Jul 20, 2023

Compatibility library for Emacs Lisp

Compat.el is a forwards-compatibility library for GNU Emacs Lisp, versions 24.3 and newer.

The intended audience of this library aren’t day-to-day users, but package developers that wish to make use of newer functionality, not provided in older versions of Emacs, without breaking compatibility for users bound to specific Emacs releases.

Version 24.3 is chosen as the oldest version, because this is the newest version on CentOS 7. It is intended to preserve compatibility for at least as the Centos 7 reaches EOL, 2024.

Note that compat.el provides a few prefixed function, ie. functions with a compat- prefix. These are used to provide extended functionality for commands that are already defined sort, assoc, …. It might be possible to transform these into advised functions later on, so that the modified functionality is accessible without a prefix. Feedback on this point is appreciated.

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