May 26, 2018

A full-featured, secure, extensible and configurable Perl FTP server. Major features of NetFTPServer include

  • Feature parity with wu-ftpd, wu-ftpd style aliases and cdpath.
  • IP-based and IP-less virtual hosting.
  • Virtual filesystem allows the FTP server to serve files from a SQL database.
  • Configurable and extensible in Perl.
  • sections in ftpd.conf file.
  • Supports all the latest RFCs and Internet Drafts, including MLST, MLSD, FEAT, OPTS, LANG.
  • Secure by design and implementation, can run in a chroot jail.
  • PAM authentication and anonymous mode.
  • Resource limits.
  • Run standalone or from inetd.
  • Configurable server greetings and welcome messages.
  • Sophisticated access control rules.
  • SITE EXEC disabled by default.
  • Syslog logging.
  • Set TCP parameters.

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