Jul 20, 2023

X-based interface to the Berkeley mail program

xmail is an X-based interface to the Berkeley mail program. This version of xmail depends heavily upon the installation of the application default resources file for the proper declaration of features and enhancements documented in the man pages. If the defaults file or the resource declarations are not installed or in some manner made accessable to the X11 resource database manager, xmail will operate in only a minimal fashion.

This version of xmail includes support for decompressing and displaying the content of an X-Face mail header, if such a header exists in the message being read. This feature is a compile time option, and requires the existence of the compface library routines, which are NOT supplied with the xmail sources. X-Face headers are compressed bitmap images, typically of the face of the person owning such a header. The compressed header contains only printable characters, which allows it to be included in a mail message.

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