000 Receiver
ruby-serialport : A Ruby library to communicate via the RS232 port
ruby-termios : A Ruby interface to termios
scmxx : Data exchange utility for Siemens mobile phones
scud : Tell your CID capable modem to answer those annoying calls
seyon : A communications package for the X Window system
sms_client : A simple UNIX SMS client to send messages to phones or pagers
snooper : Serial line protocol analyzer (need two serial interfaces)
sredird : RFC 2217 compliant serial port redirector
thebridge : Amateur Radio Echolink conference bridge
tilp : TI Linking Program
tits : A server which provides telnet(1) access to one or more tty ports
tkhylafax : A tcl/tk interface to Sam Leffler's fax package
tkscanfax : Tcl/Tk frontend for fax scan/receive/send program (command is tkfax)
viewfax : Display files containing g3 and/or g4 coded fax pages
vpb2 : User mode API for Voicetronix 4 port analog DSP telephony cards
vrflash : Flash kernels and romdisks to the Agenda VR3
wy60 : Curses-based emulator for the Wyse 60 terminal
xastir : X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting
xcept : A decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol
xdx : Amateur Radio DX cluster monitor
xlog : Amateur Radio logging application
xnecview : A X viewer of nec2c data
yaps : Yet Another Pager Software: send messages to pager (SMS, TAP, ...)
yawmppp : A Window Maker dockapp that helps with easy use of pppd
zmtx-zmrx : Receive/Send files via ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive)
zssh : Interactively transferring files to a remote machine while using ssh
trustedqsl : Amateur Radio Station electronic trusted logbook
bfhist : Statistics generator for BinkleyForce FTN mailer
cdce : Driver for point-to-point CDC Ethernet interfaces
cwdaemon : Amateur Radio cw (morse code) keyer daemon
gpsk31 : A gtk psk31 client
hcidump : Bluetooth traffic dumper, similar to tcpdump
linpsk : A qt psk31 client
locator : Grid square calculator program used in Amateur Radio and GPS work
ncid : Network based Caller ID package
pyla : Hylafax client written in Python
qsstv : Amateur Radio SSTV/FAX reception program for unix
rxtx : Native interface to serial ports in Java
smstools : Tools to handle Short Message Service
spandsp : Fax DSP library for Asterisk
tlf : Amateur Radio curses based logging program
twpsk : A openmotif X psk31 client
wwl : Calculates distance (qrb) used in Amateur Radio
jerm : Communication terminal through serial and TCP/IP interfaces
nec2c : Used to calculate antenna patterns useful to ham radio
p5-Fax-Hylafax-Client : A simple Perl client for the HylaFAX fax server
splat : Used in calculating path losses, useful to ham radio and others
uird : The Universal IR Receiver Daemon
uticom : A FreeBSD Driver for TUSB3410 uart-to-usb converter
vpb-driver : Device-driver for the Voicetronix OpenLine4 PCI telephony cards
yagiuda : Used to calculate yagi-uda antenna patterns useful to ham radio
atslog : Software for collecting and analyzing calls from different PBX models
bluegps : Command line tool to download datalogs from the Royaltek RBT-3000 bluetooth GPS receiver
bluez-firmware : Firmware for the D-Link BCM2033 bluetooth adaptor for use by bcmfw(1)
chu : Synchronise computer clock to CHU radio station
fldigi : Digital decoder for psk, cw, psk31, olivia
gnuradio : Amateur Radio Software defined radio
hcfmdm : Driver for the Conexant HCF PCI winmodem chipset (Acorp PIM/PIM2)
hf : Amateur Radio soundcard fsk, pactor 1, amtor, gtor, mt63
kmobiletools : Control mobile phones with your PC
ktrack : Amateur Radio satellite tracking and prediction
libfec : Several forward error correction (FEC) decoders
libticables2 : TI calculator link cables library
libticalcs2 : TI calculator library
o2sms : Send SMS messages via the websites of Irish mobile operators
p5-Device-Gsm : Perl interface to GSM phones/modems on serial ports
p5-SMS-Send : Driver-based API for sending SMS messages
p5-SMS-Send-DeviceGsm : An SMS::Send driver for Device::Gsm
p5-SMS-Send-TW-PChome : SMS::Send driver for
p5-SMS-Send-TW-ShareSMS : SMS::Send driver for
p5-SMS-Send-TW-emome : SMS::Send driver for
qfaxreader : Mono/color multipage tiff/fax files visualisation/printing utility
qrq : Morse telegraphy trainer similar to the classic DOS version by DL4MM
ser2net : Allows to access serial ports over IP
serialoverip : Transport of serial interfaces over UDP/IP
soundmodem : Amateur Radio sound modem
spandsp-devel : A DSP library and software FAX machine
syncterm : An ANSI-BBS terminal which supports telnet, rlogin, and SSH
tilp2 : TI Linking Program
wsjt : Weak signal ham radio communication package
xwota : X version of who is on the air
yfklog : Amateur Radio curses based logging program
unixcw : Libs for cw on unix
aprsd : Server daemon providing Internet access to APRS packet data
xmorse : A fully automatic Morse code teaching machine
kb : Amateur Radio contest logger
geoid : Geodetic computer for amateur radio use

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