Jul 20, 2023

X11 program that displays images of various formats with japanization

Xv is an X11 program that displays images in the GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, X11 bitmap, Utah Raster Toolkit RLE, PDS/VICAR, Sun Rasterfile, BMP, XPM, PCX, IRIS RGB, possibly PostScript, Portable Networking FormatPNG and PM formats on workstations and terminals running the X Window System, Version 11. And more xv japanese extensions patch supports images in the MAKI, MAG, PIC, Pi PIC2, PhotoCD. And this patch also supports archived image files. Supported archivers are arc, arj, lzh, tar, tar+compress, tar+gzip, tar+bzip2, zip, and zoo.

Note that this program is shareware except for personal use only. Please read the documentation in the directory


for proper usage.

And this xv supports japanese character codes. These codes are as follow JISiso-2022-jp / EUC / Shift-JIS

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