Jul 20, 2023

Wrapper to mozc.el that offers modeless (“boil”ed) input style

boiled-mozc.el wraps”boil”s mozc.el to offer modeless input style, where you can type a Romaji sequence without activating the Mozc input method and then just hit \M-o or \C-o to obtain its Hiragana and Kana-Kanji conversion, respectively.

To use boiled-mozc.el, just add the following code into your .emacs

autoload 'boiled-mozc-rK-conv "boiled-mozc"
  "Romaji to Kana-Kanji conversion" t
autoload 'boiled-mozc-rhkR-conv "boiled-mozc"
  "Romaji to Hiragana conversion" t
global-set-key "\C-o" 'boiled-mozc-rK-conv
global-set-key "\M-o" 'boiled-mozc-rhkR-conv

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