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autobench : Automating the process of benchmarking a web server
bonnie : Performance Test of Filesystem I/O
bonnie++ : Performance Test of Filesystem I/O
bytebench : The BYTE magazine benchmark suite
dbench : A simulation of the Ziff-Davis netbench benchmark
dbs : A distributed network benchmarking system
forkbomb : System stress testing tool
hpl : High Performance Computing Linpack Benchmark
httperf : A tool for measuring webserver performance
iozone : Performance Test of Sequential File I/O
iozone21 : Performance Test of Sequential File I/O (older version)
lmbench : A system performance measurement tool
nbench : BYTE Magazine's native benchmarks
netperf : Network performance benchmarking package
netpipe : A self-scaling network benchmark
nttcp : A client/server program for testing network performance
pipebench : Pipebench shows current throughput/amount of data through a pipe
pnetmark : Benchmarking tool for Common Language Runtime (CLR)
polygraph : A benchmarking tool for Web proxies
postal : Benchmark SMTP/POP servers
postmark : NetApps file system benchmark
pybench : An extensible benchmark suite for Python
rawio : Test performance of low-level storage devices
scimark2 : A Java benchmark for scientific and numerical computing
scimark2c : An ANSI C version of the SciMark2 benchmark
siege : A http regression testing and benchmarking utility
stream : Synthetic benchmark program that measures sustainable memory bandwidth
tcpblast : Measures the throughput of a tcp connection
tmetric : A bandwidth measurement tool
ttcp : Benchmarking tool for analysing TCP and UDP performance
ubench : Unix Benchmark Utility for CPU(s) and memory
webbench : Simple forking web benchmark
xengine : Reciprocating engine for X
himenobench : Himeno bench benchmark, solves Poisson eq. with Jacobi's method
blogbench : Performance Test of Filesystem I/O
dkftpbench : A FTP benchmark program
iperf : A tool to measure maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth
netio : Network benchmark
nqueens : N-queens benchmark
pathchirp : A measurement tool for available bandwidth estimation
pathload : A measurement tool for network path available bandwidth estimation
pathrate : A measurement tool for capacity estimation of network paths
pear-Benchmark : PEAR framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
raidtest : Test performance of storage devices
unixbench : The BYTE magazine's Public Domain benchmark for UNIX
flops : Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
libmicro : Set of utilities to benchmark productivity of system calls
thrulay : Network capacity tester
fhourstones : The Fhourstones Benchmark
gsbench : Benchmarking tool for GNUstep
gtkperf : Measure your system's GTK+ performance
imb : Intel MPI Benchmark
mdtest : A filesystem metadata benchmark utility
p5-Benchmark-Forking : Run benchmarks in separate processes
p5-Benchmark-Stopwatch : Simple timing of stages of your code
rubygem-railsbench : Scripts designed for benchmarking of Rails applications
super-smack : A benchmarking, stress testing, and load generation tool for Databases
sysbench : A modular, cross-platform and multi-threaded benchmark tool
tsung : Multi-protocol distributed load testing tool
sipp : SIP testing tool
xdd : Tool for measuring and characterizing disk subsystem I/O

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