Jul 20, 2023

Replacement for xbiff that handles multiple mail files

Basically, XBuffy and Xmultibiff is a XBiff-type program with a lot of new options. With XBuffy you can watch multiple mailboxes. When new mail arrives, you can have a pop up window showing the From and Subject lines. You can also set it up to launch your favorite mail reader when you click on a box. Currently. xbuffy is only capable of watching mailboxes with the standard mailbox format messages separated with a From line.

This is version 3.2.1.

Checkout these related ports:
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  • Xmailwatcher - Mailbox checker which displays sender and subject lines of mails
  • Xmailbox - Mailbox checker with sound and animation for X Window System
  • Xmail - X-based interface to the Berkeley mail program
  • Xfce4-mailwatch-plugin - Mail notification applet for the Xfce panel
  • Xfaces - Display shaped icons for mail spool contents
  • Xcite - Exciting Cite for any Mail/News reading modes on Emacs
  • X-face-e21 - X-Face utilities for Emacs
  • Wmmaiload - Incoming mail monitor dockapp with a similar look to wmcpuload
  • Wmbiff -
  • Whoson - Implementation of `WHO iS ONline' protocol
  • Websieve - Web based Cyrus IMAP user admin client
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