Jul 20, 2023

Japanese enhancement of GNU groff

Jgroff is based on GNU groff formating system. It is enhanced to handle Japanese EUC coded documents.

Following devices are added by jgroff

nippon     For typewriter-like devices using the Japanese-EUC
           coded character set.

and following devices are enhanced to handle Japanese-EUC

dvi        For TeX DVI format.
ps         For PostScript printers and previewers.
X75        For a 75 dpi X11 previewer.
X100       For a 100 dpi X11 previewer.
X75-12     For a 75 dpi X11 previewer optimized for 12 point texts.
X100-12    For a 100 dpi X11 previewer optimized for 12 point texts.

Preview on X11 devices require japanese/gxditview is installed.

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